Snowy and Dev : The two best birthday gifts I’ve ever got… A DevAkshi OS (Happy Birthday Anshi)

Hi guys! This is Niki, with an OS… specially dedicated to Anshi! Belated happy birthday dear! Love you very much, and I hope you like this OS.
This OS will be in Sonakshi’s POV.
So, without wasting time, let’s begin.
I still remember that day… On my 23rd birthday, my sister had gifted me Snowy, an adorable little spaniel. His name was such, because of his skin, as white as snow. The puppy had become an important part of my life, but never had I imagined that he would play such an significant role in my life. I will never forget him. If today, I am comfortably lying down on the bed in the house of Mr. Dev Dixit, then it is because of Snowy. Let me go back with the story.

I was in the library, when the tale began. I am quite a bookworm, and I was just choosing my fifth huge book from the stack. As I turned around with the book, a man crashed into me, and both of us fell down, him on top of me. I was shocked, and instinctively closed my eyes. As I slowly opened my eyes, I was speechless on seeing the man, as any girl would be. He was really good-looking. His black-colored coat matched my casual, short black top with jeans. The man got up at once, and I did the same. He muttered, “Um… I’m really sorry”, and I apologised too. I rushed back to my seat in the room, still thinking about him. I didn’t even notice when the man occupied the seat next to mine.“Hi again!”, he said cheerfully. I shyly greeted him, and got back to my book.
By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Sonakshi Bose, a journalist, working for the biggest news company in Delhi. Anyway, moving back to my story, I thought that was the last I had seen of the man, until the coming Friday. As I got up at 8:00, Snowy leapt on top of me. I patted the dog, changed my clothes, and set out. I was out to interview Mr. Dev Dixit, the most famous business tycoon in Delhi. My, how much I loved that man. Well, I had never seen him, but I had heard much about his hardwork, and success. You must be wondering how I had never seen him. Well, I was wondering myself! As I reached the place, I found a huge crowd. I was pretty sure it would be Dev Dixit in the middle of them all.

I was so excited to see my dream man! I pushed past the crowd, along with the cameraman. And as I got a view of the man, I was stunned. It was the same man who had fallen on top of me in the library! My mouth was wide open with shock. As the man moved his eyes across all the people, his eyes fell on me. His lips curved into a sweet smile. He scribbled something on a piece of paper, and threw it to me, but somehow, no one noticed. They all were more interested in interviewing Mr. Dixit. I picked up the paper, to study it. It was written, ‘Can’t talk now… Can you please call? This is my number: 9845987356.’
Now, this was so weird! Why on earth would Mr. Dev Dixit ask me to call him? But I decided to give it a try, and talk to my dream man anyway. As I reached home, I locked the door of my room, and immediately called on the number given. I heard Mr. Dixit’s voice on the other end of the phone, “You must be wondering why I asked you to call. Well, it’s for the simple reason, that we are meeting again and again… I think this is God’s sign. Can we be friends?” Friends? With Mr. Dev Dixit? Oh my god, my joy knew no bounds. In a shaky voice, I replied, “Yes, of course.” “Then we should meet! Tomorrow at 4 p.m, Café Staller.” Without waiting for my reply, he hung up.
The next day, as planned, we met at the café. At first, we were a little shy, but soon we realised (after a bit of chatting), that we were just the same people. Our qualities, likes and dislikes matched each other’s, and soon we started talking, joking and laughing as if we were old friends. The next we met, was at a mall, where he took me out shopping, and my lord! You should have seen my closet that day!

These regular meetings continued, and soon, as expected, I fell in love with the handsome businessman. That night, I did not sleep, wondering how to confess it to Dev. I was excited and nervous for his answer, but I also did not want to ruin our friendship. These thoughts kept tagging on my mind, as I went to meet him the next day. Little did I know, that he too was experiencing the same feelings as me. As we met each other, he said, “Sona, I really want to tell you something since many days. This is the first time I’m saying this to anyone, but, I love you… I really love you very much. But if you don’t want to accept, then it’s fine. Please don’t let our friendship get spoilt.”
I replied to this, with a tight hug full of joy. Dev understood my answer, and he too reciprocated, as he kissed my forehead. For the next few days, our romance blossomed. We roamed Delhi hand-in-hand, took a great many selfies, ate ice-creams, and so many other things. That was truly a great period.
Soon, we decided that it was about time we talk to our parents. The following day, when I went home, I broke the news to my parents, nervously. But, my parents were so happy that they cried out of joy. They agreed to our relationship. Even Dev’s mother was more than happy to accept our relationship, and I flung myself on Dev, as he swung me around.
Soon, the two of us were engaged, and as my birthday was coming up, it was mutually decided that the marriage would be held on my 25th birthday. One day, I got Snowy along, to meet Dev. At first, the spaniel did not take to Dev, but as we spent the day together, Snowy began adoring Dev. The dog started plastering Dev with licks, and liked him so much, that I half wondered if Snowy was going to get married to him!

