SNS-A different twist(CS+Promo)

This ff vll be wth a different twist soo frst vll start wth a CS:

Shah Family:
Urmila(Vandana Vithlani):She is the wife of Jeetubhai n mothr’s to Meera n Vidya.She is also hetal’s sis n Pari’s aunt +also dhawal’s n kavya’s aunt he is hr sis-in-law’s son.She lvs hr family n hr daughters n nieces n nephews d most
Jeetubhai(Sanjeev Bhay):He is the husband of urmila n Meera vidya’s dad.He also lvs HS family d most.He is a business man
Meera:She is the daughter of urmila n jeetu n sister of Vidya.She is doing hr MBA n also done hr internship wth a reputed hotel company.She is vry close to pari.She lovs some1 vry dearly n CN do anything for him.She lvs hr sister a lot
Vidya:She is sister of Meera bt due to some unknown reasons hates hr n also hr family sometimes especially hr mother.She also lvs some1 vry dearly.She is nt interested in studies instead interested in fashion

Modi Family:
Hetal(Swati Shah):She is chirag’s wife n mother of Pari n also Urmila’s sister lvs hr family the most
Chirag’s(Neeraj Bharadwaj):He is hetal’s husband n Pari’s fathr.He handles modi industries n vry frndly with suryavanshi family
Paridhi(Zalak Desai):She is the daughter of hetal n chirag n she also handles modi industries along with hr fathr she is elder to Meera n also close to hr n NWS who Meera lvs truly
Desai Family:
Trupti(Pooja Welling):She is wife of Umang n mother of dhawal n kavya n sis-in-law of urmila
Umang(Anas Khan):He is husband of trupti n fathr of dhawal n kavya n lovs HS family a lot n is a business man
Dhawal(Ashish Sharma):He is son of trupti n Umang n brother of kavya Meera n Vidya BT is studng so cme in Mumbai to stay with shah family n HS family is in village
Kavya(Paridhi Sharma):She is ex of dharam n is living in abroad n Meera n Vidya dnst knw abt hr existence cause thy dnt interact much
Suryavanshi Family:
Gaura(Vandana Pathak):She is wife of Parag n mother of dharam n naiya she is vry joyoul n lvs hr family a lot she too lvs in hr village wth hr husband
Parag(Manish Arora):He is husband of gaura n fathr of dharam n naiya n frndly wth modi family n gvn all responsibility to HS son who stays in Mumbai lovs HS family a lot more than HS life
Dharam(AMAR Upadhay):He is ex of kavya n HS image is lke a Casanova evrygirl wnts hm BT he is nt interestng in all DS n spends HS time in alone n lvs HS sister a lot N vry protective of hr n is the owner of suryavanshi hotel group
Naiya(Pratibha Tiwari):She is the Apple of hr brother who lovingly calls hr HS chotti n is studng law want to become a lawyer someday n prays for hr brothrs happy life stays in Mumbai wth hr brother

Common Baa:
Janko(Aruna Irani):She is the common Baa of this whole families introduced NW lovs them a lot especially the children’s equally n no matter what solve there every matter n resolve them wth hr wise thinking n they also adores hr a lot n respects hr n a highest authority in everything

Patel Family:
Kokila(Rupal Patel):She is a single mother of jigar lovs Meera a lot as thy are in the same college
Jigar(Vishal Singh):He is the son of kokila n lvs some1 vry dearly n wants hr he n Meera r frnds n in same college
Additional CS:
Shravan(Kunal Singh): He is a vry dear frnd of dharam n naiya also considers him hr frnd n CN do anything for HS frndshp
Vijay(Arman Kohli):He is the right hand man of dharam n CN do anything for him BT dharam HS always consider hm as HS brother as well as frnd
Dharam HS 1 more frnd BT vll introduce hm whn needed

In a room a girl happily writes something on a paper
In a room a boy anxiously paces HS room

I knw guys it’s bit confusing BT try to tell me who are they I might put ur name when I update next after ur comments of should I continue wth it or nt soo do tell me guys abt it of hw u all felt it plz no negative comments only +ve??

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  1. Jasminerahul

    You started a ff. Congrats. Umang is anas and ashish Sharma is his son?omg.surprised about gaura parag a Jodi and meera vidya being urmila jeetu’s daughters. Kavya is paridhi Sharma and is dharam’s ex.shocking. good that here dharam naiyya are siblings and not father daughter.dharam naiyya shravan as friends is also I guess in this ff dharam is young.Waiting for dheera meeting. Here paridhi is hetal chirag’s daughter. Wow.and paridhi is not lovey…but zalak. That was unexpected. Good that here gaura naiyya are positive. There is no rashi. So is jigar in love with paridhi or meera?

    1. Mansi

      Thnk u so much 4 ur wonderful commnt?yupzz kavya is dharam’s ex BT nt required NW yes dharam is young in DS FF means 25 yrs yes Pari is Zalak yes no rashi in DS u vll soon cme to knw who jigar in lve wth?BT u dnt tld who tht boy n girl were any guesses???

      1. Jasminerahul

        i can’t guess…waiting to know who they r

  2. I love your twist!

    1. Mansi

      Thnk u rani??

  3. Riana

    Mansi its lovely…I lov it…there’s No Gohem…Meera n Vidya r Urmilla’s daughters…Pretty unique???

    1. Mansi

      Thnk u soo much riana for ur lovely commnt?yes der is no gohem

  4. Mansi

    It’s OK jasmine u vll soon get to knw who thy r

  5. Shakaib

    Congratulations Mansi on starting a fan fiction in a unique style…. Love the introduction a lot. Promo is damn interesting. I can’t wait for next one…. I guess.. Girl is meera..and boy is Dharam…. Right..?? I’m only confused in common baa’s intro. I’m waiting to know. Is she biological baa or name sake baa..?? Tell me. And please don’t end it. Continue it. And write more.

    1. Mansi

      Thnk u shakaib for ur lovely commnt n encouraging me to write more n yes vll nt end it?glad u lkd d promo?u vll soon gt to knw if ur rght or nt?u confused in common baa’s intro vll tell u she is biological baa/mother of chirag n every1 regards hr as Maasi/Dadi

      1. Shakaib

        Thanks for clearing me about common baa’s intro. Its my pleasure to comment on yours’ fan fiction.

  6. Krkavita

    Congratulations for your new ff. Nice t see different characters.

    1. Mansi

      Thnk u krkavita??do cmmnt if possible on my every update?

  7. Mansi

    Ur welcm shakaib?

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