SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana -Season 1 Part-29

Part 29-


Dharam Niwas is shown

Whole house?is shown getting decorated…..Meera comes to see the arrangements and scolds a flower decorater for not using fresh flowers???…..Meera sees Gaura coming…..

Meera:Mom what is this…..Why u came outside???
Gaura:But beta…..
Meera:Mom me and Dharamji will look after it…U should not take any stress….It’s not good for ur health….U rest…Chalo…
Gaura:I am perfectly fine?….And….
Meera:No nothing….Come u are going to rest….

Meera takes Gaura to her room….Meera now goes to see the food arrangements…..


Guests are shown coming….Modi’s,Shah’s,
Desai’s too comes….. Dheera and GauRag welcomes them?…..

Urmila hugs Gaura and congratulates her….

Urmila:By the way where is our Naiyu???….
Meera:She is getting ready?….
Urmila:Itna time!!!….
Janko:I hope u have done proper…..
Parag:Yes Masi we have?….
Janko:Then ok?…..
Hetal:But where are the boy and his family???Haven’t they arrived yet!!!….
Gaura:They called and told they are stuck in traffic….

Just then the Jain family comes with whom Parag has fixed Naiya’s marraige…..

GauRag greets them….They too greets them….

Gaura introduces them….

Gaura:She is Radhika(Boy’s mother)he is Vivek Jain (Boy’s father),he is the boy Maddhav(Maddy)….

Their faces are shown as they greets everyone….

Radhika(Nidhi Uttam)is shown….Vivek(Rahul Dev)is shown…..Maddy(Aham Sharma)is shown….

Radhika:Where is my would be bahu???….
Meera:I will bring her?….

Meera goes from there to Naiya’s room to call her….

In Naiya’s room Naiya is shown ready but she doesn’t have courage to go down….Meera sees her and from her eyes takes Kajal in her finger and applies to Naiya on her ears back….

Meera:Ur looking very gorgeous today???..

Meera takes Naiya down…..

In the hall….

Naiya comes down….Everyone sees her….Dharam gets emotional….

Dharam:Ur looking very stunning and beautiful in this gown….
Naiya:How can I not when u brought it for me??….

Naiya is shown in a purple gown which dharam brought for her from his trip?….

Dheera are shown in a colour cordinated dress….Meera is shown wearing a golden lehenga….Dharam is shown wearing a golden outfit….

Pari:Wow….What a dress choice u both have wore colour cordinated dress?….Not bad?…

Maddy is shown wearing a purple outfit….

Naiya(In her mind):Whatever???….

Naiya’s eyes frantically searches someone….Her eyes?stop when she sees Dhawal….He too sees hers….Tears welled up in her eyes but she controls herself?….

Parag:Let’s start the engagement now….

Naiya and Maddy comes in front of each other to exchange rings….

Maddy slips ring?in Naiya’s finger…Naiya too slips ring?in Maddy’s finger….

Everyone claps?for them…..They takes elders blessings….

Parag:U know my Naiyu sings very good?….
Parag:It’s ur day…U should…
Dharam:Yaa chotti dad is right?….
Vivek:That’s very sweet….Even Maddy sings very good….
Parag:Then this two should sing together….

Everyone insists them and they agreed….

Naiya and Maddy starts singing….Naiya looks at dhawal and sings….

Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Humko Pyar hai sirf tumse(x2)

Ab yeh pyar na hoga humse
Kasam ki kasam….Hai sirf tumse

Log kehte hai paagal
Hoon main bhi na jaanu
Dil lutaya hai maine
Ab kisi ki na maanu

Meera in her mind:Why do I feel it’s not just a song but more to it….No no what I am thinking…It’s just my imagination…..

Chain dekar ke maine
Bechainiya yeh li hai
Neende udakar ke maine
Tumse wafaye ki hai

Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Jee rahe the hum tere dum se
Ab yeh pyar na hoga phir humse
Kasam ki kasam….Hai sirf tumse

Naiya goes to her room and closes the door from inside….Everyone thinks maybe she became emotional of leaving them that’s why….

The guests starts to leave….

In Naiya’s room Naiya is shown crying???while looking at her finger….

Scene shifts to Shah house

In Dhawal’s room Dhawal is shown recalling his and Naiya’s romantic moments and gets emotional???…..

