SNS- Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 1 Part 1

A vry big thnk u to Jasmine,Rani,Riana,Shakaib,Krkavita for ur encouraging cmmnts to continue DS FF n dedicatng DS chappy to Shakaib for guessing correctly yes the girl n boy are Meera n dharam?NW let’s get started

Mumbai is shown…
A huge mansion is shown
In a room a girl is sleeping and suddenly hr phone starts ringing she gets irritated and without looking at hr phone or sayng hello says who’s DS??
The person on the othr line says dii it’s me..
Girl:Ohh yaa Dhawal say yy called DS early??
Dhawal:Offo Meera dii u forget today wht day it is??And also to tell u abt ur upcoming exm which is on 24th
(Yes the girl is meera)
Meera:ofcourse nt hw CN I forget DS day and exm on 24th means NXT month rght nt tomorrow???
Dhawal:Ofcourse NXT month?soo I calld u to wish on ur completion of 3months with jiju?and also to invite u for a supper at Modi Bhavan at 5 in the evening with jiju nt alone
Meera:Thnk u my lvng bro BT it’s been only 3months and u people want to celebrate soo early yy BT OK if u all want thn we vll be der on tme OK
Dhawal:Yaa OK bye
Meera:Bye(she cuts call)
She ws abt to get out of hr bed whn she gt another call
Meera:Yaa dii hw’s u??(The person on the line is Pari)
Pari:First of all happy 3months?
Meera:Thnk u dii?
Pari:Whn today u cme at home u vll gt a surprise frm me and I knw wht ur thnkng right NW BT mark my words one day ur love vll only change HS thnkng and he vll fall for u don’t worry sis
Meera:Thnk u dii for understand my situation and I too hope as u tld vll happen☺OK bye vll TLK to u later..
Pari:OK bye I NW wht ur busy in?(she cuts call)

Scene shifts to Modi Bhavan
Pari gets ready n CMS dwn to prepare for the surprise and sees hr parents commng frm jogging and goes straight away to them and tells hr mother to nt thnk abt much and dnt tell anythng abt tht in front of urmila Maasi Hetal says OK vll nt TLK abt tht Pari n chirag gives satisfactory smile

Scene shifts to Dharam Niwas
Meera gets ready and CMS to hr dressing table n writes on a paper happy 3months hubby hi??happily In another room dharam anxiously paces his room thnkng should I or nt BT thn he convinced himself whatever happened is between hm n Meera and nt hr family soo I should go suddenly he gets a call
Dharam:Yes mom how r u and hws dad??
Gaura:Me and ur dad are absolutely fine called u to wish u on ur 3months
Dharam becomes upset listening tht BT..
Dharam:Ohh thnk u mom
Gaura:Do u knw I always pray to god after tht incident wht if she really cme in ur life thnk god everything gt revealed on tme otherwise wht would hv happn
Dharam:I always tell u BT u won’t listen to me at all u could hv search for shravan instead of me BT no u won’t listen to me
Gaura:Wht r u sayng NW m searching for hm too vll call u later(she cuts call)
Scene shifts to a village
A huge house is shown(Suryavanshi House)
In the hall Parag CMS and questions gaura for sayng all DS BT gaura says u and ur son are the same she prays to Amber maa and Parag silently laughs on seeng DS

