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Hii guys…Maahi again..hope all of ur rocking!!! as many of my dr’s askd me to continue I am cmng up with other OS nd thnx again to all of u who supported me in my previous update…hope u guys vil lyk dizz one too..
lets get into the story. …
Abhi’s pov..
Today again I am gng to do a concert but I am a bit nervous bcoz today I am gng to dedicate my diz performance to my love actually all my songs r dedicated to her nly bcoz SHE IS THE SOUL OF MY MUSIC.Confused right!! ya she is the soul of my music nd fr wat I am now. She is the nly reason behind my transfer from a pop singer to a romantic singer nd love singer who is a sensation now in the Tinsel town.Do u ppl wanna know the reason thn here v go..tht day I saw her vry frst time 4 months ago..actually I was returning frm my pop school nd my bike got broken down…being a fiery night haha wait lemme tell u the main reason ..ya its a fiery night fr me bcoz I was afraid of darkness nd mostly ghosts bcoz tht was a deep forest where my bike got broken down. Thn there I saw a light cmng frm sme distance itseems smbody r preparing fr satellite launching….ya its a group of astronauts over there working fr their nxt launch which would b held after 14 days.I went there to get some help bcoz my mobile battery was dead thn there I saw a lab I entered it thn there the vvry frst time I saw her…ya she was in an outfit of astronauts but she looked sooo cute in tht bcoz of our chashma I think soooo..wait wait her physics to played a key role in our love as same as my music…nd its her REFLECTION it made my world a million times brighter than wat it is tht day I blvd in smethng lyk LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT bcoz before tht I nvr blvd in it nd even I use to mock at my frnds ven they talk abt dizz but diz time its diff yaa I saw her in the mirror as it as a glass lab nd her back was facing me nd she was busy with some files in her hand….nd the moment I thought to ask her fr help sme fellow came nd askd me abt wat I need thn I explained to him nd he offered me help nd said tht my bike vil get ready nly fr tmrw mrng so he offered me with food nd bed fr tht night ….as soon as he cmpltd I thought to talk to her but all in vain bcoz she had already left frm there soooo me to just had my dnr nd tht fellow seemed to b a fuddy-duddy .His talks were boring me so I took my guitar nd vent to a tree near by there nd ven I touched my guitar fr the vry frst time I stringed it smoothly nd hummed smthng diff which I nvr used to do so as I was humming I closed my eyes nd there the REFLECTION of her came infront of me I was surprised I tried it again nd again nd the result was same nd by thn I realised the reason behind my usage of guitar in other way which I nvr did nd thts yy I admitt her as the soul of my music bcoz nly bcoz of her I turned out to b a romantic singer frm pop singer…nd

Pragya’s pov…
Today really I am nt all intrstd to attend tht rock show bcoz I am nvr intrstd in any music except of his music…..nd a lovely smile formed again by remembering his name yaa u wanna know the reason yy here v go…tht day I saw him vry frst time in our lab nd guess wat I just flt tht fr the frst time I am cing the physique of LOVE infront of me haha if my frnd comes to knw diz thn she vil kill me tht I am using diz words wanna knw yy?? bcoz evry time she used to talk abt her love I always used to shook my head in disbelief in love nd tht too selfless. ..but I want to admittt it tht HE IS REASON ND BEAUTY BEHIND MY EVRY SMILE …..wait I vil tell u the reason …ven he saw me I think I was busy with work but ven he started to move towards me fr the frst time I flt someone’ presence nd I think he was abt to ask me smthng but my frnd’s to b hubby interrupted nd helped him but I flt tht my heart would pop out if I stay there fr a second more so while they r talking I just left frm there but I saw him nd the vry nxt moment my lips elaborated into a huge smile dont knw yy bcoz tht was opp to my nature bcoz being an incharge of tht session I always used to hide my smile frm evryone but wat I did tht day was sooo strange I smiled at him nd fr the frst time I flt tht smthng lyk LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT EXISTS IN DIZ WORLD nd I just hidden myself behind the pillar nd saw his sweet eyes searching fr me nd frm thn my SMILE journey continued nd tht was my language to xpress my love fr him nd tht night too I hidden myself behind the tree ven I saw him frm my window nd went there to njoy his music..nd dont knw yy I mostly used to avoid music formerly but eho knows tht would bcome the reason behind my evry smile nd yaa I kpt on smiling throughout he cmpltd nd vent frm there …nd

