Smile by Amore (Chapter 16)


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Guys someone questioned me and told that he is not getting what I want to deliver with my previous chappy. Probably most of you have got it so let me tell you what my previous chappy was about. The chappy was filled with consequences. Greed and jealousy are really powerful emotions. These can make you big but it is you who choose the way. These will eventually destroy your inner peace even if you turn out to be big.

We have the habit of feeling jealous by our siblings which is common but you should overcome this feeling. We can overcome this only of we listen to our conscience. If a child is doing something wrong then it is the duty of parents to bring them to a good path. If any child is shaped +vely then only she/he can differentiate between right and wrong. June was shaped –vely that is the reason her conscience could not take a proper decision. Jealousy grew so high that it took face of the greed and destroyed her.
These emotions overpower our good side that is why Nature had to suffer so badly. His expectation was not wrong but the way he was treated by June even though she had soft corner for the child; her emotions overpowered her that is the reason she was so harsh to Nature whom she was afraid to lose.

Dear sugar syrup… Get well soon my dear… hope to see you soon… I’ll miss you and pray that you come back again with the bang…

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Shinda’s PoV
I was feeling so tired… My eyes were closed giving me a dark view. I tried to open my eye-lids but DAMN MAHN ITS SO HEAVY. I’m feeling as if someone has kept a heavy load over my eyes. Gosh! My head… it’s paining like hell.
I tried to hold the back of my head but I cannot. There is something on my wrist… Not only there; but over my legs as well. It’s like a rope… no! It’s not that coz they are not so hard and cold. Heck Mann what the hell has happened to me, I’m feeling as if I’m in the air?? I opened my eyes really difficultly and then the realization hit me… I was destroyed… by some Grace… I must say Grace is so dangerous (Smiles like a creep) she must be tempting too… Ahhh! I just want to feel her. But I must say this woman is something she has turned me on even though I’ve not seen her ever… (My Pov – disgusting leech)

I saw SMILE… I was confused. She was expressionless. She is not the same Smile she used to be. That Smile was an epitome of emotions… Yes! I had noticed her when we first met. I always desired her but she rejected me… ME… THE SHINDA NAKH.
I still remember the day I saw her. I wanted her the very moment. But she; being a hard nut to crack made me do something that I never ever imagined to do. Just to impress her I donated money to those bl**dy orphanage. I tried so much but… NO! This was what she said when I proposed her to marry me… it was not that I loved her I just desired her but me being me; my ego was hurt. It was the time of elections that is why I had to be quiet otherwise she would have been under me the very same day within an hour. I even have to manage my reputation. I was getting success day by day. I and my brothers had recently been able to export 15 children from orphanage Care. OHH MANNN! That orphanage was so damn like a jackpot for me. Mother Lara… she was such a heaven…
PoV ends

Shinda smirks watching expressionless Smile as he got to know that Sire Grace is none other than Smile. But then again he recollects something and starts sweating profusely… THE SHINDA NAKH who is the second name of terror is now sweating in the month of January. He wanted to wipe the sweat on his forehead but he couldn’t pull his hands and then he realized that he was hanging… not actually hanging but pasted to the wall. His hands and legs were tied individually on either side by metallic belt-like object which was there tied around his waist too. He moved his head to confirm his confusion; he was pasted on the wall 1.5 feet up from the ground and was not even able to move his hands and leg. He could only move his head and what he saw next scared terrorized him more. Smile was approaching him with red eyes that were emitting fire. The look on her face made him remember all his deeds… EVIL DEEDS. She was moving like a lioness. He remembered the condition of his brothers and was trembling by now. There was hardly 1 foot left to cover by her when he closed his eyes in fear and waited for her trembling in fear. He could hear his own heartbeat and could feel the palpitation of his arteries. He waited and waited but when he was not thrashed like a shit even after 30 seconds he gathered courage and opened his eyes praying all these to be a dream… but to his bad luck it was not. Instead he saw something that shocked him.

He saw Smile shivering, her eyes were closed and she had rested her head backwards on the right shoulder of Nature who was holding her waist with a strong grip. Shinda knew how powerful Nature was and now he was scared like hell to see him controlling Smile; who was herself a danger. He was scared of Smile but he was now terrified to see Nature WITH HER
Smile was calmer than before. Alex saw them but was not in condition to react anything. It pained him to see her like this. Nature was controlling HIS Smile. He made them aware of the surrounding as Smile was breathing heavily and Nature was holding her tighter so that she don’t lose her control in her anger.
Alex: Bro?? (No response) Smile?? (Same)(He finally gets an idea)
Alex: DB! (He called nature keeping his hand on his left shoulder)
Nature: (Comes in sense and speaks sternly) take her with you bud. (Alex nodded)
Smile: (Opening her eyes with a jerk) NO! (Sternly)
She moved her head towards Nature whose hand was over her waist catching her protectively and HIS head was above her left shoulder by now. Their nose was inches apart and her chest was moving up and down due to heavy breath. Nature understood that she is normal now as she was not trembling. He slowly left her waist and stood beside her. All three composed themselves stood straight facing Shinda. Shinda was in relief as Nature controlled Smile and she was in her sense which she was not two minute back.
Smile saw towards Shinda (her monologue):
You have destroyed everyone. You destroyed me then; and now it’s a payback time…

Monologue ends

After Nature confronted June she regretted everything now. She was in turmoil. The sacrifice Lemure did for her shook her soul. She was disgusted with herself. Because of her jealousy and greed her sister who loved her the most was now lifeless. She was severely injured and was in coma and the baby died as the sharp knife had pierced her womb. That knife was not for her but she took it just for someone who envied her. June was dying out of guilt. She left the hospital and then collapsed on the road. A couple took her with them and admitted her to a hospital. They were good people and took care of her well. Doctor clearly told her that she must abort the baby otherwise it’ll be difficult for her to survive. If she would have been same June she might do that but no! She was changed. She now didn’t care for her life now. The woman who sold her own daughter for the power was nowhere on her now. Now she wanted to be good AT LEAST FOR ONCE. She wanted to redeem. The couple who took her to the hospital was childless. They had no child of them and they craved for it so June decided to do one good deed. Once she took away a child from her mother and now she wanted to give a child to a mother. She felt as if she will be able to redeem after that. She told them everything about her and her deeds. She was repenting which was clearly seen on her face.
Watching her condition they consoled her. They took her with themselves and took care of her till her delivery.
After delivery

June: Mrs. Waltz? (The woman comes and holds her hands) please! takes care of him… Make him a good man.. (Chokes) never let him take the path I took…
Mrs. Waltz: Don’t worry Ms. June. He is my child now. (June kisses the child’s forehead and cries)
Mr. Waltz: What will be his name him Miss?
June: (With tears) I don’t deserve to name him… He is your son… (Breathes heavily)You name him. I don’t want anything of mine to shadow him. This is my punishment of my deeds… What will be his name?? (She asks within her final breathing)
Mr. and Mrs. Waltz: We will name him which we wanted to name our child… He is ALEX JAKE WALTZ from now… (June smilingly spells A..L..E..X with love and breathes her last)… … …

Hehehe How is it????
Guys I feel June redeemed a lot and she was regretting so it would be unfair for her to die without even knowing her child’s name. However she was before but she deserved a chance to be happy at the end of her life. Whatever she was before… She was a mother who now understood the actual meaning of the word MOTHER…

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