Smile by Amore (Chapter 15)

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Chappy 15
Smile’s monologue
I’ll never let any other child suffer like I did. (Smile opens her eyes and sees Alex going out) I know Alex what are you thinking. You too are scared to lose me. Even though you respect Nature you are insecure. I know how you are feeling but you don’t know what HE is feeling (turns to see Nature resting on the couch and staring at the ceiling with blank face). He is dying with fear too Alex. He is living with the fear of losing me as well. He is scared that you might ask him to leave me one day. I know he can’t live without me but if you will ask him he will go away. He does love me from all of himself that he can’t take a sigh of relief till he hears my voice every morning and every night but he loves you more than he does to me. Without me he will be a living dead and he will die without you too. I’ll make everything perfect once everything is over. I won’t let any of you suffer. I’ll remove all your insecurities: both of yours…
Monologue ends

Here we see Nature staring the ceiling his Pov
I know Alex how you feel but please try to understand me bud I can’t stay without you and living my life without Smile is like embracing my death every time.
We can see three people inside a hospital, one woman is on the hospital dress lying inside ventilation room, another woman is crying out of guilt, and beside her is her husband who is giving pitiful look to his crying wife.

Man: I had told you time and again June that Lemmy was never at fault. She always loved you that she decided to make me marry you hiding the fact that she loved me. She always thought about you but you know what (hurt) you can never think about others. You were always selfish and you still are.
June: (Guilty eyes) I’m extremely sorry Nathm I never knew that she can go to this extent for me. Yeah I never liked her but I never thought that I… (Cries) I’m sorry, I’m extremely sorry Nathm, that day when I proposed you, and you told me that you loved Lemure not me, I thought her to be my enemy.

Nathm: (With hatred) you always knew that I never loved you neither did you; you were only obsessed with me… You know what??? You don’t even deserve the love she does. She was ready to break her marriage with me just to make you and me together. She always loved me and so did I; yet you created the mess. You tried to kill her not only once but numerous times. I warned her again and again and told her not to believe you yet she did. She told me that she will change you one day with her love. She always wanted to kill your inner demon but instead you killed her soul. (Nathm spat poisonously) I hate you June, I so damn hate you. Get the hell out of my sight. (Leaves)
June falls on her knees and cries vigorously.

Nathm: (Teary eyes to the woman in bed) come back Lemmy. I miss you. See what I’ve become. It’s now a complete day you are here and see I’ve already fall into pathetic situation. Come soon, I’ll die without you. I can’t even have food without you. You know right I can’t feel fresh until I hug you after a hectic day… Please love, get up (Cries). I’ve always done whatever you said and I’ll do forever. I promise to forgive June but please forgive me love, come back (falls on his knees and cries hiding his face in his hands)

This was seen by a small boy of 10 who had tears in his eyes. He goes towards June who was crying too. She saw him and bows her head unable to face the little boy. She was full of guilt. She then gathered some courage to confess him her deeds, HER EVIL DEEDS.
June: You know Joseph? Nathm is right I am selfish I destroyed everyone. How could I never see Lemure’s love?? She always loved me; but me??? She always loved me and I always envied her. She refused to marry Nathm for me but I always hated her. Nathm is right I was so obsessed with him that I tried to suicide just to get him. Lemure made me marry him just for me but I never paid a heed to her, and Nathm… he could never give me Lemure’s place but he stayed loyal to me. He cared me in spite of his anger; he never misbehaved. I kidnapped Lemure’s son and kept him away from her for 8 years yet she forgave me. (Turns to face the boy and joined her hands) I.. (sobbing and choking)I am… so..sor..sorry Joseph b…bu..but I.. ca..can’t ta..take it now… I..I am…dyi..dying out of guilt. To…day I am g..gonna t..tell you something that you deserve to know.
Joseph: Yes mom! Tell me what is that? (Determinately)

June was dumbstruck with the intensity in Joseph’s voice. This was the first time that she was speaking to him like this. She never spoke a word with love to him and today when she is speaking her feelings out; his eyes have something for her that she is unable to understand. It seems he is not the same Joseph she knew since 10 long years. He always use to ask her why she hated him but he always had love for her in those blue eyes until 4 years back but today there is something else, something which she never expected; there was no hurt but pity. She was now scared to say as she felt he will hate her. Yes! It’s true that she never spoke a word of love with him but she did care. She had a soft corner for him. She couldn’t utter a single word; she turned mum. She doesn’t know what happened 4 years back that he stopped asking reason of her hatred. She was clueless why he started behaving differently after that day but he changed. Joseph would only answer her questions and the most upsetting thing was he left expecting from her. She was scared to lose Joseph for the first time then but she ignored; but now she is feeling the same feeling after 4 years because this look is the same one which she saw 4 years back.
Joseph: (With pain) I wish you ever loved me mom. (She saw him blankly)For you what matters is only hatred. I cried every night for my mother and waited for you but I was unaware that I was expecting you to be what you never were (June is bewildered). (Watching her expressions Joseph continued) I heard you talking to your men and telling them about me 4 years back. (June is shocked) yes mom I know that I’m not your son. I am the son of Mamma and dada (Lemure and Nathm). (June is in tears and is shaking by now with the revelation) I know mom you never loved me. I was heartbroken when I found out that whom I regarded my mother is actually FAKE and also the one who has given an unbearable pain to MY REAL MOTHER. But still I had a hope that you will at least feel pity on your blood but you never did. (June feels someone stabbing her when he says my real mother)
June: (Emotionally) Jos… (Interrupted by Joseph who is now scattered)
Joseph: (Breaking down but sharply) NO! NOT JOSEPH IT’S NATURE. (Sobbing)I still don’t know whether you are faking or not but I know something that I can’t bear one more of your cheat mom. So please let me stay at distance from you. (He starts to go)
June: (June is speechless but watching Nature go she gathered some courage and spoke in guilt) Jos.. I.. mean.. Nature, before you go please tell me something…
Nature: (Nature interrupts expressionless) I forgive you mom. (June’s eyes sparkled in a hope when Nature faces her but she regrets watching him in so deep pain) Yes mom I do forgive you but (June watches him with hope which crashes with what he said next) But I won’t be able to forget what you did mom. (She becomes blank) I saw you trying to kill my REAL mother. (June breaks again) I saw you poisoning her drink some days back to kill the unborn innocent baby.

