you snatch it away ( bahubali) Episode 6

Kya kabhi ambar se
Surya bichhadta hai
Kya kabhi bin baathi
Deepak jaltha hai
Kya kabi ambar se
Surya bichhadta hai
Kya kabhi bin baathi
Deepak jaltha hai
Kaissi hai ye anhoni
Har aank huyi nam
Chod gaya jo tu
Kaise jiyenge hum
Tuhi kinara, tuhi sahara
Tu jag sara, tuhi humara

Suraj tuhi taara
Jai jaikara, jai jaikara
Swami dena saath humaara
(jay jaykara, jay jaykara
Swami dena saath humaara)
Jahan jahan tere paaon pade
Wo dharti ambar ho jaye
Jaaney ye kaisi maya
Maya hai teri

Tu nirbal chaabal hai
Swami rakwala hum sab ka
Usko kya darr hai
Jispe chaya hai teri
Kan kan mein hai khush haali
Joomey hai daali daali
Hum pyason pe jo rim jim barsey

Hai baadal se
Tuhi woh amrit ki daara
Jai jaikara, jai jaikara
Swami dena saath humaara
(jay jaykara, jay jaykara
Swami dena saath humaara)

In hut

Bahubali and Devasena was sleeping but in mid ni8 when Devasena open her eyes bahubali was not there when she search him he was sitting outside his eyes are filled. Devasena touch his shoulder he quickly swiped his tears and make her sit properly.
Bahubali hold her palm and put his face on it

Bahubali: am a bad son husband and father. I fail to be maa’s good son. I fail to keep u in luxurious life and my son is going to be born widout any sufficient facilities.
Devasena: being ur wife is luxury which others can’t afford. The most costly gift our child can have is u as his father. Ur such a king who can hold thousands with ur words. Bhallaldeva was adorned with that crown . But still people that crown on ur head . As Wife am lucky to get a husband who protect his wife and always respect women. Ur the most precious gift I ever hard. So brave man swipe this tears and come inside like my old bold prabhu
Bahubali: its bahubali’s promise is that till my last birth I fall and love only you. Devasena. Because I can see my maa in ur attitude and myself in ur eyes. Nothing is more happier than seeing ur love for me in yrs eyes Devasena.
They two slowly come closer and pass over each other a sweet lil liplock.

In palace

Rajamatha shivagami was not getting sleep so she was walking here and there in the outside of mahal. Kattappa came there
Kattappa: not getting sleep after making him out. Hey naa rajamatha.
Shivagami: pls kattappa don’t make me more weak. U don’t know what pain am going thru. My bahu my bahu how can he leave me like this. He leave for that Devasena. No he was mine strength. How can he do that.
Kattappa: he leave ur side not for Devasena but for ur own teaching. He just obey wat darma u teach him. As a man he stand for woman safety but u made him out shivagami. I always obey u shivagami but now I hating myself to be with u while taking order against him . Do whatever u want but remember he is a living god. Hurting him destroy mahishmathi.
Kattappa left but his words are echoing in her ears like knife.

Next day

Devasena was on temple doing pooja for lord Krishna. She was preparing garlands and others helping her.that time shivagami Kattappa bhallaldeva and others enter there. Shivagami saw Devasena preparing garlands in sitting in ground and others taking care of her. Shivagami with others settle down in temple. But they are secretly admiring Devasena and her antics. Even bhallaldeva can’t hold back his eyes from her. Devasena was happily knoting garlands widout knowing some are there watching her.
Citizens: devi Devasena ure so happy tell me the reason .
Devasena: if my husband is bahubali then wat other topic I needed for getting happy.
Citizens: that is true. But chote raja never come inside temple. Even maharaja bhallaldeva come here.

Other citizens: god never visit temple maathu
This statement make Devasena rajamatha and Kattappa happy
Maathu: that is very correct.
Then there enter bahubali. Shivagami ‘s eyes filled with happiness whereas bhallaldeva filled with anger.
All other ladies quit there for creating privacy for them.
Devasena: why are u here prabhu . As per my knowledge u never have time for bhakti.
Bahubali laugh because of her statement.
Bahubali: I believe lord reside in our mind so I never visit temple. But my maa and u have belief in it then its my duty to help u.
Devasena: ohh but I feel some other thing u want from me

Bahubali: will u sing that song once again for me.
By telling dis he start to preparing garlands.
Devasena: which song prabhu . The one which ising as lori for u

Bahubali: haa Devasena
Devasena:: More bansi bajayya
Nandlala kanhayya
More bansi bajayya
Nandlala kanhayya
More bansi bajayya
Nandlala kanhayya
Mohe mohe aise nahi
Chedo saavre
Suno sun moh se nahi
Khelo daavre
Jaake yashoda se
Kehdoongi re
Kanha soja zara
Oh kanha soja zara
Luk chup ke tak yun na mohe
Kanha soja zara
Oh kanha soja zara
Naino se na choona mohe
Kanha soja zara
Oh kanha soja zara
Kanha soja zara
Oh kanha soja zara
Suni jo teri murli

Chali re chali re chal di
Piya more o julmi
Gaoon tere hi geet kyon
Le main teri ho gayi
Chad gayi tere preet re
Moo…hna kya…hua
Yun mati maari gayi mori kaise
Choda bail ke aage tuje aise
Hai ye saara dosh mera
Kanha soja zara
O kanha soja zara
Kanha soja zara

O kanha soja zara
More bansi bajayya
Nandlala kanhayya
More bansi bajayya
Nandlala kanhayya
Madana madhusudana
Manohara man mohana
Madana madhusudana
Manohara man mohana
More bansi bajayya
Nandlala kanhayya

More bansi bajayya
Nandlala kanhayya
Kanha…radha ke piya
Kanha soja zara

Devasena eyes filled with tears. Bahubali swipe it.
Bahubali: that day and dis day its not ur fault so don’t cry .
Devasena: but because of me u are away from ur maa.
Bahubali: my maa is in my heart no one can’t separate me from her when am alive. So don’t stress urself dear
Then bahubali and Devasena goes to idol and adorned it with garlands. These all seen made shivagami happy and sad at same time

Flash back end

Devasena eyes whelmed up she quickly swipe it and move towards palace she came the place where avanthika bahubali Kattappa and Bijilal deva was standing.
Bahubali: maa u return from temple.
Devasena quickly hug him and

Devasena: janma din ki kub sare subh kaamenaein.
Bahubali and other were surprised to see her gesture. Love for her son first time over power her love for husband

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