you snatch it away ( bahubali) Episode 4

Flash back ends .
Avan: its evident that u were first doubting him .
Devasena: haa a powerful person whose face have the grace of lord sun. His body have the trait which were mentioned for arjunan is incapable then how can I believe that fact. At first ownwards I fall for him
Bahu woke up and saw all are staring him like he do something wrong.
Later all focus on their own work. Devasena was standing in ground alone . While that time Bijilal deva enter.

Bijilal: killing my son and his son u win Devasena. U win. And bhallaldeva failed. He get defeated.
Devasena turn towards him with a smile. A fade smile.
Devasena: who win Bijilal deva who win. Me then u are wrong am dead. I died before 25 yrs. And now am just a soulless body. And u know only living thing get and think of success. I just only punished the one who behind my husband’s death
Bijilal: u got ur kingdom back ur citizens love wealth royalty.

Devasena: but I don’t get my prabhu back. My love for him is still here. Do u know deva with how much happiness I enter kingdom of mahishmathi . But because of guys I won’t got rajamatha’s love. But his love for me is what I neef more and his love can also compensate every bad thing happen with me. Ur son may have power wealth but he doesn’t have a golden heart like my husband have. He gave u his kingdom . His power but Atlast he got back is pain. Did u ever think how much pain is it one go thru if his/her reason on life gone away. One who promise me to stand with meIs gone away . Did u ever think how much painful to see my husbands body with several cut. Your son drag me to my husbands body and dip my hands in to the blood of my husband. Did u ever think how much bad situation it is. I every day pray to god that make him live 100 yrs and me 99 so that I can’t be never live widout him. But u guys snatch him. U guys snatch his life.YOU SNATCH IT AWAY.
For the first time Bijilal deva feel guilt for his deed. His eyes whelm up.

Devasena (continues): how can u understand because u kill ur wife for ur revenge. U feel disgusting to bow down ur head infrnt ofher.u always tell naa bahubali in his death also near bow his head but he bows he bows infront of me. The most worse punishment u gave him is not his death but separating him from rajamatha. U don’t know how much he is attached to her. He lie on lap whenever he miss rajamatha but also he never hate u. He considered you as his father but u snatch his life away.

By saying dis she leavethere . Bijilal deva is now silent because he doesn’t know how to apologies to bahubali and Devasena for his cruelty. Kattappa who heard dis conversation rush to his room where he kept bahu’s thing.
Kattappa: why rajamatha u make me a sinner. Why u order to me to kill my child. Devasena ‘s words are hitting in my heart like arrow. Iam a sinner. Why god left me alone in dis world . To remind all about the fact that trust no one.

A strange voice: no mama u are alive for my son. I promised Devasena that U will be there for him.
KATTAPPA was shock to hear bahubali’s words
Kattappa: bahu. Where are u. Are u angry with me son.
Bahubali: yes oldman.u don’t protect my mother. But u protect my son. Being with him. I will be there with u.
The voice gone but it gave a new spirit to kattappa.

In evening
Bijilal deva touch the feet of mahendra and seek forgiveness which he given to him in the way of hug.the palace got a new life.

Prec: Devasena confession of love to Amarendra bahubali*past*

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    osm chechi…loved it

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    Oh! Siva baby fan aa?? Me too
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  5. That was really good
    Very creative and the way you structured it, was amazing
    Just try to proof read it before you post
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  6. di episode chuu gaya dil ko it was really an epic and u r story is awesome

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    Woa ! Awesome. Loved it alot. Poor Katappa *(. Waiting for the next part ^_^

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    Literally brought tears in my eyes. Pranushka Amarsena .. reliving the moments… Adipoliiiiiii

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    Chechii…it’s very beautiful
    Bahubalinte 3 Rd partinte kasha ithaya mathiyayirunnu … ente wish aanu ithuvare… nadakkula ennariyaam.. adipoliyatto chechide ee writing… chechide ee ff kanumbol amarendra bahubalinte lunar jeevichu varanam ennu thonni pokunnu…. sarikkum in game oru thought..evidunnu kitti itrem creativity…love u chechii????

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    Loved devasena’s speech… It’s sooo true nd touching… M very happy dat kattapa has cum out his guilty feeling of killing his own bahu… Luv d ff chechi…

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