SNS- Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 1 Part 4

Thank u Rani,Riana,Shakaib,Nandhini,Jasmine for ur lovely comments??..Let’s get started with Part 4-

MB is shown
All are shown sitting on dinning table..Their dinner is being served to them it’s a mix of Indian+Italian+Chinese..Meera while having it says wow all are my favourite dishes today from where to start???all are enjoying and dinning..After dinner everyone starts gossiping…

Scene shifts to MB’s Study room

Meera is shown talking to Janko..
Meera:Dadi I heard all the talk between u and dharamji soo that’s the reason why u told me to don’t take seriously the video which Vidya showed me right??
Janko:Yes beta that’s right I only told u that because I knew dharam Kumar can’t kill anyone and the video was taken at a distance to show as if he has killed him no matter what media or anyone says I know he can’t do anything wrong..
Meera:Yes Dadi I too felt this only my dharamji can’t do this but then again I for one moment believed Vidya as he was my friend and I did a mistake?she starts to remember

Flashback starts (4months ago)
After learning jigar’s death news and how he got killed seeing the video which Vidya made Meera immediately called police to get dharam arrested..Police arrived at Dharam Niwas to arrest dharam when Janko also reached their and tried explaining them the situation..She was finally abled to make them understand it was not because of dharam he felled on his own and the video was nothing but to divert their minds and also told them it was a misunderstanding on Meera’s part and their family matter soo u shouldn’t interfere here..The police on their part couldn’t find any evidence against dharam soo he was let off and also got jigar’s dead body from the cliff..

A few minutes before Janko talked to Meera
Janko:Beta take ur complaint back I can assure u he dint do anything wrong trust me just once could u??
Meera:Dadi if ur saying with soo much confidence soo I think I should believe on u and will take my complaint backing saying it was my misunderstanding as I too believe he can’t do anything wrong with anybody?

(But police comes and she is unable to say anything?)
Flashback ended

Meera:Thanks a lot Dadi because of u only I could trust my dharamji more?
Janko:It’s OK beta anything for u and him?

(By this time dharam too came at study room’s doorstep and was listening them)
Meera:I still remember that day when mom ask me to marry him..She remembers..

Flashback starts (3 months ago)
Meera in her room is pacing nervously when urmila enters the room and ask her will u for saving ur family’s respect..Meera listening that is happy and confused too (should I or not what
will happen to..)
Meera(but says):Yes mom I will not because of that but I love him a lot that’s why I will marry him
Urmila(shocked?):But u dint told me before when and where that happened if u told me then I would have…
(Meera starts narrating her first meet with dharam and how she fell in love with him…)
Urmila:Wow that’s a very good thing but u could have atleast told me I could have arranged for ur instead of..
Meera:Yes but it could be unjustified to her..And I don’t want that to happen soo dint told anyone
except Pari dii only she knows
Urmila:but still that day when u came from ur last day of internship..
Meera:hmm but then gaura mom…

Suddenly they heard jeetu calling them to come fast as panditji was waiting..
Urmila quickly got Meera readied as a bride and
brought her down..
Flashback ended
Janko:But thankfully everyone understood u and excepted u..
Meera:Yes Dadi ur right gaura mom Parag dad excepted me wholeheartedly as their bahu after knowing everything but dharamji dint..?
Janko hugged her to console her..And told her one day he will too..

Dharam who heard all got surprised?

Scene shifts to MB’s hall
Everyone were gossiping when dharam told they need to go as it was very late..Dheera took their leave..

Scene shifts to Dharam Niwas
Dharam in his room was thinking of Meera and janko’s conversation and also Meera’s words of loving him a lot he was in confusion should I believe on her words or what I believe of her is true..No no what I believe of her is true..Thinking this he slept on the couch itself?

Meera in her room thinks tomorrow I will not give him any chance to escape and she too slept?

In dharam’s room he gets ready to go to office he quickly gets his car and goes away without breakfast..