On my 25th birthday, our marriage was held with great pomp and ceremony. It was an amazing occasion, filled with fun and joy. That night, I changed into normal clothes, and even Dev sat, with a casual t-shirt and trousers. As I moved towards Dev, he suddenly grabbed me, and flung me on the bed, him on top of me. I smiled, as Dev moved his lips towards my neck. He lay a soft kiss there, then on my cheeks and forehead. I felt a shiver down my spine, as he slowly progressed to my lips, and we shared a liplock full of love and passion.
By the next month, I was completely habituated to Dev’s family, and their lifestyle. It was just like my own family, full of love and care. Dev’s mother was very kind, caring and supportive, and she even taught me how to manage the family well. All the members were so sweet and supportive, and I repeatedly thanked God for having me fall in love with such a man. The best part was that the family loved dogs, and they let me keep Snowy in the house!
The first two years of our marriage passed in great peace and harmony. Two years later, wherever we went, we were spotted with a one-year old in our arms, our sweet little daughter, Suhana Dixit. She was adored by everyone. Snowy too loved her very much, and they both were just inseparable.
Now, one day, the story took a turn. One day, I was just coming back home from shopping, with Suhana in my arms, when suddenly, I was hit on the head with a metallic rod. I felt a great pain in my head and fell to the floor.
The next I remember, I found myself in what seemed like a small room in a warehouse, tied up.
An older-looking man came towards me. At once, I started shouting. But the man tied up my mouth with a piece of cloth, “If you scream, I will kill your daughter.” I started crying in distress, watching Suhana being tied up as she started howling. “Why are you doing this?”, I asked him. “Because I need to take my revenge from Dev”, he replied. What in the world had Dev done to this man, I remember wondering. I racked my brain, trying to think of whether Dev had told me anything like this.
Then suddenly, it struck me. Dev had told me an incident from his childhood. A man had entered his house, and started troubling his mother. At that time, Dev had taken a vase to hit the man. But the man had moved, and the vase had accidentally hit his brother. The brother died, as his skull was weak. The man ran away, but the flames of revenge were still in his mind.
I sobbed, wishing that Dev would rescue me. The man telephoned Dev, “We have kidnapped your Sonakshi. If you have the courage, come and rescue her.” I knew that Dev would come, but I was worried… What if the men harmed him in any way? I brushed off these thoughts and waited. After what seemed like years, I heard the barking of a dog. At once, I sat up. I rightly guessed that it would be Dev and Snowy.

As I saw Dev and Snowy enter the warehouse, I smiled in joy. Dev kicked one of the many men, punched another, and continued fighting. Snowy too joined in, as he joyfully leapt onto one of the men, flung the others on the ground and bit many of them. Suhana started laughing playfully. But, the main man, whose brother had been killed, pushed Dev onto the ground. Three other men came along, shot him on the hand, and tied up my injured husband, right next to me, as I begged and pleaded them to let him go, and wishing that I could nurse his grave wound.
As luck would have it, Snowy was hidden behind a pillar, and the men did not see him, as the dog had enough sense not to bark. The men laughed cruelly, as I cried bitterly, wishing that Dev had not come in the first place. The wicked people left the room, and Snowy came out. “Snowy”, Dev whispered, “There is a knife on the ground. Cut the knots, quickly”, he said, pointing with his eyes, to the fallen knife. The little spaniel, understood all that we said, and ran to the knife, brought it back, and started cutting the rope. I watched hopefully, wishing that he would succeed.
It took him at least five minutes, but he managed it, and soon, Dev was free. I cried with happiness, as Dev untied me and Suhana, and me and Dev hugged each other, as Dev kissed my forehead. But, suddenly, the men entered, and were shocked to see us untied. At once, they took out a gun and pointed it at Dev, but as the bullet was shot, Snowy flung himself on Dev, and the little spaniel was shot.