Scene shifts to Dharam Niwas
In meera’s room she talkng to Parag who is congratulating hr and tellng hr to keep faith in God and ur love she smiles listening tht?Seema maid(Neha Sargam)CMS and informs Meera madam breakfast is ready Meera says she is cmming
Dinning table is shown
Dharam CMS and see a letter and a gift on the table opens the letter and reads and thn crumbled it and let it on the table thn opend the gift in tht ws a locket on one side meera’s picture ws der and on the othr HS picture ws der he put tht locket again in the gift for Meera to see it Whn Meera cm dwn he left the place in HS car to go to HS office Meera saw the crumbled paper and gift box and tld till whn u vll run frm the truth She thn took hr phone and messaged hm to be on tme to go to MB he replied hr I gt a message from dhawal u be ready whn I cme in evening.Though they r married frm last 3months DS things happn regularly even the servants are also aware abt ths thy sleep separately also eat separately n seldom converses wth each othr or if der is a need do message to each othr though Meera doesn’t want tht BT for dharam’s sake she does all DS She again goes to hr room and remembers something
Scene shifts to a building
Raj Arcade building is shown
Shah house is shown
Urmila is shown cutting vegetables suddenly she GTS dull flashbacks on and off jeetu is shown cmming calls urmila by hr name and she CMS out of hr flashbacks completely Jeetu tells hr he knws wht ur thnkng BT u need to forget tht day completely thn only u CN move in ur future I knw it’s tough BT still u hv to atleast for Meera’s sake and wht u still dnt gt ready to go we hv to go to MB ready fast and cm urmila says ur rght and I vll try my best and do u knw wht I made today Meera’s fav gajar ka halva for hr and dharam kumar also lke tht Meera tld me jeetu’s mouth starts watering?he tells gve me too urmila says noo only for Meera n dharam kumar jeetu GTS upset BT thn urmila says OK u CN hv BT after Meera eats only thn OK ??jeetu says OK

Precap-Supper at MB and some revelations

Guys DS FF vll start after 3months of dheera marriage and if dnt like it thn tell me vll start frm starting thn☺

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  1. It was good!❤️❤️❤️

    1. Mansi

      Thnk u rani☺☺

  2. Riana

    These ff is Amazing n totally different….i liked it a lot…pls continue as you had llanned Mansi…Dheera scenes were emotional…Urmilla n jeetu scenes were funny…Updt the nxt part soon???

    1. Riana

      I mean Planned??

    2. Mansi

      Thnk u a lot Riana???glad u lkd it?vll continue as planned thn☺vll update d NXT part vry soon?

  3. Jasminerahul

    when the dheera ff cheenikum got over i became sad that now there is no dheera ff.but i’m happy that u started one.plz dont discont it in the middle like many writers do.dheera marr 3 months anniversary n all r so excited 2 celebrate it.waiting 4 dheera celebration.locket was so beautiful.but whats wrong with dheera?what incident gaura is talking about?why r they not leading a normal married life?what?Maid Seema is Neha Sargam?OMG.Seriously?is she an important charac?is that y u chose a famous actress 4 this charac?Urmila made carrot halwa 4 dheera n jeetu wants funny.missing jeetu on the show

    1. Mansi

      Thnk u Jasmine for ur wonderful cmmnt lvd it??even I too ws sad tht cheenikum ended I lvd tht FF n yes won’t discontinue it dnt worry☺yes der vll a big dheera celebratn in cmming episodes?I vll reveal it one by one in cmming episodes frm d very frst tme whn Meera cme to Dharam Niwas she ws alone tht tme Seema n she forms a bond n also is a confident of Meera n thy shares everything Neha Sargam suitd DS part perfectly☺glad u lkd urmila jeetu’s scene me too missing hm on d show?

  4. Nandhini

    My adorable dheera couple is here!!??So they are the central lead characters…is dharam young or old in this ff?? What surprise pari is going to give meera?? I think its honeymoon tickets??…loved all the characters here esp urmila and pari…all are positive characters in this ff…

    1. Mansi

      Thank u nandhini for ur beautiful coment??yes dheera are the central lead characters dharam is young in this ff means 25yrs the surprise which Pari going to give Meera for that u will have to wait and watch it will get reveal in coming episodes and noo it’s not honeymoon tickets?glad u lvd all the characters☺here Pari is not lovely sasan but Zalak Desai u will soon get to know that?

  5. Shakaib

    Sorry for late comment dear…as I was a but busy… Coming to the episode….it was awesome… Specially…. All scenes are nice..its leads are dheera.. Right…wow..!! Waiting for revelations… Its has getting interesting….. Update soon.

    1. Mansi

      No problem Shakaib no need to say sorry..Thnk u Shakaib for ur sweet comment yes it’s leads are dheera☺u vll soon get to knw the revelations vll update soon?

  6. Shakaib

    And yes…is any negative role is going to be introduce..??

    1. Mansi

      I can’t reveal that Shakaib u vll have to wait n watch for that☺

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