(She is shocked) Yes! I did and it was me who changed her drink. (Nature now speak in a hurtful voice) I know it was you who blackmailed them to ignore me so that I start hating them. (He sees June who is blank by now and questions)Was your hatred so big that you never saw my love mom?? You wanted me to poison my own pregnant mother, mom. You wanted me to make her drink that poisonous drink by my own hands. You attacked me thrice just to blackmail them. (Sobs for some times and pauses then continues composing himself) But today see mom what the woman whom you hate did. She killed her own unborn child to save yours. She saved your life knowing all about your deeds. She saved you knowing how much you hate her AS WELL AS ME (He says this in a broken voice and went).

June is dumbstruck to hear Nature. She goes blank hearing his confession. The weight of guilt and regret that she was carrying was gradually increasing making her shoulders go heavy and knees go weak. She was unable to move her feet. She turned senseless. She is terribly regretting her deeds. Yes! Lemure faced miscarriage and this was what June wanted but this incident gave June an undying grief rather than happiness because this miscarriage happened while saving her. June turned senseless; she remembered all her deeds.

Junes PoV
I am a sinner. I always hated Lemure and hated her, but she… She always loved me in spite of my hatred. She never treated me as her step-sister even though I was one. (Cries)
Past of June, Lemure and Nathm

Lemure’s mom (Rebecca) was a widowed business woman whom Anthony a womanizer married for her money. In the beginning he showered love to her but later on when she got to know his real face she shattered but it was late till then. She was the mother of two children by now. Lemure (12) and June (7). June had started hating Lemure as Anthony had brainwashed her. Anthony had many affairs and was a beast. After Rebecca got to know about him he abused her physically as well as mentally. Anthony use to torture Lemure and even had bad eyesight on her but Rebecca saved her every time. But one day Anthony killed Rebecca in front of Lemure when Rebecca confronted him about Graham – Anthony’s illegitimate son of 14. Graham was like his father. Both father and son had an evil eye on Lemure and June.

Lemure compromised herself for her sister and protected her. Lemure was to be sold as soon as she turns 18 to a business man when Nathm entered her life as a savior. Nathm loved Lemure since his school days and he even proposed her in college but she refused him saying that she don’t love him but Nathm was sure that she did; and he was right. Lemure loved him but she denied as she knew that June loved him. Nathm made her confess by his repetitive trial and force. Till the time June was completely in hate with Lemure as Anthony was brainwashing her and when she proposed Nathm his rejection made her hate Lemure more. That is when she spiked Nathm’s drink to get him but to her bad luck Nathm made Lemure drink half of it as she was coughing which made both of them senseless and they ended up making love. The very next day Nathm married Lemure as he didn’t want her to face any humiliation. Lemure didn’t want to bear June’s sadness so she demanded Nathm to divorce her and marry June. She made Nathm agree which he did unwillingly after her long trial keeping her a condition that he won’t divorce her (Lemure).

Nathm was heartbroken but he understood Lemure’s situation, she wanted her sister to be safe as June tried to commit suicide after knowing about Nathm and Lemure’s marriage. Nathm married June but he could never love her. He was really upset with her and was disgusted too whereas June’s hatred was at the peak. June was unaware that Nathm never divorced Lemure as he never wanted any other woman as his wife so he was satisfied knowing that Lemure and him were the real couple. Nathm was aware of June’s mentality so even though he married her traditionally he never registered his marriage with her as he never divorced Lemure. Later on June found out about Nathm and Lemure being married when Lemure got pregnant. June pretended to be nice and tried to kill Lemure with her baby but failed times because of Nathm that is when she kidnapped Nature after his birth. Nature was just 2 months old when he was kidnapped and June took him away from every one as Nathm got to know about her. After that day Nathm and Lemure started staying together as June was gone.

Here June again met Anthony who always had lust over her since long and now when he got the opportunity he utilized it and demanded her to stay with him. She started living with him and changed Nature with the name Joseph. Within 10 months she gave birth to Anthony’s child – SHINDA but Anthony died in an encounter before the child birth. After Anthony’s, Graham took over his father’s legacy… June was now blind for power, money and pleasure so she used Graham for her pleasure. Here Graham was getting mad for June who made him dance in her tunes. Graham was a beast and was exactly like his father but June made him addicted to her so much that he could not deny her. Graham was addicted to drugs and she used him to her excent. Later on she gave birth to a girl Clara who was sold to the Pr*stitution by GrUne (Graham+June) at a very young age just to make themselves strong with their clients. Graham raised Anthony’s son and was even blessed by triplets after 3 years who were named as Nashid, Indash and Ashdin…

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So now here another revelation… Nature is half- brother of Nakh brothers…
How do you think this dimension is… Guys this twist is because I believe a person is shaped as per his upbringing… So very soon you will get Shinda’s Pov too; probably within next two updates…

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