SNS- Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 1 Part 3

Thank u Krkavita,Jasmine,Rani,Shakaib,Nandhini,Riana,Anondo.R for ur lovely comments??Dedicating this part to Jasmine who wants dheera to dance on the song Tumse milke..Soo let’s get started..Part 3-

MB is shown
Urmila is seen telling Meera that she made for her and dharam kumar gajar ka halwa Meera listening that says wow my favourite thanks mom love u a lot?urmila suddenly turns towards jeetu and says ya ya for u too have it but after Meera eats OK Meera says mom!!What’s all this let him have it urmila says I am not saying no but after u have it then only he can have it..Urmila feeds Meera and dharam then finally jeetu also gets it??Meera says to paridhi where is ur surprise which u were talking about paridhi says wait a minute..Suddenly lights go off and a beautiful cake?is brought seeing it Meera is surprised as well as dharam too Meera says to paridhi did u..Paridhi says yes it’s ur wedding theme cake (Meera and dharam are shown in their weeding outfits on the cake?)dheera cuts the cake while everyone wishes them happy marriage anniversary..Dheera feeds each other cake and also to everyone..Now after cutting the cake everybody asks them to dance to show their love for each other..But dharam does not like that soo he hesitates but Meera is all smiles..After much convincing dharam agrees to dance then Meera says what about song how can that be arrange in a short time paridhi says her don’t worry it’s all been set u just concentrate on ur dance..Song is played..

Dheera starts dancing..
Tumse Milke aisa laga
Tumse Milke
Arma huve purey Dil ke
Aye meri Jane wafa
Teri meri meri teri ek Jasmine hai
Saath tere rahenge sada
Tumse naa honge juda
Tumse Milke aisa laga
Tumse milke
Everyone threw rose petals on them..
Mere sanam teri kasam
Chodenge naa ab ye haath
Yeh zindagi guzregi ab
Hamdam tumhare hi Saath
Apna ye wada raha
Tumse naa honge juda
Tumse Milke aisa laga
Tumse milke

Maine Kiya hai raat din
Bas tera hi intezar
Tere Nina ata nahi
Ek pal ab mujeh ab karaar
Humdam mere mil gaya
Ab hum na honge juda
Tumse Milke aisa laga
Tumse Milke
Arma huvey purey Dil ke
Aye meri jaane wafa
Teri meri meri teri ek jaan hai..
Dheera had an eyelock in the end..Everyone clapped for them they separated quickly☺..

Scene shifts to MB’s Study room
Dharam is shown talking to Janko while Meera is shown coming towards that room to call them for dinner..
Dharam:Dadi despite my trying best I could not come out of that guilt only u and I know exactly what happened that day
Janko:Yes beta I know what ur going through but it was not at all ur fault it had nothing to do with u then why u feeling guilty??
Dharam:Yes Dadi ur right but I just can’t remove the incident from that day from my head..He starts to remember..
Flashback starts (4 months ago)
Dharam is shown coming towards a cliff in his car he came out from his car and confronted a man who was standing and who called him here..The man turned his face..
Dharam:So’ Mr Jigar Patel ‘why did u called me here??
(Yes the man is Jigar)

Jigar:To talk to u on a very important topic?
Dharam:OK so go ahead with ur talks because I too want to know what’s that is soo important..
Jigar:ofcourse why not I will tell u do u know with whom ur marriage is fixed is very dear to me means I love her a lot soo plz go out from her life
Dharam:What??I dnt knew abt that
Jigar:Yes I love her a lot so now u have to get out from her life
Dharam(he couldn’t understand anythng):I dint get u my marriage is being fixed with..
Jigar: I don’t want to hear anything I know with whom ur marriage is fixed..
Dharam:but just listen to me once..
Jigar got angry and hit dharam with a rod which he was carrying with him dharam got injured due to it and both the man entered into a scuffle and due to the scuffle between them jigar’s leg got carried away in the cliff and he fell off the cliff as both were standing at its edge dharam screamed jigarrr!!!
Dhim tana dhum tana plays..
But unknown to them Vidya recorded all of it on her phone..
Flashback ended
Dharam:After this day I felt guilty I dint knew Vidya recorded all that in her phone and manipulated everyone against me but u stood by me..
Janko:Yes I remember but will tell u u dint do any wrong it was not because of u but his fault actually but not only me some other person too feels u dint do anything and stands by u soo that’s the reason I saved u that day from..
Dharam:For that I am very much thank full to u but whose the other person??
Janko:U already no..
Meera who was listening to all this from outside was shocked?and surprised? to know all that and says I knew it my dharamji can’t do anything wrong I also need to talk abt it..

Precap:Meera is shown talking to Janko in her study room while dharam is shown coming towards them..Dharam gets surprised..?

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  1. Vidya is evil??????

  2. Mansi

    Thnkzz Rani☺I can’t tell u that u have to wait and watch for that?

  3. Riana

    Song sequence was good???….So jigar loves Meera…Dharam was about to say something but unables…Jigar falls off cliff n dies!!!??…Did he really died????….Vidya recorded all this???…Is she a vamp???….Overall the ep was Outstanding❤❤…

    1. Mansi

      Thnkzz a lot Riana☺☺glad u lvd the episode??

  4. Shakaib

    Oh My God….Let me say..What a fantastic update..!! Love it to the cooorrreee…. Dheera dance was superb…. Cake cuuptting scene was nice…OMG..!! Jigar suicide as dharam was going to get married to meera… It has get so much romantic and thrilled….I can’t wait for next parts..shocking that vidya is evil here….a I’m seeing in negative role first time…. Overall…the episode was superb..!!

    1. Mansi

      Thank u Shakaib for ur sweet comment☺☺glad u loved the update?jigar dint do suicide it was the scuffle between dharam and him that led to his leg falled down..?

      1. Mansi

        I mean his leg sliped..

  5. Nandhini

    Nice yaar…i loved it..?but i think jigar may come back and take his revenge on dharam…the surprise was superbb!??

    1. Mansi

      Thank u Nandhini☺☺glad u loved the surprise?

  6. Jasminerahul

    Dheera wedding pic on the cake.Wow.they fed cake to each sweet.Thanks a lot for the dedication. Romantic dheera dance on tumse milke. Others throwing flower petals on them was so sweet.dheera eye lock was romantic. Shocking to see jigar as an obsessed that girl meera or someone else?shocking to see jigar trying to harm dharam and ended up falling off that’s why dharam is jigar really dead?

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcmzz Jasmine?yes that’s the reason why dharam is feeling guilty thanks a lot Jasmine for ur sweet comment??

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