Smile by Amore (Chapter 17)


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Chapter 16
Chappy 17

Shinda’s PoV
As I opened my eyes I saw Smile in front of me… But.. how??? I was kidnapped by Grace wasn’t I??? Then it clicked me out SMILE IS GRACE… MAHNNN how could I miss it (smirks)… butttt waittt (widens his eyes in realization) is she the one who destroyed me??? DAMN SHE IS DANGEROUS… I still remember the condition of my brothers… They were completely destroyed. Nashid was caught in corruption, Indash was trapped for black money and Ashdin was cased for fraud. It was all done by her… I know they were trapped as we never kept black moneys with nor we do corruption openly and filing case for fraud was near to impossible as we brothers use to do everything cleanly… And after their destruction they were found in such a terrible state. Nashid was on the gutter with broken hands and legs. Indash was found near the cemetery half buried but alive and Ashdin was found hanging upside down in the banyan tree. All three were found unconscious or let’s say half dead…

They eventually died because no any doctor was willing to save them. I could not save my brothers. The multiple bruises all over their body were clear note to their torture… I came out of my memory lane when I realized that I was sweating profusely. I was shivering and sweating but couldn’t wipe my sweat because of the chains that were tied. I saw her face completely red in anger. Her hatred for me was visible through her eyes. Oh no! She is coming… THE SHINDA NAKH who is known as the terror himself is now shivering and terrorized. I could retrospect all my DEEDS and was waiting for my end. I was helpless for the first time. I closed my eyes in the fear when I was 20 seconds away from my end.

But! Wait!! I’M ALIVE??? LEAVE THAT I’M NOT FEELING ANY TOUCH… AM I PARALYSED??? OR AM I DEAD THAT I CANNOT FEEL ANYTHING… DAMN… (Himself) okay Shinda open your eyes and see are you alive or dead… c’mon, be fearless… I opened my eyes and saw something thwt left me dumbstruck…

I saw Smile shivering, her eyes were closed and she had rested her head backwards on the right shoulder of… (Widens his eyes when he saw nature)NATURE!!! He was holding her waist with a strong grip. He can control this Thunder??? She is herself a danger and Nature who is dangerous like hell and I was suffocated to see Nature with her.
I still remember how I disclosed Nature that we were siblings… The fierceness in his eyes shook me. That was the day I could see how dangerous he was. The way he faced me made me speechless. He knew who I was and he had come to make me understand that I was doing sin but I insulted him… He always tried to stop me and my brothers but we never paid a heed. That day was the last day I saw him as a brother because after that he was always an Assistant Chief of Police… He destroyed my brothers with the help of his power… My fear now had no boundary watching them together…

I saw Alex pale watching them and he approached towards them who were now in each other’s embrace. He called them repeatedly but they didn’t flinch a bit… That is when his eyes sparkled and he kept his hand over Nature’s shoulder and called him something like DB… I would have wondered about that word if I was sane now but I ignored as I was not in the state of my mind… Nature told him to take her inside but she rejected sternly… She moved her head towards Nature whose hand was over her waist his head was above her left shoulder by now. Their nose was inches apart and her chest was moving up and down due to heavy breath. Nature slowly released her and stood beside her. All three composed themselves stood straight facing me. I was shocked watching Nature’s control over Smile but somewhere I was showered in relief as Smile was in her senses which she was not sometimes back. I was now breathing a bit normal than before when it clicked me something… Was Alex SAME ALEX?????
PoV ends

NIleX (Nature, smile, aleX) saw towards Shinda who is watching them. Shinda saw them but what caught his attention was ALEX. He stared Alex differently and it was noticed by Nile. Nature covered Alex
Smile’s monologue:
You have destroyed everyone. I was destroyed then… AND NOW IT’S YOUR PAYBACK TIME …
Monologue ends
Nature’s Monologue

No Shinda; not this time. Today you will face Nature NOT YOUR BROTHER. You have done enough of harm to everyone AND NOW IT’S YOUR PAYBACK TIME.
Monologue ends
Alex’s Monologue
You think you will play your card but you don’t know that I’m no more that naïve Alex who went to you seeking help. You destroyed us AND NOW IT’S YOUR PAYBACK TIME.
Monologue ends
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    1. Amore

      Thank you dear!!! Keep on thinking and make an oil of your brain… And please provide me that so that i can use it on my head and bring new/new ideas..


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