SNS- Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 1 Part 11

Thank u Shakaib,Riana,Jasmine,Rose,Nandhini for ur lovely comments??Part 11-

Suryavanshi House,Rajkot is shown

Gaura and Parag are shown in living room…Gaura expresses her disire to visit Mumbai to see her children…Parag says they can’t as he has some work here…Gaura becomes upset?soo Parag says her dharam is coming here and u can meet him now happy!!!Gaura says very much?

Scene shifts to Dharam Niwas

Meera is shown in hall and thinks now what to do…..She remembers now only one person can help her to get a place in dharamji’s heart and she is her nanad….

Meera tries to phone her but she doesn’t pick up her call….

After sometime her phone rings and it’s from her nanad naiya who is shown living with her friend….

Meera:Thankgod u called…Do u know I tried so many times….But….
(Naiya interrupts her)
Naiya:Please…Come to the point….
Meera:I know ur angry with me…But just once listen to me….I…I…
(Naiya again interrupts her)
Naiya:Ohh common…Don’t say lies…
Meera:I am not lying…I really…Really love dharamji from the bottom of my heart….Please listen to me…
(There is no response)
Naiya:U told Bhai about it…
Meera:I tried but…
(The phone gets cut)

Meera again tries but she doesn’t pick up her call…

After sometime a car is shown coming to Dharam Niwas…A girl steps from the car and goes inside the house….

She starts screaming and says Meera dii I am soo happy today…Meera sees her and gets surprised?and says u here and why u calling me dii….

Her face is shown and she is none other than Naiya who is shown wearing denim jeans and a crop top….Why u felt bad….Soo will call bhabhi only then…Meera says noo I was just kidding…Meera says u dint even speak to me properly on the phone and u suddenly here….Naiya says bhabhi when u told me u really love Bhai I couldn’t stop myself from coming here and I am soo happy for u and him…Naiya starts jumping in excitement and tells Meera too jump with her(both starts jumping)

Naiya and Meera are shown seated in sofa and they starts talking…
Meera:Do u know…Today only dharamji went to Rajkot and dint even tell me whenever he will come?
Naiya:Yaa bhabhi I know…infact we had a talk about it this morning and he told me he will return after 10 days…
Meera:What??10 days…I am very happy even after removing urself from our lives u and ur Bhai are staying connected with each other…
Naiya:Yes Meera bhabhi I removed myself from ur lives but was always in touch with Bhai and he is my only bro..Soo how can I not??

Meera tells Seema to bring 3 cups tea for them but Seema gets confused and asks 3 cups for whom???Meera smilingly tells her for me,naiya and u and Seema gets happy hearing that?

After sometime…
Meera: Naiya now with everything normal u should stay with us…
Naiya:No bhabhi I can’t as my exams are too coming…Soo may be when my term ends that time I will here with u and Bhai…
Naiya:But I can stay here until Bhai comes….

They continues gossiping…

Naiya:U see bhabhi after Bhai comes and 4 days later I will give him a very big surprise…I am soo exited for it…Till today I haven’t miss that day….I am the first one to…(she stops as she sees Meera getting confused)
Meera:I don’t know what ur talking about???
Naiya(looks at her questionally?):Don’t say u dint knew about it..
Meera:Yes I don’t know?..
Naiya:Ohh bhabhi his birthday is coming on 24th on this month…
Meera:Wow..That’s a good news but I seriously dint knew about it….But yes I will give him something really special on his birthday which he will cherish his whole life…
Naiya:Wow?…But what u will gift him…
Meera:That’s what I am thinking…

Precap:Dhawal is shown climbing a pipe….A girl screams Aaaahhh!!!!!

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  1. Shakaib

    Wow…such a lovely update…love it the core..???????????gaura asking Parag to visit Mumbai and Parag refusing as dharam is coming was nice. Wow…Meera and naiya’s sister in law bonding…really love it…though on the show they were best enemies..??????wow…so lovely there talking was so nice…BTW why naiya is angry with Meera..guess…Meera always tell her that I し✿v㉫ dħArA๓ ʙµ† AしŴAƴ$ Ŵħ㉫Ǹ φ උඋ✿๓㉫$ѳɳ pʀѳpѳรiɳg..ɱɛɛʀɑ ʀɛԲuรɛร..ɑɳɗ ɳɑiyɑ gѳt ɑɳgʀy..ʀigɦt..???βŦŴ ỮРĐΔŦ€ ŞØØŇ. РŘ€ĆΔР ΞŞ РŘØΜΞŞΞŇg….अगले एक के लिए इंतजार कर.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Shakaib☺☺glad u loved MeeYa’s (Meera +Naiya)bonding as sis-in-law?like dharam Naiya too thinks Meera married him because of….Sorry can’t reveal it now?but now everything got fine?yupzz will update very soon?