Abhi’s pov..
nd I stringed my guitar in diff melody form but all through the while I flt smebody watching me nd I knew its her bcoz ven I saw her behind the pillar nd smiling I saw her sparkling eyes staring me but she didnt noticed me tht I hv already noticed her! nd ven I was playing guitar nd singing her face had a constant lovely smile although I was facing my back to her the sparkle frm her smile directly had striken my heart nd frm thn I daily used to sing there fr the last 12 days nd MUSIC was my language to xpress my love fr her ….nd

Prag’s pov..
nd he daily used to come to lake side where I sit fr smetime fr njoying the cool nature in tht forest as I could miss it after 13 days after my project cmpltn nd he daily visited there nd always used to hide himself behind the rock over there nd I could feel his presence in tht cool nature nd his presence always made it super cool fr me.. nd I knew he was staring at me all the while though I was facing my back to him the sweet nd lovely rays frm his eyes had always straightly hit my heart ….but I wanted him to come infront of me by himself nt bcoz of ego but I just wanted him to gv me tht million dollar charged flng which would b eternal soo I nvr disturbed him in his staring indeed I njoyed it a lot nd all alone there me nd him nd the cool nature was there fr 12 days nd SILENCE WAS OUR LANGUAGE THN he use to stand silently nd stare me nd I used to smile without his knowledge nd….I really didnt expected tht he would leave frm there without cmng infront of me… I thought to go Infront of him on the last day but he lft..firstly I flt bad fr it but thn I was happy tht I dont want to blame anything may b he would hv his own reason but the flng which he had given me in those days was eternal nd I am happy now though I dont knw any thing abt him nt evn his name his identity still I am in love with his love language fr me .It has been 4 months by nw till he left frm there where as I to came back to city after tht project I am happy still bcoz where he would b my heart says he is happy nd fr tht wat I am happy bcoz according to me Happiness is nt nly wat v share with our loved ones but indeed finding happiness in theirs .So I am happy bcoz my heart says tht he was happy nd u may thnk tht hw my heart knows ofcourse yy not the language btwn his heart nd mine’s was SILENCE so I got through it but today tanu yaa my frnd tanu on whom I used to mock at love lectures wanted me to go with her fr sme rock concert nd my other frnd do u remember the one who helped him ya tht fellow my frnd’s to b hubby in 2 dats more wanted me to go with thm so I couldn’t oppose my frnds naa so come lets c wat happens in concert nd I seriously dont knw whose concert it is??..but I always wished tht he would string his guitar infront of me so tht I could I njoy it with my language of love but still I recorded all his songs which he sung on those days nd I njoy it daily with my love language…

Abhi’s pov..
nd tht girl daily used to come to the tree to njoy my music nd to my surprise I hv composed 12 songs of my own by thn nd daily she used to hide herself behind the tree nd always maintance her smile throughout my music nd I wanted her to cme infront of me I knw tht she also knw abt my presrnce ovr the lakeside but still I wanted her to come infront of me frst nt bcoz of ego but bcoz of tht sparkling eyes tht I shld c ven she herself comes infront of me nd I always wished tht I shall gv a performance fr her in a concert by standing infront of her nd she maintaining her smile nd in these days though v didnt spoke anything yo each other my heart had spoken a lot with hers bcoz SILENCE was their language….but I thought to go infront of her but ven I came to knw abt her engagement with other guy I was shocked nd left frm there bcoz it hurted me frst but later I realised tht I am happy fr her nd I dont want to blame destiny r fate fr dizz watevr if she us happy with tht life thn I am double happy fr her .her memories nd her million dollar smile is enough fr me live rest of the life but I vil b loving her till my end bcoz Love is Not Being with eachother but indeed BEING IN EACH OTHER nd I knw her heart contains me smewhere in it so I am happy fr tht …. kkk come I am getting late lets rock in the concert ….

Abhi was ready to string the guitar as he was facing back to audience he again flt tht sparks of smile striking his heart nd ya thn he saw she was standing there with a huge nd sweet smile in her face xpressing her love fr him nd immediately he replied fr her language of LOVE (smile) with his language of LOVE (music) nd thn both of their wishes came true he stringed the guitar infront of her singing VALENTINE MASHUP 2014 nd she njoyed it with smile.the performance got over nd both of thm moved towards each other nd dizz time both of thm were smiling at each other nd ven pragya was abt to say smthng he saud CONGRATS!!! Pragya in a confused manner askd congrats! ! fr wat?? thn before he could reply v interrupted thm with our laughter nd ya its us who arranged it to make thm unite V Takhil proud to b the frnds of ABHIGYA bcoz their view of love is selfless nd pure nt childish lyk ours uu ppl may b thinking y abhi left frm there?? wait let us answer uu actually v both r engaged vrn these two met over there nd one day he askd abt pragya ( nw nly abhi came to know her name nd pragya in the concert bcoz all r cheering up Abhi..Abhi..) by tht time he described her as chashmish so thn my to b wifey was wearing her specs so I said him abt our engagement but he understood it in other way nd thts yy he left frm there. But my wifey had found pragya smiling always listening to his songs which she recorded nd thn askd me( nikhil) to find her frnds love so did I bcoz she is my frnd too so thn by help of his (abhi) frnd v had found tht he ( ahhi) still loves her thn v understood their pure love though he left without cmng infront of her she nvr blamed him always loved him …nd he although he knew tht vil b married by nw still he is loving her nd thts yyy their love won nd ven v both ( takhil) askd abt diz frm them listen wat they said…

