you snatch it away ( bahubali) Episode 1

Its upon bahubali 2 .
Devasena point of view

My son my soul my last hope came and satisfied my need. He saved my citizen from the cruelty of bhallaldeva and take over the charges. He will be a good king and kattappa will be his guide . After all he is the one who know mahismati for years

Her long chain of thought were broken by a 3 word MAA . When she turn back there she saw the thing which she her eyes long to see for once . Her son exact copy of her husband.
Devas: haa beta tell what made u here dear.
Bahu: is it am a bad song who made his mother suffer.
Dev: never dear son u are not at all late to save me but u are the only reason am alive.
Bah: but why I feel u are ignoring me.

Dev: nothing like that son but ur mother need lil time to think watever happen in my life around 25 year . And its a request son pls leave me alone for a day in the country side hut .
Bahu: why mom? Are u going away from me.?
Dev; I want to stay in that hut with my citizens today.
Bahu: then I too join
Deva: no beta me alone or otherwise avanthika can join
Avan: haa rajamatha I will be there

Bahu: kattappa dada u also join for there safety. As bijaladeva can take revenge of bhallaldeva death.
In evening raja matha Devasena left the palace with avanthika and kattappa to the hut. She enter there and sit in the bed like a puppet. She close her eyes and try to be relaxed.
Avan: rajamathawats hurting u.
Deva: during these years am leaving with revenge for bhallaldeva . Every second I think only abt it but now am missing something

Kattappa: sorry maa I am the one of responsible for every thing.
Kattappa breaksdown.
Deva: u did wat u want to do . Don’t be sad. Am not telling ur are the reason of my sadness.
Avan: rajamatha then wats hurting u.
Deva: presence of shiva make me remember wat I was missing for years. His face remind me of the sadful face of my prabhu.
Katt: never make u week Devasena
Avan: noo dada let her cry let her go thru every thing happen other wise she won’t come out of this sadness

Deva; prabhu I was not thinking about u for morethan 25 yrs because each and every incident make sad. I need ur presence. I didn’t get satisfied as ur wife. I am missing the care which made me secure. U protect me like a father. And iam unlucky one who loose her father early but ur presence cover up that grief but when u leave who can make me safe. U are the reason of my every happiness. U made me fall for u forever and I never regret for that. Whenever I see mahendra I saw u in him. Its reminds me of our life which didn’t got fulfilled. His face reminds of the warrior son of sivagami who left his throne to protect me . The one who left luxurious life inorder to save my respect not only my respect but fight for all women’s safety. Which reminds me of the one who always have a smile and care for others. I need to believe that u won’t come back . So only I can love and see my son’s face instead of urs . But I can’t think once tat my prabhu is no more he left me he left his words half way. I can’t ……..I can’t. …..
She broke down. Shiva ( mahendra bahubali ) who was secretly came to ensure his mothers safety broken by his mothers confession. Even kattappa was broken to know that his bahu’s lioness is now shattered soul. All rush to the crying Devasena. She first startle by the presence of mahendra bahubali. She try to make her presentable but she failed. Her tears flow like river bhavani which once save her kundlarajyam .
Kattappa: Devasena beti tum

Deva: noo kattappa noo pls today ur words can’t stop my tears. Why that day u came with him in front of me. Why u create a softcorner for him. Why u made me love him kattappa why?. Did I ever hurt u did I ever hurt u. That days ur lori made me weak . Why u always supports him .why u do this to me. Why u do watever he ask u like fulfilling his lastwishes. Why rajamatha snatch my happiness we left every thing naa. Why on earth she can’t trust her br*astfed son like I doo. Why she cut down her own cultivated plant like removing a weed. Why can’t u kill me with him
Kattappa: how can I kill u beta

Dev: its more worse than death kattappa its hell hurting for a woman who go after delivery pain and gave birth to their love symbol after a hell pain came to know that her husband is no more. He promise me that u will be there for our child like dada and for that he can die also and wat u do u snatch that life from him. He call u mamma that too with too much of love. He always tell if u re alive no one can hurt him ..
Kattappa; am disloyal and I know my presence reminds u of my deeds I will not show my face to you

Deva; don’t dare to do that kattappa. I say this all because I want to forget every thing and concentrate on my son and bahu for yhat I want to leave this from my mind. U are a strength kattappa u and him are my protectors. Never dare to leave me mama.

Bahu: maa app mujhe ek baar apne pass ane do ( pls let me come near u)

Devasena: haa beta now after sharing my pain to his pic and going thru the pain now I can’t see him on u. Now u are my lalla. Ur father only fight for ur topic with me. He need a daughter like me and I need a son like him.
Kattappa: he combined with ur spontaneous angry attitude and his father ‘s loyality.

This ends here
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  1. nice story.. is it over with this epi.?

    1. Nandhininandhu

      Thanks dear I may continue if u guys like it

  2. Amul

    i love this pair from mirchi

  3. Plz bring Amrendra bahubali back in your ff

    1. Nandhininandhu

      Thanks dear I may continue if u guys like itraja mouli sir will kill me if I do something like that but I will focus on ur request soon

  4. Kabi...

    Wow superb nandu. Awesome story. I’m eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes. When bahubali 2 was released I thought this is the end and there won’t be any part 3,4…Like f and f. But now I won’t feel like that because of you. Thanks for this awesome story. I like pranushka pair so much. So please include Amrendra bahubali too. I know it won’t make any sense but at least think about it. And nice work nandu keep on doing best???

  5. Love it will u pls continue?

  6. hi nandhini….. u were awesome……. u could probably become a story writer in the near future…….. is SIVAKARTHIKEYAN ur fav actor???….. அப்ப நீங்க தமிழா???? aprom……. devasenai oda lines laam super paa……. semma thought…… idhu unga kadhaya…… illa novel la irukkuradhaa??? Whatever it is…… I LOVVVVVVVEEEEEDDDDD IT……. nandri nandhu……. happy to meet a tamizh frnd…. plse reply…. bye

    1. Nandhininandhu

      Yaaaaah I will continue and yaa am an sivakarthikeyan sir fan but not tamilian but malayali. Its my own idea do u like it

      1. oh….k……..anyways were r of the same origin…..we r PROUD INDIANS…….nd ssss i liked it…………

  7. Story was amazing. R u a fan of sk . Let’s have a hi5. By the way an ff of bahubali is fresh. Continue ….

  8. hii nandininandu ……this was absolutely fantastic…By the way im also a malayali

  9. Prashasti Jain

    Awesome…. you must really continue upto with it! ?

  10. Moulirao07

    Waah Kya baat hai super se bahaut upper ka part

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