you snatch it away ( bahubali) Episode 2

Rajamatha Devasena return back to royal palace with her whole family .

In Night
Devasena in whole day try to keep her busy with some works like amending and changing laws and system of mahishmathi, going to temple , checking the soldiers of army etc but also she can’t forget her prabhu’s pain filled eyes which hunt her mind. Now she is standing near the place where bhallaldeva burn to death. Mahendra and avanthika with kattappa enter there seeing the rajamatha.
Bahu: wat happen maa. Whats hunting you.
Deva: when u put bhallaldeva in fire bed I see ur fathers face in clouds. That eyes show how much it wish to live in this world. How much he wish to pamper u.
When she turn back saying this she saw the sad face of kattappa so she stop that talk .
Deva: leave that bahu u just go and sleep it late.

Avan: u too rajamatha
Deva: it will not come because more than 25 years I was here in this open surrounding with tied hands and revengful mind. So coming back normal need time. U guys just leave.
Mahendra left with avanthika. While going mahendra was teasing avanthika by holding her tight . This was noticed by kattappa and Devasena.

Kattappa: same like bahu . He also disturb avanthika alot.
Deva; yaa kattappa . If he didn’t met avanthika earlier then u to got stuck like previous
Kattappa: why Devasena?
Devu: because both son and father consider u as father frnd guide…
Kattappa: haa ure ri8 they gave
Devasena: wait kattappa let me complete moreover u as a wedding planerKattappa: Yaaaaah but that memories are happier than anything.
Deva: u know kattappa literally am pleading to god to get him back. I can’t I means my words can’t express how much his
absence hurt me.

Kattappa: its late u just go and sleep . After a long time back today I want to sleep peacefully.
Later Devasena return to her room where she spent her life and valuable moment with bahubali. Her PRABHU
In midnight she feel some one is coming to her room she secretly take the knife when the person enter both are shock to see the knife.

Bahu: its me maaa
Deva: haa beta wait let me lit the ni8.
While litting light accidently touch something within second kattappa came there.
Kattappa: wat happen Devasena any emergency why u touch emergency bell.
Deva; nothing it touch accidentally.
Devasena sit in bed and ask bahu it lie on her lap and kattappa sits in ground.
Bahu: while I was learning more about this palace today I saw two room one contains ur pictures and other sivagami matha’s whose room were that.
Deva: the one u saw of mine was bhallaldeva . And other one of rajamatha is ur dad’s bahu: He love his mother above u.
Kattappa: his last word is to protect rajamatha. He die for her.
Bahu: dada dis is the room of pitha ji then why this room have this emergency bell. Which attached to ur room.

Kattappa: bahu”s father died before his birth and mother after birth . So for his security shivagami devi gave him to me . for his safety it is kept here
Bahu: pitha ji says right IF U ARE ALIVE NO ONE CAN’T KILL HIM
KATTAPPA : Except me.
Deva: now wat happen to u Bahu . Why you awake RI8 now.
Bahu: maa I need a lori to get sleep will u.
Deva: ur dada sings well
Bahu: kya dada ? U Re brilliant
Deva : not only a singer but also a actor

Kattappa: haa haa both maa beta tease me . If I won’t act and sing u won’t fall for bahubali.
Deva: we don’t tease u Kattappa but we are
Bahu : making fun
Both Devasena and bahu burst to laughter too see the funny confused expression of Kattappa.
Kattappa: ur maa has a voice which make ur father fall for her. She will sing for u.
Deva: aaaa nnmn aaaaa mmmm
Soja mera lalla tu
Ab neend ki pass tu jaye sara .
Pita ki jise bene tu zara
Maa ki pass ayye tu.
Mere lalla tu soya sara (2)


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