      1. Shakaib

        Okay….will wait for revelation.. Can you add meeya scene in next part also? was it written from in love to कर.

      2. Shakaib

        Okay….will wait for revelation.. Can you add meeya scene in next part also? was it written from “love to कर.”

      3. Mansi

        Yaa Shakaib MeeYa scene will be there in next part too?it was written beautifully I loved it?

  2. Jasminerahul

    good to see naiyya supporting dheera in a +ve role.but y did naiyya kept herself away from them?did naiya too mu meera?is that way she was not so happy with meera b4?does naiyya have a hero?rly waiting 4 dheera special b’day party.precap is ….oh…

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jasmine☺☺Yaa she is a +ve character…Like dharam Naiya too thought Meera married him for….Sorry can’t reveal it now?she only wants her brother’s happiness….She thought Meera isn’t right girl for him….U will soon get to know that….

  3. Riana

    Naiyya n Meera’s bonding is So Sweet n Cool….Is Naiyya the same girl in sns??…Btw the episode was fantastic!??…precap is a bit shocking??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Riana☺☺Yaa Naiya is the same which is in sns?

  4. Nandhini

    Naiya and meera jumping in happiness??her bodygaurds staying there will be confused by seeing their madness? loved the girly talk btwn the sister-in-laws…now naiya totally understands and supports meera… dhawal is a plumber?? or is he meeting someone secretly by climbing pipe of a building?lets see?

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Nandhini☺☺glad u loved their talk?nope dhawal is not a plumber?

  5. Nice update Mansi.Naiya is Dharam’s sister and Meera’s sister -in -law.Wow!In SNS also main yahi chahti thi.But they have another story line.Ya tho main ye chahti thi ki Dharam ki ek sister ho jo positive character who has such a friendly bond with Meera.Meri ye wish tum bina bole samajhliya and apni is
    FF mein likh diya. I think hamari soch milte
    hai.This part is very surprising.Thank you sooooo much.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose☺☺even I too wished that Naiya should be a +ve character unlike the serial… MeeYa’s bonding is very strong and her bonding with dharam too is very strong?….Yaa Rose?

  6. Mansi tumhari wall poster pic ki problem abhi tak solve nahi huva hai kya?FF kisi aur ka and wallpicture kisi aur ka .kya problem hai?

    1. Mansi

      Yaa Rose see naa I dint even put that pic which is currently seen but tu people putted that pic on there own?….Vahi toh in my FF gohem are not there and their pic is there in image?I tried many times but not happening and they saying not allowed?

  7. Like Naiyaa’s character here. Wish something like this could happen in the show. Dharam doesn’t looks like Shravan’s dad. Amar is perfectly unfit for that lol. Waiting for Special birthday celebration. 1st celebration in the show was epic. rest 2 they just ruined it for their so called twists and turns.

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Anondo.R☺☺yes in the show I too thought Naiya should be a +ve character…I too think they both should be brother’s rather than father-son…It will be a grand celebration?

  8. Give me a short summary what happpened in the previous updates.

    1. Mansi

      Yes Rani why not?here it is of what happened in previous updates….Meera gets to know Vidya’s recovery and recalls Vidya’s marraige fixed with dharam and how she involved jigar too…. Vidya’s marraige was going to happen but Vidya was not found on the wedding day and urmila knowing Meera’s love got her married instead and also how Vidya hurted herself thinking it’s Meera that she is hurting and got to that hospital….Then Parag called dharam to Rajkot so he arranged for himself and Meera bodyguards as someone is behind him like his accident like 4 for himself n 4 for Meera and here Naiya got introduced….Thanks a lot Riana☺☺

      1. Mansi

        Sorry I mean Rani☺☺

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