Smile by Amore (Chapter 8)


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Hey sweetie don’t worry I won’t stop it mid way. Some of my friends told me to stop it as it is really annoying story. But I can’t insult my work like that. I will complete it but won’t write long. But I won’t cut my chappies and it’s just for you as you have always made me feel like soooo good. Your responses make me feel so happy. So I will not cut the chaps but yeah I won’t add more twists.
Dear hima it depends on majority. And I have been personally told to wrap it up so I will but don’t worry I will wrap it after finishing it. Let’s just hope people will like my upcoming chappies.
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Chappy 8
Alex: Smile! Here he is. (Dragging unconscious Shinda tied in chains). Nature was with his team outside the court. It was so difficult to bring this ba*tard with HIS presence. But we did.
Smile: Thanks Alex. You’ve done a lot. Leave him upon me now. I’ll take good care of him. I even have my scores to settle with him too.
This was when Alex saw pain, fury, rage, anger, repugnance on Smile’s face together at once. Yes, she was disgusted to see the man who could gain his conscious anytime. Smile was shivering with anger. She moved towards Shinda and hit him hard. Alex got scared watching her anger. He was even shocked to see Smile hitting unconscious Shinda. Alex stopped uncontrollable Smile who was bewildered to see her rage which he never saw these years. Her eyes were emitting fire. Her pique was really dangerous and viperous.
Alex’s monologue
What is it?? What the hell is it all??? I know she wants to torture him but… but I’m unable to get her doing. She is angry as if she has not let her anger out for long but how is it possible?? I have seen her pouring her anger from past 7 years. I have seen when she destroyed his brothers and even Shinda himself was victim of her wrath since 6 years. She destroyed them completely. Their career, pride, name, empire… She finished his legacy yet her anger has another spark. Is there something I am unaware of?? I don’t know but I do feel that.
End of monologue
Before he could understand anything she took tools and started drilling wall. Then she fixed Shinda on the wall remembering her past. Her parlous ire was clearly visible on her face that didn’t go unnoticed by Alex. NOW THE SHINDA NAKH WAS PASTED TO THE WALL IN SUCH A WAY THAT HE COULDN’T EVEN MOVE. His hands and legs were tied with separate chains separating his hands and legs. A chain was even tied on his waist to make him still for his movement.
Alex: What to do now?
Smile: I’ll do now but yeah don’t tell Nature about him he will get tensed. (Alex nodded)
Alex’s POV
I know Smile you don’t want bro to be in dilemma. He is a devoted officer and you don’t want to make him feel as a traitor. I seriously respect you guys for your eternal goodness (smiles).
POV ends
His thoughts was broken by a music…a ringtone
I’ve heard this ringtone somewhere… but… wh..where?? (Widens his eyes in shock) SHHITTTTT.. DEEP SHIT.. IS IT HIM? NO..NO NO… HE CAN’T BE HERE… HE DOESN’T KNOW THIS PLACE…
The door opens up flung and he turns to see the person but freezes with shock seeing very unexpected person standing there.
(His monologue)

Umhmmm done with this one too
How is the chappy??
Who is the one on the door? Guess guess… hehehe

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  1. Oh!!suspense suspense.. Its Nature? Isnt it?Smile has this much revenge? Strong it was short .pls updt asap..

    1. Amore

      lets see hima

  2. Sweetie

    Hi Amore..How are you girl??Thank you so much for not editing the story.. 🙂 Of course,you shouldn’t insult your work for others dear.. 😀 About the episode,it was awesome as always..I don’t think it’s Nature who is at the door or is he??God!!Kya yaar,suspence pe chod diya,no fair.. 🙁 Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and lots of love.. 🙂

    1. Amore

      Hahaha thanks dear 😀

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