Precap:Meera sees someone and screams!!!….Dharam comes near her and consoles her….Dharam gets a call and he gets excited…..Dharam tells Meera to get ready….Paridhi gets a call from her friend who asks her to come with them on a trip to Mussoorie….Paridhi says yes she will come?…(Voice over “Two sisters life is gonna change?”)

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  1. Shakaib

    OMG! I’m out of words…. Excellent, Awesome, fantastic, fabulous, Thrilling and what not??!!..Lool.. Meera scolded a man for being careless… But I’m missing it on the show..!! I don’t understand what the prob Actors/Actresses have in playing mother’s or Grand’s role..?? Loool…Meera kick Gaura to not work and take rest…Gaurs is perfect saas…OMG! vIvek is Aham..!! Naiya was looking Gorgeous…as per Meera said..!! And I know she mist be looking gorgeous as you must’ve imagined it in your mind..!!! You are its all..!!..Producer, Director, Writer…. Naiya singing was so sad..She is totally in pensive mood..!!Nadha are sad…Hoping for their union a soon..!! Guess..Adri love track might start after in the trip track..!! Waiting for next past anxiously, Love it to the core..!,

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lottttt Shakaib☺???even I am too missing this Meera on the show?agree if they play mother/Granny’s role than they will get more recognizing +more money too which nowadays producers are willing to give to retain them in the show but don’t know why don’t they think about it or their fans….They think if they will do this role they will get typecast n no other show will give them their age roles….That’s why they are scared?…..More than a Saas Gaura is a mother to her unlike sns….Vivek is Rahul Dev n Maddy is Aham Sharma….Yes Naiya was indeed looking gorgeous….I imagined her look in my mind when I was doing it☺….Yeah I am it’s all?☺…. NaDha are very sad now?….There will be many many twist in that….Yeah u guessed right Adi will also be coming with his friends there….. AdRi love story will start☺….Will update very very soon?

      1. Shakaib

        Oh yeah!!..Maddy is Aham… I typically write that..sorry for that..!! + I agree…. I think Many actors/actresses work for money…If they wouldn’t… They would have care for fans also…which they don’t…. I don’t know about M.Nazim clearly but when Ahem’s track was ending in may…I read many sites that He is leaving as he’s not ready for playing GF’s role….. I felt so sad…but I heard this also that Directorswant to do something new and tthat’s what his character is ending..Don’t know which one is real…However, Devoleena was also to quit show… But CVS… Know her value… It will not be easy for fans to see someone else in place of Devo….so they might have render her of more money or Devo has realize her fans feelings….and the fact of other shows….Why will they don’t be casted in any other shows..?? CVS will know their value very clearly and they will surely try to. Include those actors in Their shows….Waiting for the twist….Want Krystle D’souza as Aham Sharma’s pairing..?? Can you please show them..??

      2. Mansi

        it’s okay Shakaib no probs?yes not many but all actors/actresses work for money only because they think it’s very important to survive in this industry…..They do care for fans but to them money is more foremost than anything else….Even I too read that about him that he is leaving because he doesn’t want to play grandpa role….Yes he actually wanted to do films that’s why n was focussing on his film big Daddy that time….Infact I also heard that RS n he had a closed door meeting n they came to an agreement of him leaving for few months n then coming back so that they would get a good amount of trps…. RS wanted to check us viewers patience n then suddenly bringing him back in the show was predecided…..I can’t trust RS on this….Yes Devo was to quit the show for the same reason but RS gave her a good amount to retain her back..
        She even agreed to that…. Deepika also did the same thing n RS had to give her more money to retain her till she finally left the show…..Devo hasn’t done this on fans feelings but to satisfy her own hunger….They can be casted they don’t need to worry about that but being a actor they have their preconceived notions about being typecast because of this industry or their friends from the industry or their family…..There are many things for which they have to look after….They would…..U will soon get to know that?sorry I can’t tell u that because their is a very very big secret behind them doing this which will come to the fore later on…..

