Heloooooo !!!!!?

Im back with very short Os…?

Sanskar was complaining someone on his phone and our cute swara heard it…..

Lets peep what he is narrating!!!

Tring tring….??

Sans : hello

Os : dude whats happening???

Sans : fogg happening!!!

Os : semma machan!!(wow dude)

Sans: vaai la nalla vandhurum!! Poiru da!! ( I will speak something badly!! Just go away!!)

Os : cool dude!!!

Sans: For past 2 days I am calling u!!
” U dont have time to attend my phone calls r even txt me!!!”

Os : Actually I was busy in handling a deal. bcz of my staff carelessness I might have  lost the deal….  Thank god !! I rectified the Error….
“Okieww now tell me!! whats the problem??”

Sans: Everything is problem in my life!!

Os : haha what did u do??

Sans: I did not do anything!! Ur asking me as if  I have committed a crime??

Os : yeah!! Cut the crap

Sans :” IS SMILING A CRIME !!!! ”

Os : Its not  big deal!!! But tell me at whom did u smile??

Sans : stayed calm…

Os : come on!! speak up idiot!!!

Sans: left his breath out (Inhale!! Exhale!!)

Os : sanskar no one is asking u to perform breathing exercise over mobile phone…

Sans : Actually!!!! Before i tell u the incident plz teach ur sister some values !!! Its offence to  torture ur husband….
It’s domestic violence!!!!!!

Os : haha !!!! Im damn sure, u might have commited a big crime or else my sherni wont pound on ur flesh !!!

Sans: haan send ur sherni to zoo instead of keeping it in house…

Os : hey fraud!!! Enna da panna??( what did u do??)

Sans : ur sis, turned my life into hell( sanskar was sobbing on the phone playfully)

Os : ok come to the point!!

Sans : Actually we had our lunch at restaurant. By mistake i kept the car key on the table. So swara told me to wait outside the restaurtant and she will be getting the keys!!!

I was standing outside gazing the traffic and ppl emerging out from opposite shop..

A girl at swara’s age came out of the shop and she looked at my face!! I was wondering was she looking at me…

Next minute she gave me a beautiful smile!!!

When someone is smiling at us !! Its courtesy to smile at them back….

I too did the same!!!!

But that smile turned to be my villain of the story!!

Os : was laughing like hell… One minute sanskar!!!

Sans : okiee i will stay silent…

Os : hahahahahahahahaha

Sans : shut ur filthy mouth or else i have back up plan to trap u…

Os : ok ok im controlling…

Sans : wait i havent started the drama yet!!!

Os : continue!!!

Sans : The stranger girl left the place and i found swara standing behind me… I gave her million dollar smile, she just ignored it…

I though!! may be mood swing!!!!

We reached our house….  We took some nap..

Evening :
At hall:

“Swara can u bring me a cup of coffee!!”

A tumbler was flying out of the kitchen in jet speed men!!!!!

Thank god i noticed it or else my fore head wound have got a small lump.. size as coin or a cut !!! Imagine me i would be looking like thief….

Os : haha poor soul…

Sans: It was just a teaser!!!

Next came a pan came flying as UNO spaceship..


Fell on the floor!!!

Os : Grt escape men!!

Sans : yea from that devil

Os : r u addressing my sis as Devil???

Sans: Am i giving u Indirect speech !! Hell god, Im giving u direct part of speech… Ur sis a cute Devil….

Os : I will bury on the backyard…

Sans : Omg!!! I got stuck in serial killer family… Plz any one save me!!!

Os : oi drama bazz!!! Stop ur monkey activity.. Continue the story..

Sans : Alas at Night my lil baby stomach slept empty…. Asshhhhhh it was growling..

Os : poor rats!!!

Sans : let u tongue, rot in hell…. Ur bothering for rats ….. What about me idiot!!

Os : my sis will take care of u!!

Sans : That devil!!!! She would eat me alive

Os : One more word illegal about my angel. I will rip ur tongue!!!

Sans : gosh zombie family….

Os : we are Kapoor family!!

Sans : My foot…

Os : what happen to ur foot???

Sans: serupu ( shoe)

Os: did u tell something..

Sans : nahiii

Os : okiee….

Sans : she made me sleep on the floor for two days

Os : what???

Sans : u heard it right men!!! Not even on the couch!!!!  I slept on the floor… My back was paining like hell

Os : shit !!!! Im pretty sure u might have suffered more…

Sans : yup dude!!!

Sans : Next day she woke me up using her feet kicking on my hard Abs…

Os : haha how is ur Abs now??

Sans : lil ok…

Os : haha….

Sans : laugh laugh !!! I will be waiting for my day!!!

Os : I am not mad person like u… I will do them perfectly without being caught!!

Sans : oh okiee!!!

Os : sans wait men…. My wifey is calling me…

Sans : May god bless u dude!!!

Os : Thank u !!! Wait , y ru wishing me…

Sans : u will get ur answer soon.. ( sanskar send the audio clip to laksh wife, what he was talking few minutes ago)

Os : bubye….

Sans : hanged the call but got a lump on his throat!!!! He gulped his saliva slowly!!!
Murmuring under his breath…. Spare me today god… Sure i will greet u with ladoos…

Swara : who was on the phone??

Sans : lucky aka laksh (bro of swara)

Swara – what u both were discussing??

Sans : about our new project…

Swara – oh !!!

