SNS- Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 1 Part 5

A very big thank u to devoleena mam for commenting and appreciating my work if possible do comment on my every update??Thank u Shakaib,Devoleena mam, Riana, Anondo.R,Nandhini for ur lovely comments??…Now let’s get started with Part-5

Dharam Niwas is shown
Meera is shown ansiously pacing hall when her landline rings and sees dharam’s number and picks the call….

Person:Hello..Is this suryavanshi house??
Meera:Yes..But who are u and why my husband’s phone is with u??
Person:Ohh soo u are his wife..Actually ur husband met with an accident and he is in City Hospital…..

Meera:What???(phone fell from her hands and broke down on her knees)
Person:Hello…Hello…Is there anyone….

Kabil mein bansaku
Tujsa hi bansaku
Tumeri bandagi ye wada hai
Mera tujse Saathiya…

Meera immediately went to her room..Opened her drawer and found her mangalsutra and sindor in that…She stared at it as she was getting flashbacks of how she after dharam refused to accept her as his wife…Soo told him unless and until u won’t accept me I will not wear mangalsutra or sindor?..But today I will wear it if u like it or not because u are my life and without u I am nothing?Meera wears mangalsutra and applies sindor in her maang..

Saath nibhana Saathiya
Saath nibhana Saathiya
Saath nibhaungi Saathiya

Meera quickly takes car and goes out…

Scene shifts to road
Meera in her car prays to Kanhaji ..Please take my life but not dharamji’s do not let anything happen to him?Meera in her mind starts to recite Gayatri Mantra?

Tere Dil ka mere Dil se
Rishta purana hai…

Scene shifts to City Hospital
Meera rans inside and asks receptionist about dharam’s ward and after getting that rans in that direction…She opens dharam’s ward room and sees dharam lying on the hospital bed and some policemen too taking his statement…Dharam’s head is shown having injury and also his left shoulder injured..

Teri akhokha asu
Mucch ko churana hai

Just then someone tap on Meera’s shoulder and she turned her face to see just then dharam too saw in that direction and saw Meera’s back turning his side and in his mind thought she must be happy to see me alive that’s why?

Tere Dil ka mere Dil se
Rishta purana hai…

Person(who called Meera):Soo ur Mr Dharam Suryavanshi’s wife right??
Meera:Yes..I am his wife and u are the one who called me right??
Person:Yes I am the one who called I hope he is fine now..
Meera:But I need to ask u how all this happened..
Person:Yes sure..

Flashback starts (few hours ago)

Dharam is shown driving his car when he gets to know his car’s brake got failed as he tried many times to put brake on his car but
couldn’t…The car was going haywire and got crashed with a tree leading to dharam’s head injury and in the process to get out from car his left shoulder too got injured…The person is also
shown coming towards that lane and while spoting dharam like this he immediately admitted him to hospital and from his mobile found his home phone number and called..

Flashback ended

Meera:Ohh..Thank u soo much because of u only he got saved on time..I once again thank u a lot Mr….
Person:Yash Mehta(Yash Sinha) I am Mr.Dharam’s business partner just now we signed a deal and were returning to our respective places when this unfortunate incident happened…Ohh yaa take this my card I will assure u whenever u need my help just call me straight away on this number..But now I need to take a flight..
Meera:U said is more than enough for me…
Yash bids her goodbye and will call to enquire about dharam’s health…

Meera now enters dharam’s ward room..Police asks him do u have suspicion on anyone..Dharam says noo..Police goes from there and Vijay with shravan enters to meet
him..After sometimes dharam says he wants to go home and not stay in this hospital but the doctor convinced him to go tomorrow as we have observe u whole night..Dharam ignores Meera’s presence..Shravan tells Meera bhabhi please go home we are here don’t worry but Meera says noo she will stay here and will go only with dharamji u two go I am here..Shravan goes home but Vijay stays for security..

Now Meera enters dharam’s ward room..Dharam is shown sleeping when Meera says I know dharamji u too love me but are not accepting it why I don’t know…

Pyar humko bhi hai,Pyar tumko bhi hai
Toh ye Kya silsile ho gaye
Bewafa hum nahi,Bewafa tum nahi

Meera sleeps on dharam’s shoulder..

Toh kyuon etne gile ho gaye
Chalte chalte kaise yeh faasle ho gaye
Kya pata kaha hum chale

Dharam opened his eyes and saw Meera sleeping on his shoulder but dint say anything…

Pyar humko bhi hai,Pyar tumko bhi hai
Toh yeh Kya silsile ho gaye
Bewafa hum nahi,Bewafa tum nahi
Toh kyu yeh gile ho gaye
Chalte chalte kaise yeh faasle ho gaye
Kya pata kaha hum chale..

