That smile!!!! OS (PROMO) ”EDKV ” by angel_pari



Hey guyz hru all…. Here i,m with os…
But first promo……

A big beautiful house is shown fully decorated…
Some party is gng on
a guyz place his first step at door and wind blows playing with his perfect hairs

(introducing sharvan malhothra )

suddenly a sweet laughter falls on his ears,,,unknowningly smile appears at his lips and he moves his eyes to look for that sweet laughter

and he caught a glance of angel wearing a white gown with curly hairs enjoying with her frnds

(introducing suman tiwari )

she also caught his veiw and their eyes meet!!!!!!!!

That was the first meet!!! Still some turns and twists will come…….

So should i continue?????

Give reviews and its a real story so obvio unexpected things are in it……..

Give ur reviews

and yeah how many of u r on twitter????

Pm me ur user names i would love to contact u….

I just sign up…was thinking frm long time bt finally i did……..

Do tell han

lots of love

(avoid tyo and grammatical mistakes)

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  1. ??
    I thought to sleep after reading this is…
    But its just intro..??but..its..OK…
    Its so gud..continue????
    Im not in twitter…
    And ha..that’s gud u stepped in twitter??

  2. awesome storyline
    please continue….

  3. Loved this intro. ?
    Post soonnnnnnn
    And real story ?
    Anyway take care ?

  4. Awesome intro keep going
    Waiting eagerly for this os and the next part of ur ff

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Angel api love this one ???
    Nd real storyyy .. whoah !!!! Seems interestinggggg …???
    Nd m not on Twitter ..
    Btw post soon .
    Take care ..

  6. Ariana

    Y do u ask whether u should carry or not? There should b no possibilities of not getting the OS. If u don’t post it, I’ll start crying. Do u want that? I guess no. Don’t u love me? I’m dying to read it. Can’t wait. So pls pls pls pls post asap nd make me even smile.
    Btw sorry not on twitter
    Love love love
    huggies n kissies
    take care

  7. Nikita

    Do continue this!
    It’s beautiful..
    And I’m on twitter!
    You can search @NiksterCreation
    That’s me.. My dp is of ShraMan,Preeti Bhoj wala..

  8. Intro is awsm please post nxt part asap:-D

  9. WeirdSister

    Great….sounds interesting…
    If u don’t mind me telling it…is it ur story?
    Anyway love u…
    Take care.

  10. WeirdSister

    Oops…I forgot to tell u…
    I m not on twitter…!

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