ABHIGYA pov…..
Do u ppl wanna knw yyy v loved each other though v didnt had any strong base thn no no our love has base u wanna know wat it is thn ITS OUR TRUST ND HAPPINESS fr each other though both of us r diff in many aspects v r same in REFLECTION yaa her love reflects me nd my love reflects her nd v had many languages fr Love that is SMS-Smile (is her language) M-Music (is his language) S-Silence (is our language) of LOVE .Though I knew tht she vil nt b mine but still I loved her bcoz I nvr xpected anything frm her bcoz my love id selfless fr her nd though he left me without informing I still loved him bcoz I nly knw to love him nthng else nd thts yyy ppl call our Love as SELFLESS LOVE bcoz selfless nd pure love can evn defeat the fate bcoz it nvr fails.So guys love selflessly, live eternally, laugh insanely.Evrybody vil hv their own language of LOVE but b sure tht ur language reaches ur loved ones.It may b a lovely smile, warm hug, or a sweet kiss b sure ur language nvr hurts ur loved ones.Thts it guys…V abhigya signing off now kerp loving keep caring nd keep rocking guys..byeee

Hope all u guys liked it.If u guys loved it at any point thn lemme knw abt ur language of LOVE nd if Silence is ur language guys plzz b sure it reaches me bcoz I vil waiting fr ur replies nd thnxx a lott fr whoever supported me in my previous update hope u vil support in diz too nd srry if there r any mistakes nd srry I wasted any of urs time bcoz time, lovend tears r more precious nly spend thm to ur loved ones..kk guys keep loving stay blessed nd love uu all

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  1. Maya

    Suga’s Pov
    I knew Maahi is awesome writer thr her awesome comments for me! I am now eagerly expecting for more OS from her….no matter when it comes I will always read it and enjoy it to the core!

    Now back to my comment…its such an wonderful OS…my time was not wasted and I am really happy that u fulfilled my request MM…silence is also my favourite language which I think is the most beautiful language to learn! Its just my thoughts….and ur SMS concept is too great yr! Really great??

    1. Maahi

      IB thts soooo sweeet of uuu dr nd I am glad nw atleast I tried to fulfill ur wish soooo here my language fr my love to uuu is SMS nd yaa lovely hug sweet kiss muaahhh nd thnxxxx again fr ur awesome cmmnt thnx fr supporting dr MAYA ROCKZZZZ haha awesome writer haa no dr I am just a lame writer scribbling watevr I got in mind but ur love ruling my world nw nd yaa I agree with uu tht SILENCE SPEAKS BTTR THAN WORDS thnx again dr I am on cloudnine lv uuuu u

  2. Lovely OS yaar…its really superb n explained the language of love in best way…

    1. Maahi

      durga thnx a lottt fr ur lovely cmmnt dr humbled

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Truly Different….. Loved it YAAR……….I am Expecting More OS from U……….Its Sooooo Lovely…………& About LANGUAGE OF LOVE……..My Favourite is Also SILENCE……. BCoZ, SILENCE SPEAKS A LOTTT IN SOME SITUATIONS……… That’s Something Interesting… to Learn……..Such a Beautiful OS!!! I Loved it………..

    1. Maahi

      Reshu thnx a lotttt fr ur Lovely cmmnt dr nd ya mine to same language hifi fr tht loads of love

  4. Amazing so

    1. Maahi

      thnq uu fr ur amazing cmmnt dr glad u found it amazing

    1. Maahi

      haha husky yy r u muted dr is this ur language of LOVE if sooo I am soo glad yaar

  5. Wasted? Really? This one is so best! ???????????? i really loved it to core! Each word each sentence had it’s own magic! Seriously it was so awesome ,so marvellous! So wonderful! Dil chura liyea ladki tu ne ?? kuch kahoon toh yeh hee kehna hai k you write in amazing way! I loved it so much! Each of your writing gets me like this ????????????????

