Smile by Amore (Chapter 9)


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Chappy 9
I’ve heard this ringtone somewhere… but… wh..where?? (Widens his eyes in shock) SHHITTTTT.. HECKK.. IS IT HIM? NO..NO NO… HE CAN’T BE HERE… HE DOESN’T KNOW THIS PLACE…
The door opens up flung and he turns to see the person but freezes with shock seeing much unexpected person standing there.
(His monologue)


Monologue ends
Alex was shocked to see NATURE there. (hehe hima what a guess :D)
Nature enters the room and gazes Smile… his heart sank seeing the most painful scene i.e. Smile giving painful expression. She meets his gaze and turns her face immediately composing herself from breaking. He was pained to see her so devastated.

Nature’s PoV

I entered the captivated room only to be welcomed by my devastated love, my life; my Smile. She instantly turned her head not to face me and to control her breakdown. She has become a stone and emotionless from past 8 years. She never shed a single tear during these years and let the fire of revenge increase within herself.

I suddenly went to our past. The day I met her was 12 January 2006; 10 years back. Our casual meet turned my interest into passion. I got to know about her after we became good friends. My respect was at peak for her and my love for her had no boundary. I proposed her and she rejected me in a most polite manner. I didn’t force her. I told her that I will never force her and will always be by her side. I didn’t expect her agreement as the matter of fact as I knew about her and Alex. Our campaign ended earlier than it was suppose and that was the last time I saw her smile. She called me after a week and I saw a new Smile.
Nature’s PoV ends with a call on his cell and he goes out to lift it.
Nature: Hey! Did you find anything there?

OS: No sir we are unable to trace Shinda’s hidden property. It has literally gone missing with no leftovers.
Nature: Okay! (Sigh audibly) Carry on guys. Try to trace Shinda’s hidden treasure for today. He must have used it.
OS: Probably sir! We got evidence that support this theory.
Nature: Okay! Then close the case of SHINDA NAKH. We won’t waste our time on him now. (And cuts the all)

Alex who followed him is shocked, Nature smiles at Alex’s expression and politely tells him not to stare him and go to Smile see what she was doing?
Alex’s Monologue:- What is all this happening? How he knows about Shinda’s whereabouts? Why did he tell his officers to close the case? URGHHH!!! It’s so confusing like hell. I have no idea of all these happenings URGHH!! (Calming himself) I think I better calm down and be with the flow. (Confidently and proudly) My Smile will never do wrong in any case.
Monologue ends

With this he goes back to captivated room and Nature heads towards another room. He enters the room and take a box out from the cupboard.

How is it???
What is in the box???
Think think.

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  1. Sweetie

    Amore..Girl!!It’s too good..I think Nature knew about Smile’s adventures,so only he told the other officer to close the case.. 🙂 Waiting for next..Stay blessed and lots of love.. 🙂

    1. Amore

      Let’s see what he knows and how much…

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