Meera in her room gets up from her sleep and watches time and puts her hand on her forehead saying today also late dharamji is so particular wakes up at 8.00am and goes to office at9.00am and I still in the bed not good at all?dont worry dharamji when u will come in evening that time I will not let u escaped and impress u definitely just wait and watch..
After getting ready Meera calls Seema and tell her to prepare all of dharamji’s favourite food today and bring me a nice orange juice and a sandwich..Seema as told brings and while munching it Meera says there is a saying a road to a husband’s heart is through his stomach and today I will do difinately that??

Meera is in hall waiting for dharam
and is feeling very wired today don’t know what but today it looked as if she will get a heartattack?Meera thinks I never ever had this kind of feeling but today why what is it..As she paces the hall…

Precap:Shravan called Paridhi to a park..Paridhi came and shravan bent on his knees and proposed her…Paridhi got shocked???

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  1. Shakaib

    Thank you Mansi for update…. Because I was feeling so bored that none has update their fan fictions. Thank you. You made ,y day…thank you..!! Back to episode….its so awesome. AND PRECAP IS SUPER INTERESTING, Can’t wait what will happen… Will pari accept his proposal. Supper was nice.I felt that I’m also with… JM(Janko and Meera) talking was nice.. Was shocked when Meera try to make dharam arrest but on janko’s saying, she stop, wow…dharam hearing JM TALK…I think he will also confess his love to Meera. Dheera thinking of each other was nice… Haha…Meera doesn’t wake on time. Sandwich and juice was mouth get fill with water… Meera feeling weird…..does it leads to any future track like dharam’s accident…??? BTW…I want to ask you…how was my choice of mahira khan as Meera in my OS..?? Please tell…. And thank you once again for updating..can’t wait for next, superb one update.

    1. Shakaib

      And do you know…. In our profile.. It appears that we has commented on that update or fanfic… Before moderation even.
      E.G., When I has commented on you fan fiction… It appear in my profile that I has commented before moderation/comment get fully publish.

      1. Mansi

        Frankly speaking Shakaib I have not watch my profile after commenting in fan fictions soo have no idea how it appears there before moderation in our profile..

    2. Mansi

      Ur welcome Shakaib?JM wow what a name henceforth I will use that name only for them?it will take time for that to happen..Ur choice of Mahira Khan as Meera in ur OS was very nice?will update soon then?Thanks a lot Shakaib☺☺

      1. Shakaib

        Its okay…even I want that dharam don’t confess his love soon.

  2. Devoleena Bhattacharjee


    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot☺?will right more…

  3. Mansi

    Thanks Shakaib for saying that?

  4. Riana

    Nice episode…liked a lot??

    1. Mansi

      Thank u Riana ☺☺

  5. Nice update mansi. Read 2 updates back to back. One thing irked me. Meera believes her Grandma but not Dharam?? What makes her so confused?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Anondo.R.??she believes in both but what makes her so confused is the video which Vidya showed her as in dharam pushed him..But in her heart also she knows her dharamji can’t do anything wrong…

  6. Nandhini

    So dharam is angry on meera because of her false accusation against him…i think when they both going to meet in house, that time some problem will dharam meeting with accident…anyways meera should apologize to dharam on her shravan and pari are the next pairs here…then pari and meera will become sister-in-laws as well??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Nandhini ??dharam has his own reasons to stay like this as he believes something else…It will take some time for that to happen…To know shravan and Pari are next pairs or not u have to wait and watch for that….

  7. One of the best ever!!

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rani??

  8. yogesh choudhary

    My favourite

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Yogesh☺☺

  9. Jasminerahul

    fb was shocking.vidya accused dharam n meera too supported in arresting dharam?good that bcz of janko meera’s mu got cleared.urmila understanding meera’s luv n got her married to dharam was nice.hopefully there will be again a dheera wedding after they confess.Dharam heard about meera’s ;uv but still he is confused.oh no..hope meera wins his heart n makes dharam accept her.shocking promo as shravan is in luv with paridhi n not vidya

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jasmine☺☺yes because of Janko Meera’s misunderstanding got cleared and Meera too knew…Yes I might do dheera wedding after they confess but it will take time for that to happen…Yes shravan is in love with paridhi and not Vidya…I updated part-5 it will get uploaded soon do read and comment on it too?

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