    1. Maahi

      arey yaar somu tht nxt two cmmnts was my reply fr ur support but it posted wrongly hope u vil nt mind it dr but again thnx a lottt fr ur amazing cmmnt dr

    2. Maahi

      arey somu yaar mei na apni mobile ko Volvo bus ki neechei rakhna chahungi u knw wat I am really unable to msg uu privately but I dont knw the reason yyy TU is nt accepting it I saw ur msg but my reply is nt reaching omg GWM yaar no dr u feel tht bcoz uuu rrr tooo crazyyyyyyy dr

  6. Vaishali

    awesome maahi dii it was unbeleivable superbb dii it was so so so amazing dii loved it to the core no words to say just one word”hats off to u keep rocking” love u loadzzdii

    1. Maahi

      vaishu thnx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr ur amazing sweet nd lovely cmmnt I am soo glad loads of love dr

  7. Maahi

    somu a cmmnt frm u vil always mean a lottt fr me nd dr thnx fr ur amazing cmmnt nd marvelous support loads of love SS nd yaar cmng to time issue I just thought soo so nly told lyk tht but I am glad tht ur time nt wasted dr nd yaar dil chura kei bhi karoongi kya kyoki mera dil tho tumne bahuth pehlehi churaliya I am cloudnine nw by cing cmmnt lv uuu dr keep rocking SS

    1. Ayee tera comment na teray OS ki tarah super duper hit hai! ?? And the next thing is if you are saying me Somu you have to take care of 3 things!
      1: Don’t you ever dare to say Sorry!
      2: don’t you ever dare to say Thanks!
      3: Don’t you ever dare to say sorry and thanks! ? Got It?

      1. Maahi

        haha kkk somu dr I agree to all the terms nd conditions frm nw no thnx no srry nd no srry nd thnx but ur a star dr lv uuu a lotttttttttttttttttt bcoz all is fair in frndsp in war naa

  8. Maahi

    arey yaar somu srry cmmnt galath jagah pei post hogayi but dr thnxxx again a lotttttttttttttttttt fr ur amazing support dr keep rocking dr loads of love

  9. You are such a beautiful writer I loved it awesome os

    1. Maahi

      monesha dr thnqq uu so much fr ur Lovely cmmnt glad u lykd it

  10. superpbbb yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………………..i really loved it

    1. Maahi

      thnq uu nannu fr ur lovely cmmnt

  11. Dnt evr dare to say waste again?its awesome??

    1. Maahi

      haha kk saru I nvr dare again thnq uuu dr fr finding it awesome I am glad lv u

  12. Really superb.mind blowing abhigya also ssme in nature.

    1. Maahi

      thnq uuu dr fr ur sweet cmmnt

  13. Umaaaaaaah wht an os na girl n haan dr ur concept deals with the real fact dr n i really lovd it to the core my dr frnd n lathi i gave u frnd req dr

  14. Maahi

    thnx a lottt dr fr ur cute cmmnt nd ohh u send me haa kk thn I vil check it out dr muaahhhhhhh loads of love

  15. Krish

    wow yaarrr tats turely Awesomeeeee yaarr i loved it to te core…………..u r just amazng yaar waintng fr many OS frm u,…………….

    1. Maahi

      arey yaar krish yy srry fr diz actually I am also srry fr late reply just nw returned frm clg but I am soo glad tht u liked it thnx a lottt fr ur awesome cmmnt

  16. Krish

    nd srrrrryyyyy fr te late cmnt yaarrrr……….

  17. I’m very sorry for the late comment. So to tell about this os thus is the best!!! Awesome!!! So lovely!!!!

    1. Maahi

      yaar u tell me as frnd but ur breaking frndsp rules haa no srry nd no thnx btwn frnds I am glad tht u liked it dr thnx fr ur awesome cmmnt loads of love

  18. Riyashri

    First of All ….I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    SORRY…..SORRY……SORRY……SORRY…SORRY…………..for the late comment Maahi Di…..
    Please do forgive your Little sis ……..
    This OS is Excellently Written…………..U hav become A Very Special Writer To Me !!
    U convey things that r Astonishing to the core in A Simple …Cute…Sweet manner !!!! That’s the special feature in u that attracts me more and more…..
    SMS Smile Music Silence…… Unimaginable Thoughts……Seriously I really don’t know what to tell….It looks like u r unknowingly indicating about me through that Short Form …I am a Silent person who loves & lives with Music all the time and u can see one thing for sure in me …..Even in my toughest situation I would never forget to Smile……….
    And this line ….”Love Selflessly……Live Eternally….Laugh Insanely ……”I would never ever forget you and this line!!!
    U r The Beautiful Person in the Whole Wide World….U can think I am just telling these……….But the fact is that the each and every word that I use to comment or tell will be Whole Heartedly coming from my heart……….
    Now U hav become A Memorable Person Of My Heart !!!
    Keep Writing More and More !!! Rock Your World !! Hav A Bright Future !! Stay Blessed Forever ……Keep Smiling and Live Happy Forever and Ever….
    Love u Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much …More than anything ……..Will be Loving too………….
    A Promise from your Honey….I would surely read all your further writings…and will support u always…..even comment Whole Heartedly and that gives me Immense Pleasure too….
    Love u Maahi Di…….
    Take Care !
    Really very sorry for the late comment….