      3. Shakaib

        I think some actors/actresses respect their fans’ feelings… Can’t say surely but still I feel
        Like that…I used to check non sources from was rumored that MPK killed July I heard ahem is returning soon but I also hear the above news is false….When it was Kripi’s Suhaagraat by pumi…Krishna’s bit -ve act show that he is going to be negative.. But…no benefit…but in August’s mid …suddenly MN make a comeback with jaggi’scharacter…Ask me truly,,, I would’ve never accept DeKha (Devoleena+Khalid)’s pairing as we were fond of Devna…RS has examined Fans’ patience a lot… But for whom you said “They would……fore on later..??” Was it for actors or Nadha….Everyone in this world thinks,”Money is first thing, without it, they will die” but Our character cones first.. Not money….At last…Every human has a end..either soon or late…. For how much..they’ll survive also..?? But Bollywood actors/actresses have feelings for their fans….Like Amir Khan….

      4. Mansi

        Yaa Shakaib u are right too…..We can’t say surely about them but yes their may be some actors/actresses who respect fans feelings too….Yes I too checked the video where it was mentioned that MPK killed ahem but again this was not shown….I even heard about jigar being the one who killed ahem so that he can get ahem’s place n soo that…..But it turned nothing n he left the show….Yes Krishna being -ve was shown later on after many reports where M.Nazim was to make an entry n that’s why his character got -ve because whenever he was shown alone he use to say things which anyone​ would think he is +ve character +his BG murali ki taano se no one could have judge or say he is -ve….I think it was preplanned to make his entry….N so Krishna was turned -ve….They say it’s because lack of chemistry between Devo n him but I would say they never made him n Gopi too come close to each other for which we were getting spoilers too then how come chemistry can happened…Kuch bhi….Dekha good name…But if they had shown a good amount of chemistry then their Jodi would have worked….I loved the BG too….That would I told about actors…But…U will….Fore later on I told about the twist n their is a secret behind this step of theirs means Maddy n his family’s…..Yes it’s just not limited to this industry only….It’s everywhere….Agree with u on that….They won’t think that way like what we are thinking…I don’t think so amir Khan has feelings for his fans…It’s just my opinion….

  2. Very good update Mansi.Dheera wore golden attire .In SNS also they wore golden attire at Naiyya’s engagement .Gau Mee scene is good .Precap is interesting .I think that attack on DheEra will be coming .Totally good .

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose☺☺Yaa that’s what I wanted to recreate? Naiya’s outfit is different in this unlike sns outfit….Yeah that is coming in upcoming episodes?

  3. Jasminerahul

    meera is such a nice DIL to Gaura.Dheera in same colour.what a jodi!Aham Sharma as Maddy.What a surprise.U brought a famous actor like Aham.So bring a nice girl 4 him when u unite Dhawal naiyya tho i duno if dhawal naiyya will unite or not.Naiyya getting teary seeing dhawal n singing kasam with Maddy looking at dhawal was emotional.perfect song 4 d occasion.poor naiyya.meera noticed it.will meera find out d truth?Precap is making me wait 4 d next part.plz give more dheera scenes on even on d show no dheera

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jasmine☺?? Gaura has always consider Meera as a daughter?…Yes Maddy is Aham Sharma….He and his family has a secret behind this which will be revealed later on….There will be many many twists before that….I love this song a lotttt n also perfectly suited on them…Nope Meera won’t be finding out the truth because though she sensed but also brush it off as her imagination….Yeah next part will be soon?yes will give more dheera scenes?

  4. Riana

    Wow…Awsome episode…Dheera’s decoration arrangements were good…Maddy is Aham…Grt choice!!…Maddy n Naiya sings but naiya is still sad…its obvious…Rahul n Niddhi (I m sure u choose this couple from DBO)…Engagement was emotional…Precap is exciting…Whats gonna change…waiting?????

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riana☺☺yes Maddy is Aham….Yes ur right I choose them from DBO…I saw the first episode of it n thought of using them here?….U will soon get to know that?….Will update soon?

  5. Nandhini

    Its good to see bhabhi (meera) senses the sad feelings of her sister-in-law naiya??? hope atleast dharam gets to know his sister’s real feelings and make her happy…pari is going to mussorie so she will again meet Adi there??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Nandhibi☺☺yes Meera sensing the sad feeling of Naiya but she brushed it off as her imagination….There will be many many twists before that?….Yeah Pari is going to Mussoorie ?Pari would be meeting Adi for the first time??

      1. Mansi


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