Morning..In hospital…
Meera asks doctor can she now take dharam to home…Doctor says yes ofcourse now everything is okay soo u can take him but remember to give him medicines on time..Meera says she will

On the other hand dharam too gets ready to go home ..All through the journey they dint spooke a word..

Scene shifts to Dharam Niwas
Meera helps dharam to sleep in his bed…Dharam requests her to not say this accident thing to anyone they will be scared unnecessarily..Meera says OK..

Scene shifts to MB
Pari in her room gets ready when she receives a call from shravan…

Pari:Ya shravan…OK will be there in time..U too come on time..OK
Shravan:Yes I will be on time..Thanks for agreeing to meet..OK byee (he cuts call)

Scene shifts to a Park
Pari is shown waiting for shravan while he comes from behind and scares her?
Pari:Ohh it’s u I got soo scared?and by the way why did u called me is there something important..
Shravan:Yaa it’s me I called u here to tell u something (he thinks how to say but then decides he will tell no matter what)

Shravan bents on his knees and proposes Pari..

Pari got shocked???and was taken aback..
Pari:First of all get up (she gets up shravan)see don’t feel bad but the truth is I have always consider u as a friend and not think of u in that way..Soo please don’t take me wrong…U are my friend and will always be my friend..I hope u understood and please don’t do anything if u want to continue are friendship..
Shravan(interrupting her):but I have always thought we are more than friends?
Pari:I can understand what ur going through right now but please try to understand me..
Shravan(composing himself):I can understand that and intact I am glad u dint broke our friendship after happening all this…
Pari:Ohh common..It’s okay and u dint do anything wrong..Soo chill
Shravan:Ohh yaa..

They both goes to there respective homes..

Precap:Urmila gets a call…She is shown praying to Kanhaji and is very happy….Trupti is shown talking to someone over phone..Trupti tells Umang I don’t know but something is not right with…

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  1. Shakaib

    Wow..awesome update mansi…. Love it to the core….and can’t wait for next part…. Its so romantic and thriller filled to read. And precap is super interesting.

    1. Mansi

      Thank u Shakaib ☺☺

  2. Isaaq

    Mansi it wasn’t Devoleena. How can you possibly believe it was her??

    Btw I love it and I wish the show focused on Dheera as well

    1. Mansi

      I too thought Isaaq it can’t be Devoleena..Me too thinks the show should focus on dheera too..glad u loved it..Thanks a lot Isaaq☺☺

  3. Hi Mansi.I am sooooo happy to see another FF on DHEERA.Thank you so much.Nice update.Aur update bhi jaldi kar rahi ho.Good.Keep it up.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose☺☺ur welcome?glad u like the update?

  4. Nandhini

    Dharam had an accident but thankfully he is saved and healthy now?…so pari and shravan are going to remain just friends!? interesting precap…

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Nandhini☺☺yes dharam is healthy and hearty now?..Pari and shravan are just friends as Pari has always seen shravan as a friend?

  5. Mansi I think tujhe ek update mein Meera,Dharam ko Valentine’s day wishes karna,surprises dena,likho tho acha hai.And I know is ff mein Dharam abhi thoda gussa hai Meera par kaise bhi ho Valentine’s day ko vo log kuch na kuch celebrate kare tho acha lagega.Jaise ki donon unintentionally collide hoke ek dusre ke ooper girjana,ya kuch incident ki vajah se their tight hug,ya their sudden Liplock etc .That update Valentine’s day special hoga.If you like main suggestion tum aisa likh sakti ho ,If you don’t’ want to write yours will.Koi baath nahi.

    1. Mansi

      Rose I was too thinking of Valentine’s day special update but then dharam needs to solve this…Then I stop but u gave me a really good suggestion I will definitely try this…Thanks a lot Rose☺☺

  6. Riana

    Superb episode???

    1. Mansi

      Thanks Riana☺☺

  7. Jasminerahul

    shocking that dharam met with accident.meera wearing sindoor mangalsuthra n sns song as bgm was lovely.meera sleeping on dharam’s shoulder,taking care of him was so nice.but sad that dharam is still cold 2wards her.meera is so sad that he isnt accepting her n in that scene pyar humko as bgm was giving it so much of feelings.shocking that paridhi rejected shravan.will she accept him in future or is it vidya 4 him?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jasmine??glad u loved sns song as bgm….Yes Pyar humko song suited them in that scene which gave their both feelings towards each other?paridhi won’t be accepting him in future as well as she always consider him as friend only and he too accepted that?

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