    1. Maahi

      arey yaar honey first of all tell me tht u call me dii thn ur saying srry haa soo mean riyu nt done haa I agree tht I am waiting fr my boss thought abt a part of my worship fr her but u knw wat buddhu boss nvr says srry soo u bttr remember it dr nd I am soooo glad tht SMS resembles uuu bcoz its my reflection tooo nd yaar maintain ur smile throughout ur life bcoz smile is the best thing with which v can overcome anything nd remember evrytime u smile tht sweet rays of ur smile will strike my heart sweetly soo keep smiling nd thnxxx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr ur sweet nd cute support dr I lvd it a lotttttttttttttttttt nd dr U VIL B MY SWEET SISSY FR EVR AND EVR AND AN AMAZING STAR TOO nd u knw wat PRIYUU–RIYUU vil b my eternal sissy’s frever loads of love hv a wonderful future too dr UU ROCK nd boss may b I vil come with my nxt part of worship soon as I am off frm clg fr one day hope u vil lyk tht too dr take care nd srry I cant msg u in TU privately sme technical prblm they r nt accepting it hope u vil understand diz di do u jv any other social media accnt dr

      1. Riyashri

        Di Can I know who is priyuu??

  19. Riyashri

    That’s really so sweet of u MBBS (Maahi The Bescomoto…Bestriter…Stubbeen….)
    I hav really gone crazy …… And yes I would always keep smiling and pass my sweet rays of my smile to your heart ….And That would make u Live Long Healthy and Happy Forever…….
    I am really greatful to hav such a Cute and Lovely Sis/Frnd like My Stubbeen…..
    I can understand and hope the issue gets solved soon so that I could be in touch with my sweet sis often…..I hav created one recently in Insta especially for My Dear Sis …And The fact that I do not know what to do after that….Ha….Ha…Ha…..

  20. Maahi

    haha MBBS haa uuu crazyyy girl ur sooooo crazyyyy lyk anything but sweet name nd ur a genius in naming others nd yaar priyu is my cousin but v both r bonded lyk anything tht girl dies fr me nd I live fr her but nw I got one more sissy fr me thts my sweet honey cum riyuuu cum cutie u both vil b heartbeats haha lv uuu dr u hv insta haa I had it but recently quitted fr some reasons but I hv fb, twitter, nd watsup nd hike dr but I hope my issue gets clear soon actually I am trying to reply but its saying tht server doesn’t support itseems dont knw yyy but thts so sweeet talking to uuu keep Rocking my cutie

  21. Maahi

    ayoo riyu its again posted somewhere at bottom but I replied tht to uu haha TTU wat to do with dizz god save me

  22. Don’t worry God ji will save my cutie pie stubbeen from all the problems…then this issue is jujupi !!! And u r making me love u more and more di ……………… So don’t worry I would create one in all social networking sites and would let u know….

    1. Maahi

      arey honey thts soo sweet of uuuu nd dr I vil meet u soon with my other part of worship boss till thn byeee honey take care loads of love

  23. Hii dr… am ur big big big fan of urs.. frst of all congrats u hav done a grt job… thnku fr writing ths OS… i jst read the OS of urs it was jst soo gd nd astounding…. tht i put i dwn nd appreciated it nd U dr… thr r soooo many authors evry1 has thr peculiar style of writing bt ur style is diff nd i liked it nd lovvvveeeeddddddd it alottttt… dr pls continue ths ha…. nw waiting fr ur anthr TS dr…… keep rocking nd make us rock dr by reading urs….. loveeeeeee uuuuu dr

  24. Maahi

    poojuuuuuuuuu thts sooooo sweeeeeeeet of u omg ur my fan haa nvr u just nly be my frnd nd thnxxxxxxx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr lvng it I am on cloudnine now yaar ur cmmnt made my rocking world more spcl nd thnq uuu fr ur love nd amazing cmmnt nd ya if time permitts I vil b back with sme other OS dr nd LV UUUUUUUUU TOOOO

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