SNS- Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 1 Part 8

Thank u Rani,Rose,Krkavita,Shakaib,Nandhini,
Riana,Jasmine,Anondo.R for ur lovely comments??let’s start with Part 8-

Dharam Niwas is shown

Meera is in her room when she gets a call from urmila…..
Meera:Heyy mom how are u???
Urmila:I am very happy today….Soo wanted to tell u about the good news…
Meera:Good news!!!!What???
Urmila:Vidya has shown signs of recovery…
Meera(gets happy?):Really mom I am soo happy for her….
Urmila:Good to know ur are too happy for her….But really ur not angry on her after what she did with u right???
Meera:Yes mom ur right I can never get angry on her as she is my sister
Urmila:But u were saying me something right??
Meera:No mom nothing….Will call u later….(she cuts call)

Meera holds Vidya’s photo and says sorry mom I couldn’t tell u….I am happy for Vidya but how can I forget what she did with me which changed my life completely…..Why Vidya why did u do this to me….She cries as she remembers that day??……

Flashback starts (4 months ago)


Meera returns home after completing her last day of internship and gets shocked to see gaura in her home??urmila stuffs her mouth with mithai saying ur sister’s marraige got fixed with her son ‘Dharam Survayanshi’ as Vidya told me she loves him and his mother also has no problem with it….Meera gets double shocked???and runs to her room and Crys her heart out?


Meera is in her room when Vidya comes and says….

Vidya:Dii what happen…It seems u are not happy for me(with a smirk on her face?)
Meera:No Vidya it’s nothing like that I am really happy for u see…..But how did u fell in love with him soo soon…
Vidya(smirks?):Ohh the day I saw him the first time in CCD…
Meera:it’s good..
Vidya:OK u sleep I just come after talking to him…?

Vidya in her mind says I know u too love him but he will be mine….Only mine?(she phones jigar and says dii’s marraige is fixed with dharam suryavanshi but before jigar says anything she cuts call)I know jigar u have a soft corner for dii that’s why I called u….Now the fun begins??

Flashback ended

Still today I am seeking that one answer why….Today I need to talk to dharamji…..


In Dharam’s room doctor is shown checking him…Doctor says u are recovering very quickly…Ur wife takes a very good care of u is it soo??Meera and dharam look at each other….Doctor removes the cloth from his head and says after a few days u will be absolutely fine?and leaves….After doctor gone Meera applies bandage on his head and they have an eyelock….

After sometime Meera says to Dharam she needs to talk to him….Dharam says she can…

Meera:I heard all ur talks with Janko Dadi but I need to know u are still angry with me for that day….
Dharam(gets shocked?):Noo I am not angry with u on that matter at all…If I too was in ur place I could have done the same…
Meera:But I also knew in my heart u can never do wrong…..

(Just as Meera was saying dharam’s eyes met a shining piece on her neck and he for the very time after his accident dint realized it and look questinally at meera?)

Meera:I know I only told u I won’t be wearing it till u accept me….But then hearing ur accident news got scared as not wanting to lose u?because u are my life dharamji…..My day starts with u and ends with u….I love u a lot?
Dharam:I don’t want to hear that word again….I know why u married me because of…..
Meera:Do u really think I married u because of….Answer me dharamji I want to know…..

(Just then as dharam was about to say Vijay came….Soo Meera goes out….)

Precap:Dharam calls someone……Meera gets shocked???

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that vidya’s marr was fixed with dharam.she knew that meera loves him n is sacrificing her luv 4 her.then why did she play game by getting jigar involved in it?why did she turn jigar against dharam?was dharam happy to marry vidya?loved dheera eye lock.loved dharam noticing meera wearing mangalsuthra now.meera’s dialogue to dharam was so touchy n also dharam thinks that meera married him bcz of majboori?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks Jasmine☺☺she is always jealous of Meera and soo she wanted her to hate dharam soo he can be hers fully but she forgot doing this she too was distancing herself from him…..No dharam was doing for his mother’s sake who wanted him to get married as Vidya loved him…Glad u loved dheera’s eyelock and dharam noticing her wearing mangalsutra….Thanks for saying that….U will soon get to know what dharam thinks?

