SNS- Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 1 Part 12

Thank u Shakaib,Jasmine,Riana,Nandhini,Rose,
Anondo.R,Rani for ur lovely comments??Part 12-

Suryavanshi House,Rajkot is shown

Parag,Gaura and Dharam are shown having dinner…
Gaura:After many time u came here soo I made ur favourite dishes….
Gaura:Do u know that….
(Parag looks sternly in her direction? and she stops…But dharam got up from his dinner…)
Gaura:What happen dharam…Atleast have ur dinner..

Dharam:No mom I had my dinner…(goes from there)
Parag:See what u did..Because of u he left…
Gaura:What I did..I was just saying what is true…
Parag:But atleast show some sympathy…
Gaura:Sympathy towards her..Never..Don’t u remember what she did that day…(she remembers…)

Flashback starts (3 months ago)

Suryavanshi Hotel, Mumbai is shown

Dheera’s reception party is going on…Shahs modi’s and Desai’s too arrives…Guests too arrives when Vidya too arrives there and seeing dheera closer to each other starts throwing tantrums…

Gaura requests the Guests to leave..They leaves from there…Now only shah’s Modi’s Desai’s and suryavanshi family are there…

Vidya says to all today not her but I should have been here with him…Gaura tells her u urself was not found at home that means u elope and now coming to destroy everything…Vidya tells everyone that she dint elope but was purposely taken to some other place so she can’t marry and also knows who did it and she is none other than Meera di….

Everyone present there got shocked to here that??Meera tells them she dint even knew where was she and she dint do it….Just then Vidya took a bottle and broke it and was moving towards Meera in a fit of rage?gaura says to urmila control ur daughter…Just then before she could do anything dhawal comes and fitfully takes her away and rest follows…

Flashback ends

Parag:But now she is repenting..U should show some sympathy towards her…U very well know what happened with her afterwards….

Scene shifts to Dharam Niwas

Meera and Naiya are shown doing dinner when Naiya’s phone rings and she cuts call…Meera notices that and asks her to take call atleast… Naiya says noo bhabhi it’s not that much important and I think I have had my dinner…Meera says she too and both goes to their respective rooms…

Scene shifts to Shah House

Dhawal is shown in his room thinking and says to himself:Now u have challenge me..Soo I will have to complete the challenge…Just see now how I come to ur home?(He tells urmila and jeetu about going to his friends house for his birthday and goes out)

Scene shifts to a Mansion

Dhawal is shown climbing a pipe…He finally reaches a room..Enters in that room…A girl is shown coming out from washroom…Dhawal back hugs her and she screams Aaaahhh!!!…Turns around and sees dhawal in front of her and at the same time also hears someone’s footsteps and quickly hides dhawal in a cupboard… Another girl opened door and asks her are u fine Naiya(yes she is Naiya)Naiya says yes bhabhi why???(yes she is Meera)Meera says she heard a voice from this room soo came to see… Naiya says see bhabhi there is nothing (whole room is shown)Meera says OK then sleep…Naiya says Yaa…

Meera while coming towards her room thinks in her mind she thought she heard something but maybe she is sleepy?and imagined it…Meera in her room takes dharam’s photo and kisses it? and sleeps hugging it?….

Naiya in her room now brings dhawal outside asks him why u are here…
Dhawal:U forgot u only challenge me to come here…
Naiya:No..But I was joking…U really came..
Dhawal:But I don’t take it as a joke…
Naiya:OK..Soo if my Bhai comes to know about us then he will eat u alive!!!…
Naiya:look at ur face…???
Naiya:But how u came here inspite of soo many securities??…

Precap:MeeYa decides to watch a movie…They arrives…The lady at the counter says only one ticket is remaining….A girl behind them says ohh no!!!….

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  1. Who is the girl??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks Rani☺☺u will soon get to know that?

  2. Yeah Mansi Thank you for giving such good update.I think Gaura has positive opinion on Meera,Right.Meera kisses and hugs Dharam’s photo and slept along with it.So cute.So Naiya and Dhawal are another pair Good.Thanks for update.

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcome Rose?yupzz Naiya and dhawal are a pair in this ff….Thanks a lot Rose☺☺

  3. Really Is any one kidnaps vidya or she willingly elopes and put blame on Meera?And that incident Meera trusts Dharam kills Jigar by seen Vidya’s giving vedio and handovers him to Police is happens after Dheera’s Marraige or before?Plz tell me.

    1. Mansi

      Actually she can’t tell where was she as there is a secret to it soo puts the blame on Meera…It happened before dheera marraige and Vidya manipulated Meera in believing dharam killed jigar by seeing the video…Thanks Rose?

  4. Shakaib

    Wow..awesome update….love it to the core. Dhawal and naiya scene was nice. Who the girl..looking forward for next part..update soon.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Shakaib☺☺yupzz will update soon?

  5. Jasminerahul

    sad that vidya accused meera for kidnapping her to prevent her from marrying dharam.wonder where vidya was.surprising that its naiyya who is dhawal’s gf. dhawal coming to her room climbing pipes to win the challenge was funny

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jasmine☺☺u will soon get to know that?

  6. Riana

    Sorry for late commnt…Nice episode☺

    1. Mansi

      Thanks Riana☺☺it’s okay?

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