I was hell shocked, as the dog fell down. Both of us fell on our knees, shaking Snowy. But it was now a lifeless body, lying at our feet, who had sacrificed his life for Dev. Dev at once kicked the gun out of the man’s hand, and shot all the wicked ones. Dev picked up Suhana, and we went home, narrated the events to the family, and I remember how all of us refused to eat that day… Me and Dev were weeping the whole day, mourning the loss of our friendly, little spaniel.
A week later, we went out into the garden, still recalling the incidents of the previous week. Me and Dev side-hugged each other. We gazed at the sky for a long time, but then we smiled, as we saw a cluster of clouds come together, to form the shape of a little dog in the sky….


I hope all the readers liked it, especially Anshi!! I am very sorry for posting this OS so late..
Once again, belated happy birthday, and I hope you liked this OS! Do comment! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Like….!!!! U think we will like this…!!!??? Niki what has happened and gone into your mind while writing this???? And you say we will like it….
    Pagal larki….!!!! It’s more than superb… And I especially loved it..??… Damn lovely and beautiful….. Marvellous piece …??
    Anshita, happy birthday once again… ???
    And niki….!!!! Please behna post your ff… ??

    1. Niki645

      Omg….. thank u sooooo much Maleeha di!!!!

      I can’t believe u liked it so much????

      I will post my ff asap????

    2. Thank you soooooo much, Maleeha di!!!

  2. Heshine

    Oh Niki …!!!???????????❤❤❤❤❤the OS was juz splendid…..marvellous…!!! What not…!?? Juz loved it…!! But really felt bad wen snowy left..!!? but the devakshi’s story was really admirable…!! So short and sweet love of devakshi…!!!????? do come up with more ths !!!.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ hope u will….!!
    And once again.,
    Belated Happy Birthday Anshita..!❤❤❤??????

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Heshine di!!!!?????
      I am so glad u liked it????

      I will surely come up with more like this????

    2. Thank you soooo much for the wishes, Heshine di!!!

  3. Priya12

    Niki, amazing…sona asa journalist…different story line …but atlast, snowy died….sad 4 it…
    Pls post ur ff asap..

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much!!!!!
      I will post asap dear?????


  4. Awwwwwww too. Cute ❤❤❤

    1. Niki645

      Thanks a lot Akshita di!!!

  5. Angel20

    It was just amazing!! Excellent! Seriously very different from other stories. I didn’t like Snowy being killed?? Otherwise it was awesome!

    Belated Happy birthday Anshi❤

    1. Thank you sooo much Maria di!?????

    2. Niki645

      Thank u sooooo much Maria di!!!!????

      I am sorry di!! Even I felt bad when Snowy died??

      Once again, thank u so much !!

  6. OMG Nikki…It’s awesome. So cute and courage of snowy….Awesome. I loved it. I Mena I have no words. Marvelous fabulous splendid lovely frankly speaking dhamakedaar. And happy birthday Anshi…!!!❣❣ May God bless you with all the happiness and fulfil all your wishes….. Once again nikii u just rocked it!!!???

    1. Thank you soooo much for the warm wishes!?????

    2. Niki645

      Thank u so much!!!!????
      I can’t believe u liked it so much!!


  7. Awesome os

    1. Niki645

      Thanks a lot???

  8. Hey Niki di!
    Thank you soooooooo much for this OS! I legit loved it! It was absolutely amazing! Trust me, I really loved it soooo much! Everything was w der full, except for the fact that Snowy left us in the end???? However, that didn’t help decrease my love for this writing. I literally loved this one, not because it was especially for me, but because the story was so sweet!
    And, I’m really sorry for the late comment. I had been a bit busy with my birthday and my party the next day.
    Love you loads and loads! And, thank you once again!????????

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much for ur sweet comment Anshi!!

      I am so happy u liked it??

      I am sorry for the very late reply??


  9. Rj12

    Amazingly awesome loved it
    Don’t know I I missed it ??

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Rithu????


  10. Chanpreet0815

    Nikki I don’t liked ur os. it was not Good.

    I loved ur os. It’s not good its awesome. I really loved it the way u expressed dev and sonakshi was vry much interesting to read.
    Post another os. if u r free

    1. Niki645

      Oh, thank u so much!!!

      I am really happy to know that u liked it!!

      I will surely come up with more like this!

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