SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 1 Part-27

Part 27-

Dharam Niwas is shown

Meera goes to her room and talks with Pari….

Dharam is shown in his study room talking with his lawyer Mr.Khanna(Anang Desai)….

In Meera’s room….

Meera:Yaa di….
Pari:Did u check the file which Dadi sent???….
Meera:Which file???….I don’t know any file?….
Pari:Arrey that Philips file in which Dadi wanted ur opinion too on starting the business with him…..
Meera:Ohh…..Yaa…Now I remember about that file but I haven’t checked it yet…I forgot!!!….
Pari:I knew u would forget only that’s why I called u to remind u….
Meera:Soo are u sure Dad and Masa should do business with him?…..
Pari:Actually no….I told Dadi too this but Dadi said it would be good opportunity for the people as many people would get job….
Meera:That would be good then….I will go through it then and see what lies ahead…..
Pari:Ok then…Bye☺….
Meera:Bye di☺…..

Meera Cuts call…..Meera picks up a blue coloured file and tries to look at it but her mind revolves around only one thing now “What’s going in that meeting”……Meera goes towards Dharam’s study room…..

In Study room Dharam is shown talking to Mr.Khanna when Meera comes and stands outside the room as to not disturb them….

Mr.Khanna:Here is the will which u wanted to change and give everything to ur wife….
Dharam:Thank u soo much….I am entrusting u with this will of mine….

Mr.Khanna bids him adieu and goes from there…Meera who was listening to this from outside couldn’t control herself and tears welled up in her eyes??…..

Meera goes to Dharam and puts her hand on his shoulder saying….

Meera:Dharamji u are not going anywhere leaving me alone…..Understand u better Understand….
Dharam:Who told u I will be leaving u!!!!…..
Meera:Then what was that for….
Dharam:Ohh….That….It was nothing…..

Dharam embraces Meera in a hug☺?…..

After sometime…..

Meera is shown in her room packing her bag when dharam comes…..

Dharam:Meeru going anywhere???….
Meera:Yaa….In my husband’s room☺…..
Dharam:Then why u doing this by urself tell the servants they will do it☺…..

Meera ignores his words and starts packing her stuff….Dharam in his mind says “There is no point in saying anything further”…..

In Dheera’s room

Meera:Dharamji I am getting bored….Entertain me?…..
Dharam:What!!!!…..Do I look like a clown to u?….
Dharam:Then only one way to Entertain u?…..

Meera goes away from him as she gets hint of what he is trying to say…..

Meera:U are a shaitaan….24/7 only one thing in ur mind?…..
Dharam:Then what to do?…..

Dharam comes closer to Meera while Meera goes backwards…..

Just then Gaura with Parag enters and seeing them Meera says Mom…..Dad….

Parag:Say shaitaan’s Dad?…..

Dheera embaraces…..

Dharam:Mom….Dad u dint inform us about ur arrival…..
Gaura:We wanted to give u all a surprise…..
Parag:Where is Naiya hasn’t she arrived yet….I wanted to tell u all something important?…..
Meera:Yaa Dad….First u both get fresh and afterwards we will talk?….

Just then Naiya arrives and hugs her parents happily?…..

Naiya:Dad u called me??…..
Parag:Yes…..I wanted to tell u that I have fixed ur marraige with a NRI boy…..He will be coming soon in India so u both can get engaged?….

Everyone gets surprised and are happy for her….Naiya gets shocked???……

Naiya:D….Dad….I…I don’t want to now as I want to study….
Parag:Who is telling u to do marraige now….Now only u and him get engaged and after u complete ur studies will do ur marraige ?…..
Naiya:It’s not only about studies….I want to do something on my own and then decide my future?…..I want to become a lawyer…..
Gaura:U taking tension for a small thing…..If they insists u to get married soon then what’s the problem in it…U can always study after marraige too… ur bhabhi she too completed her MBA after marraige only?…..
Naiya:But Mom….
Dharam:Chotti mom and dad are right….U will be very happy?….
Gaura:U know naa ur Dad’s decision is the final decision☺….
Naiya:Ok then….If u all are insisting it soo much then I am ready too….
Meera:That’s great?…..This means Mom and Dad will stay with us now?….

Meera hugs them…..

Precap:Naiya meets Dhawal….They share a hug for the last time….Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega plays…..

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  1. Good update Mansi .Some busy now give lengthy comment after some time .I will send PM on IF when I give comment .

    1. Mansi

      Thanka lot Rose☺?will be waiting for it then?

  2. Nice one Mansii.. loved it

    1. Mansi

      Thank u Faby☺☺

  3. Shakaib

    Lovely update…sad for naiya…..Why Dharam transfer his property to Meera and why Meera said about leaving her..?? Are you thinking to end dharam’s character and of season 2??? Overall, I love the update!!to the cote of my heart…

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Shakaib☺☺Meera thought Dharam transfered all his property to her as he going away from her leaving her alone….Dharam transfered all his property to her as he loves her a lot?it’s still time for season2?glad u loved the update?

  4. Jasminerahul

    Dharam transfered property in Meera’s name.knowing that how emotional meera became.dheera conversation after this was so emotional n cute.naiyya marr is fixed.though naiyya tried to escape i guess 4 her family she obeyed to marry d guy they choose.poor naiyya.precap is very emotional.hope dhawal naiyya unite

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jasmine☺☺yep Naiya for her family says yes to the alliance they choose for her…..

  5. Iqrakhan11

    Wow love ur updates nd dheera sm.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Iqrakhan11☺☺?

  6. Nandhini

    Woww it was really cute of dheera’s conversation!! I soooo enjoyed their romantic conversation in their bedroom???? until Gaurag came inbetween??…i was expecting more romance but dharam’s parents broke dat? i hope naiya breaks her silence and tell her parents that she loves dhawal…
    And i am missing pari’s love story(with her already selected soul mate)…please continue that too?…

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Nandhini☺??I will show more dheera romance in the coming episodes…..Naiya won’t be breaking her silence that she loves dhawal as she don’t want to hurt them n knows her Bhai would not except dhawal…..Yep Pari’s love story will be shown after Naiya’s engagement….Yep her already selected soul mate Adi??

  7. I love Dheera!!!!

    1. Mansi

      Thank u Rani☺☺

  8. Good update Mansi .Dharam gives all his property to Meera .Meera knows it and become emotional .Their hug and conversation are emotional .Meera packs her bags herself .Dharam offer maids but she ignores it .Meera asks Dharam to entertain her .Very funny . I am laughing very much .Dharam ke pass Meera ko entertain karne ke liye ek hi Rasta hai LooooooL .Gaurag entry .Why Nayya don’t told them about her Love?Is Gaurag ,Nayya,Modis ,shas all are know Dharam’s romantic life before marraige ?Is Meera know it before Marraige ?Is she loves him after knowing all about him?Is Kavya knows Dharam married Meera ?Why Dharam is disagree with Dhawal for Nayya ?Gaurag conversation with Meera is good.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose☺??yep Meera likes to do all these works by herself…..Naiya loves them a lot so don’t wanted to hurt them….Nope they don’t know about that but yes Vijay n shravan knows n dharam’s friends too know but I won’t be revealing that now…..Yes a little bit Parag knows but how he knows I can’t reveal that now?it’s s very big secret….Nope Meera don’t know it before marriage but she heard a lot about that…..Yep Meera loves him a lot….Yes kavya knows that….Though kavya is sister of Meera but Meera doesn’t know about her as she has never met her….Dhawal doesn’t work n naiya knows her Bhai would never agree for this as for him his sister’s happy life is important to him how can he just give his sister’s hand to him….

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