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Devasena was sitting alone in rajyasabha near the seat of rajamatha shivagami devi.kattappa who was passing by saw her. Came near to her .
Kattappa: kya hua matha Devasena?
Devasena: kattappa I am missing the shining of this kingdom.
Kattappa: u forgive me its shows ur greatness matha but how can u forgot what rajamatha did so easy.I asked it because u never how much caring mother she is . Actually Devasena shivagami devi is what u say ……
Devasena interrupted
Devasena: I know kattappa . How much innocent she Is.

Flash back

After meeting bahubali and Devasena in temple rajamatha shivagami devi can’t sleep well. That day in night shivagami think to visit them secretly.
In hut
Shivagami enter widout making any sound.
She sits near their bed. Devasena and bahubali are sleeping. She slowly caressed his hair and whispers
Mamta Se Bhari Tujhe Chhaon Mili
Jug Jug Jeena Tu Baahubali
Hai Jahan Vish Aur Amrut Bhi
Mann Wo Manthan Sthale

Mahish Pati Ka Vanshj Wo
Jise Kehte Bahubali
Ranmein Wo Aise Tute
Jaise Tute Koi Bijli

Hai Jahan Vish Aur Amrut Bhi
Mann Wo Manthan Sthale

Talvarein Jab Wo Lehraye
Chhatra Bhinna Mastak Ho Jaaye
Shatru Dal Ye Soch Na Paye
Jayein Bachke Kahan

Mata Hai Bhagya Vidhata
Mulan Saathi Kehlata
Aisa Adhbhut Wo Raja
Sabka Mann Jo Jeete..O

Shashan Wahi Sirgami Kahe Jo
Ran Dono Dharam Ka
Man Nichhalta Har Kshan
Hai Jahan Vish Aur Amrut Bhi
Mann Wo Manthan Sthale.

Shivagami: bahu forgive this unlucky mother. Son why are u going away from me. U re right son its what happen recently were wrong but maa hu mein. I want to be courteous towards bhallaldeva. He at first ownwards ready to sacrifice every thing so its my duty to satisfy him. I know son Devasena will be ur wife and at right now ur mother. But don’t hate me or dare to leave me. Do u think ure mother didn’t love u or happy to send u away from me. No beta my heart is bleeding. Its painful beta. Pata nahi kya mein iss dard se marjavunki kaha .

Now maa leaves from here . Be happy .
She slightly kiss him and about to leave when a soft hand hold her tight. She with a smile turn calling bahu with lots of love but to her surprise it is Devasena. Devasena with difficult stand up and take shivagami to out of house.
Devasena: am happy maa . What prabhu said at all time is proved as right . This is a divine bond.
Shivagami: pls forgive me Devasena . Am not only his mother and ur saas .but also the mother of bhallaldeva and mahishmathi. Am bond to it. I know I never give u love but u know I always have a belief that Amarendra bahubali is enough for u to get love. Iam happy to hear that how all are praising him as best husband.

Devasena; its all is due to ur upbringing maa
Shivagami: what I and other woman dream in a husband is with him. He is like rama. But even rama leave seetha for prajas but he will not.
Shivagami order Devasena to sit because she is pregnant.

Devasena: maa I never had one to call maa . So can I call u maa
Shivagami gesture her to lie on her lap. She do wat shivagami asked and shivagami caressed her hair with passion.
Devasena: yesterday first time I saw his eyes filled and he didn’t have his food for two days. He misses u very much
Shivagami’ : he didn’t eat anything. I know he will not have his food widout seeing me having food . How bad maa am I. U want to be strict. From kattappa I came to know about ur love story and ur veer charithra.

Devasena: but no one can win in our sons presence. He is such an adorable one.
Shivagami: I don’t get the Luck to gave him birth but u got the chance to be the mother of his child. Its a boon Devasena.
Devasena: haa maa no one can’t be a good father like him
Shivagami’ : really am unlucky Devasena other wise u look my son is in front of me but I can’t took him to my embraces. I feel this pain kill me alive

A voice came from hut
Bahubali: never dare to say abt ure death maa. When am alive no one can’t touch u.
Devasena and shivagami shocked to see bahubali awake.
Bahubali: what u feel maa I won’t understand ur touch in sleep. Don’t blame urself maa. I don’t need any royal possession other than the right to call u maa
Shivagami gesture him also come near and lie in her lap.she caressed both of them together.
Shivagami: what ever happen I am the one lose every thing. Widout u how can ur maa be happy son.
Bahubali: am there in yr heart maa. And no-one can separate u from there.
shivagami: now I may leave widout anyone knowing it. Take care of u and my daughter In law
Bahubali: ji maa.

Bahubali was tremendous ly happy that now watever happen he don’t get failed. Devasena was happy in her husbands happiness.
Flash back end
Kattappa: haa rajamatha never loved anything like she do for bahu..

Precap: Devasena revealing how she tell bahubali about her pregnancy

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  1. Elezabeth

    Wow akkaa it’s really awesome … Nammal orikkalum vicharikkatha sambhavangal aanu chechi ezhuthunnathu …. Valarie nannayittundu iniyum nannayi ezhuthanam all the best.. ???????????

    1. What u comment I don’t get but. Really u re a registered member naa. Pls tell ur frnd nandhininandhu to reply my comment once. I really like her yaar. Her writing skill is out of my imagination. One can write about something if they have that feel. She knows to show how Devasena like bahubali. So in real life if she love someone it might be so passionate. I need such charactered girl

  2. awesome like you

  3. Priya14300

    @nandhininandhu – episode by episode the story going very good flow, ? I think even Rajamouli sir also didn’t have an idea on his story like this, but you hearty wishes for your writing skill..keep it up and do well 🙂

    1. Really u are RI8 I too some time feel to give this link to bahubali team because she is such awesome writer I ever had seen ..

      1. Priya14300

        @ Swati – Well said

  4. Hemalattha

    Awesome dear

  5. Super dear love u alot

  6. Awesome work Devasena feelings for bahubali and viceversa shows true love . Even shivagami’s part was super

  7. Jayani

    Dere can b no better author for bahubali chechi… Even raja sir will hav 2 take ideas frm u… Nd d dialogues… Omg, don’t ask abt dem… Ppl will hav 2 take idea frm u for getting dialogues for such emotional scenes… Just luv it chechi… M really out of wuds after reading every single epi of urs… Waiting for more epi chechi…

    Jai Siya Ram

  8. Moulirao07

    ???? emotional episode …

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