Smile by Amore (Chapter 4)

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Chappy 4

Nature stumbled hearing Alex’s tone. He was scared to death as he knew what Alex can ask. He was aware of Alex’s jealousy and insecurity towards NILE (Nature and smILE)’s relation. He was terrified to even think of forgetting Smile. She was his love of life. She was his inspiration. But if Alex asks him to leave her then he will have to stay away from her. He had no one except SMEX (SMile and alEX) as his own. One was his life and other was his breath. And he was praying that Alex don’t ask him to live HIS SMILE, coz if he asks him to do so he will be compelled to leave his life and choose his breath as he can’t stay without Alex.

Nature: Ye..yeh…yeah!! Yeah go on… (Breathing hitched in his throat) I’m listening.
Alex: Ummm… actually bro I was just saying what about that ummm… whom will you want to be with? What if someone ask your life from you????
Nature: (Trembling and shivering yet spoke composing) for me you come first Alex.
Alex: (Unable to demand stood speechless) hnmm… unmm… okkaaay got to go then.
Nature: (Releasing a breath of relief) yeah okay buddy bye.

Alex’s monologue: I couldn’t ask him to stay away I’m so worried what will happen next?

Nature’s monologue: Thank god he didn’t ask me… But what if he does today? How will I live without Smile if he asks me to choose between him and Smile?

Nature starts reminisce those days…

I suddenly went to our past when I and Smile met; it was 10 years back during a social campaign. Smile was the representative of her NGO; HOPE that had held a campaign to treat 10,000 people of Rama village and I was there as the security personnel with my team. HOPE was her NGO that she had opened on her own secretly as a tribute to her mother Lara (Mother of orphanage where she was brought up). Later we became friends and then I found a lot about her. I was really impressed with her. She had actually faced a lot. I had never seen such a courageous lady in my life. I still feel her to be the bravest girl I have met in my entire life. During the campaign I found out how dedicated she was. How lively she was. I gradually fell for her.

I still remember when I told her that I want to marry her she refused me saying that she don’t want her dark past to be a barrier for my bright future. I was really sad as she was so deeply affected when she was sold by her parents in her childhood. Mother Lara saved her and raised her up. She was in that hell for 6 years. She then told me how brutally she was beaten for running away. She used to cry remembering those days. She told me how those animals would throw money and abuse her every single time.

I knew what she wanted to say. I felt bad but then I was determined to bring her out of her dark past. I wanted her to forget all her past behind. I was really successful too as within 14 months I was able to make her open her heart. She was really happy… no… happier than ever.
That campaign had to last for 2 years but it got finished before 2 months. Although she didn’t accept my proposal we decided to remain friends. We exchanged our numbers and bid bye to each other promising to be in contact. She was really excited to return back as she was going to meet her mother after so long. She wanted to share good news to her mother about the success of the campaign. She was happy obvious of the dark shadow already covered her home; her orphanage.

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  1. Nice one Amore sis..actually i have read this ff from 1st part but because of exams i didnt commented..i really like ur story and names of your characters are ,nature..but I commented on ‘Hope ‘dear.for me its NILE..but as you wish..

  2. Sweetie

    Hi Amore..Thank you so much for updating yaar..Please update when you get time..?I want NILE as pair..I don’t know why but I’m inclined to NILE more than SMEX as a pair..

    Okay this is a selfish demand of mine..I’ve written this one shot and I’m giving the link below..Please do read it and share your views.. 🙂

    See you in the next update or your next OS..Till then bye and stay blessed..?

    1. Sweetie

      My bad I didn’t comment anything about the chapter.. 🙁 It was awesome..Smile did suffer a painful childhood..Loved NILE’s equation.. 😀 Now what is the shadow looming over her home?/Waiting for the next.. 🙂 Lots of love..❤

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