      1. Mansi

        I mean who wanted him to get married and got to know Vidya loved him through urmila…

  2. Nandhini

    Ohh so vidya is a negative character..dats why she recorded dharam and jigar’s fight and sent it to meera..i think she got depressed because the man she loved (dharam) has married another girl-meera..vidya already hates meera…she couldnt win over meera on her she got mad right…overall an interesting episode??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks Nandhini☺☺she is jealous of Meera….U are somewhat right??

  3. It’s very good update Mansi.Thank you meri Meera ko acha dikhane ke liye.Glad ki Dharam was not happy to maary vidya.vo ye isliye karna chahta hai ki for the sake of his Mom.vidya’s character negative .Hmm SNS mein mujhe vidya ,shravan characters bilkul pasand nahi hai.Dharam notices Meera wearing Mangalsutra.I wish Dheera jaldi apni misunderstandings ko(I know ab misunderstandings only Dharam ki side pe hai.) bhul kar ek ho jaaye.Thanks for good update.

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcomes Rose?yes for the sake of his mom he does that….It will take some more time for that to happen…..Thanks Rose☺☺

  4. Shakaib

    Shocking flashback….But why vidya done all this as she also don’t love dharam right? BTW..overall the epsidoe was excellent. Can I know which serials you watch?

    1. Mansi

      Thank u Shakaib☺☺she loves him soo wants him to be hers only soo created a situation wherein Meera hates him but forgot doing this could also distanced herself from him….Yes why not…I watch sns,Dil se Dil tak,Chandra Nandini,ek that raja ek thi rani,peshwa bajiroa,ishqbazz and Dil bole oberois(for rumya as I love there chemistry on and off screen they are perfect for each other)?Which serials u watch Shakaib???

      1. Jasminerahul

        hopefully u will write ffs on rajni m chandranandini as its hard 2 find their ffs

      2. Mansi

        Yes Jasmine why not I too want a FF on them…It’s really hard to find a FF on them….By the way u too watch Chandra Nandini???Then there is a FF on them in IF-A soulful love story by Avantika it’s really nice FF u will love it?

  5. Shakaib

    Thank you for your reply. I watch;

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcomes?I used to watch YHM for Ishra but nowadays don’t watch it,I watch PMHMD when I am waiting for Chandra Nandini to start?do u really love aaliya n tanu’s evil plots???Like tanu’s pregnancy drama….

      1. Shakaib

        I want to say that now I sometimes I watch naagin S2 and kkb when I feel it is interesting track and when story will get free from Aaliya and Tanu’s conspiracies, I’ll start watching kkb regularly. And naagin 2, I’ll watch when story gets somehow different from S1. BTW….Tanu’s pregnancy drama and Rachna pregnancy drama should be awarded, see, rachna was pregnant in MAY 2014 and child born at AUGUST 2015= 16 months…OMG! AND Tanu’s pregnancy drama start from MAY 2015 TO JULY 2016=15 MONTHS…. I WONDER HOW RACHNA GIVE BIRTH TO BABY EVEN AFTER PREGNANCY MONTHS PASSED AWAY..?? AND TANU, I THINK IT BEST HAPPENED WITH HER THAT HER BABY DIED IN HER WOMB. EVEN THOUGH WHEN BABY WILL NOT BORN IN 9 montjs, will happen for sure….lol…………BTW, so you watch KKB?

      2. Mansi

        I don’t watch nagin or nagin 2 as I don’t like nagin on screen much and I tried watching it the first season but was put off by some reason or other but good to know u sometimes watch it?I thought for kkb u told u like when aaliya n tanu’s conspiracies are there….Sorry for that I misunderstood u but u cleared my doubt…..Yes I too feel they should be awarded how can they show 16months pregnancies instead of 9months then again it’s ekta’s show she can show anything…..tanu too dint wanted her child so what happened with her is good…..No I don’t watch it but my mom does so got to know this +I used to read spoilers too…..

  6. Riana

    Mansi I am extremely sorry for late comment??…BTW the episode was Truly Awsome???…Vidya loves Dharamn feeled insecure thats why she notified all this to jigar…Btw who’s Vijay????…Precap was shocking???…

    1. Mansi

      Don’t say sorry Riana it’s okay?Vijay is right hand man of dharam and dharam considers him as his brother and he is played by Arman Kohli…Thank Riana☺☺

  7. hmm. suspense. nice update. so Vidya is negative here. sounds cool . Thanks for the Dheera filled update 🙂

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcomes Anondo.R?Thanks Anondo.R for saying that☺☺

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