Sans : ganapati papa u saved me…. Devil believed my lies…

Swara : what project??

Sans : hmmmmm….. Ha…… Ha i got it.. Flyover constructing contract…

Swara – oh where??

Sans:  kolkatta!!

Swara : but lucky is in mumbai!!

Sans : yeah..

Swara: so ru both planning to build flyover from kolkatta – Mumbai??

Sans : ganapati papa !! Ladoo cancel for u!!  Mummy  plz anyone save me from this  solicitor….

Swara : sanskar im waiting for ur answer!!
“she was looking at her tightly fisted palms which were ready to taste the blood from sanskar’s face”.

Sans : was rolling his eyes….

Swara!!!!!!!!! Cockroach….

Swara in a minute pondered on sanskar’s hip like a baby… Hiding her face on his neck…

Sans was laughing at her..

Swara : plz kill that insect…

Sans :  chu chu chu he was shouting at the cockroach.. Which was found to be no where. Bcz he played a prank..

Swara : has it died!!

Sans : no im searching for it!!

Swara : wt d hell!!!  Cant u do a single wrk properly Mr.sanskar???

Sans : This was enough for him… He dropped on the floor… Closing the door with huge thud…

Swara : bit her tongue since she did a madness.. Shit its really hard to convince him…

Sans was sitting in the garden enjoying the nature which was his stress buster…

Swara : sans darloo… Sweet heart…. My rasagulla!!!! My dairy milk silk…. My brownie….. My sweetooo… My hottiee..
My hubby……

Sans was not giving her a single sign…

Swara sat close to him… Putting his hands over her shoulder!!! She turned to face him?? His face was so close to her. Where her nose poked his cheek bone….

” my darloooo…. See me na!!”

Sans was enjoying her pacifying…

Swara : kissed on his cheek!!!

Sans was not responding….

Swara moved lil closer and gave peck on his forehead…

Sans was controlling….

Swara moved lil further and gave a kiss on his earlobe…

Sans was feeling heavenly…

Swara got irritated… Oi Mr. Hubby respond me… Or else i will …..

Sanskar grabbed her by waist tightly under her saree making swara gasp in shock…

Sans was winking at her…. Tell me what will u do???

“Saaaannssskkkaaarrrr leaveeee meeee,” swara was trying to free his grip…

Sans was tightening his grip and made her sit on his lap…

Sans gave sheepish smile and smashed his lips over swara’s plum lips….

Both were devoring eo lips perfectly synced….

Swara beat on sanskar’s shoulder due to his sudden kiss…

Sanskar gave her million dollar smile..

Swasan were holding eo arms which was perfectly moulded.. They spoke random things enjoying the beautiful Night shimmered with stars and gleeming moon….

Sans : Thank god my sherni forgot the SMILE war…..


A/N : It is simple os without any story.. Hope u like it..

Thank u for reading…..

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  1. Moon

    it was an mixture of simple ,funny story.
    i liked it very much

    1. Scooby

      Thank u so much ?? dr?

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    nyc dear

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    Amazing dear. Even sometime smile can be dangerous as in case of sanskar.

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      Haha yup a smile can change a person lofe?
      Thank u mars dr?

  7. I loved it yaar. When I was reading it my smile never faded on my face. This is a simple yet sweet one

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  8. ??????devil semma os……
    Pangu semmaiya njy pannepa ????

    1. Scooby

      Pangu namma devil gang la swara’vum add paniyatchu ??
      Thank u so much pangu??

  9. nice funny one

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  10. TanuLaksh

    It’s really very funny and sweet os….loved it…!!

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  14. funny and sweet os..

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  15. Asha

    Epadi akka epadi intha os ah elutha nenga……
    Ithai paduthavudanae.
    Ennai thangalathu sichiyai aga atru kolungal guru?????????????

    1. Scooby

      Oi enna kalaidha da?? enaku vekkam vekkam ah varudhu?? na un guru vah?? yaravudhu pathutu ena kevalama thita poranga!!!

      Nee dhn super ah eludhuva!!! ?
      Wr is ur stories???

      Thank u so much dr ?

      1. Kalaicha vekkam varuma??

  16. Gayathri.visu

    Semma OS!! Dialogues are awesome…Especially tamizh dialogue! Very funny n so sweet…

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    heheehee I am smiling till now
    so funny

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      Thank u so much dr??

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      Thank u so much dr??

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    So sweet

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  19. Its sooo cute swt and funny os dear..loved it soo made my day…sanlak convo was superb..and shona???? Pathishoshan poor sanky..
    Come with more shorts dear

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    Awsm Dr

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    Cute os.. ?
    I am thinking about laksh’s condition???

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      Haha ama poor boy laksh ?? may b getting beatings??
      Andha ponnu siruchadhuku sanskar thirumba siruchan… ? adhu thapa??

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  24. Abirsha

    Thala kalakita…. Sema po!!! Enaku romba pidichadadu!!! Full a sirichutey irunden…. Nalla vela amma pakathula illa ilati ena mental hospital sethu vitrupanga…. Super pangu!!!! starting ey semaya irunduchu!!!! Unala matum epdi machi ipdilam yosika mudiyuthu??? Nangalum adv pakrom ana ni correct a ada use panra kalakita machi…..???

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      Hahahha thank u so much shanuu?? nala velai nee mental hospital polla??

  25. loved it..

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    haha…very good and funny os

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