Smile by Amore (Chapter 5)


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flashback continues on POVs…

Smile was sitting inside a room which was mentioned as captivated room. Her eyes were closed and she was having emotionless face and sitting lost in her own world. She was going back to the day when she was destroyed and her world turned upside down.
Smile’s POV
I was living a good life. After I was rescued by Mother Lara I got good life. I never then went to my parents either too see or to meet them. I was disgusted by them. Whenever I would hear about them I would remember those brutal 6 years. I could hear my own screams of those days and nights when I was tormented.
Alex was always my breath. We were together since childhood. He loved me since then. He was the one who accepted me after I was rescued. He stood by me every time. When I was termed as characterless he would bash them. Even when he supported me I use to feel disgusted within. I was still in trauma.
That is when I met Nature. He gave me a hope to be happy. I met him during my NGO’s program. He was among the security team. We became good friends. I was always aware of his inclination towards me but it is not good for me to think about him like that. I was shocked when he proposed me to marry him to which I refused and he accepted my decision saying he will never force his feelings on me. I was happy as well as sad as I was losing such a partner but I had no option as I can’t cheat Alex.
Pov ends

Alex’s POV
It was the day of celebration. As it was Smile’s birthday. Mother Lara had invited Nakh brothers’. Shinda Nakh – eldest one, a politician
Nashid Nakh – second one, a police officer
Indash Nakh – third one, a businessman
Ashdin Nakh – youngest one, a social worker
These four brothers’ were well known personalities. We were happy as they accepted to visit our orphanage in such a big day. This day was not only Smile’s birthday but also 10th anniversary of our orphanage; ORPHANAGE CARE.
Being well known personalities they were welcomed and greeted by all of us. We showed them our home; our orphanage. We were beyond happy after their arrival as we got to know that they will help us to upgrade our orphanage. In fact many children were adopted after their visit.
Mother Lara was really happy and her happiness doubled when Smile told about her NGO. She let her go in her 2 year campaign. Smile was really happy when she told us that she is going to climb a step fulfill her dream. I was happy but tensed as well. Happy as she was about to fulfill her dream and sad as she was going away from me…

Being big personalities Nakh brothers were welcomed heart fully. In fact they brought happiness with themselves in the ‘Care Orphanage’. Mother Lara was really happy as after their arrival many kids were adopted. Yes, her babies were getting parents. Many children got parents; many girls got job offers with residential facilities. Every child getting good life made mother beyond happy who was actually unaware of the Nakh brothers’ real face. She was unaware of the fact that the brothers’ were actually wolves in disguise of humans.

After adoption of 15 kids their faces were revealed. They actually use to smuggle kids to other countries. Ashdin use to find the innocents in the name of social work, Nashid use to clear the case from police dept, Indash use to smuggle the kids and girls whereas Shinda was the head and he would shelter them with his political power.

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  1. Sweetie

    Hi Amore..Episode is superb dear..??So Smile has feelings for Nature,but unable to accept him because of Alex..God!!Nakh brothers’ are human traffickers..I just want to kill such people yaar..?Yayy!!!2 or 3 days..Lovely..Waiting for the 3 days to complete quickly then.. 😀
    Thank you so much for those lovely words for my shot series dear..There is absolutely no problem if you are not able to comment,I’m really happy to know you read them and loved them.. 🙂 RaNeSam are crazy kids you see and I’m glad to know you loved the way Arjun was made fool by them.. 😀
    Stay blessed and lots of love..?

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