Smile by Amore (Chapter 14) (Past-Special)


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I’m back and this one is suuuuuupppppppeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr lllllllllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggg chappy
It’s a PAST-SPECIAL guys hope you like it.

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Smile by Amore (Chapter 13) (Frame – Up)

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Chappy 14
A:- (Fumbling) W..hh..y is sss..hheannn…oy…ed??
N:- Smiles and says Don’t worry bud nothing else she is annoyed as I involved the force and disclosed about his black property without letting her know AFTER “OUR” ROBBERY. Alex widens his eyes in shock and becomes numb by the word OUR ROBBERY
Alex’s Monologue

OUR??? How come he is involved in all this? Okay I get that he knew about the robbery but I clearly remember he was not the part of it. He was always against this revenge plan. What the hell is all this? If bro was part of plan then how did I’m unaware about his involvement??? DAMN THESE TWO… I’ll surely turn insane with their behavior URGHHHH!!!
Monologue ends

Nature presses his lips to control his laughter seeing Alex’s wide opened shocked eyes ready to pop out of his sockets filled with confusion. Alex is so shocked that he freezes on the spot. Actually Alex forgot to blink his eyes. He is making baby expression and is looking so like a baby.
Nature: (Smiling) Chill down bud. First of all yeah I KNOW EVERYTHING… which means E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. (Stressing the word). I know I’m against the revenge plan but we cannot deny the fact that it is actually very much needed. (Seriously) We don’t have enough time to lose bud. Let’s go (Leaves the place leaving Alex bewildered.)
Alex’s PoV
Oh my goodness. Is it the same what I’m thinking?? Will it happen??? (Fear evident in his eyes) Shinda’s case was only the thing that I thought bro wasn’t in, was that all my illusion? If bro knows about all then it means Smile is aware of it and I was unaware that means Smile is going far away from me… (Shaking head in fear) No…No…No I can’t lose her. But what if she will accept Nature’s proposal? Everyone here knows how much bro loves her, what if she leaves me? (Assuring himself)No…NO… bro won’t take her away….

He loves me and he knows that I can’t stay without her… (He starts sweating profusely and his body start to tremble and he feels his breath going hitch). I have to talk to Smile.(Closing his eyes and praying) Oh gods no please no… don’t take her away from me please. I have no one except her. I can’t live without her. If she will leave me I’ll lose my all relations. She is everything of mine. I’ve no one except her. (Open his eyes which are red by now and is filled with tears).
PoV ends

Alex goes inside the captivated room and sits opposite to Smile. Smile looks at him questioningly to which he shrugs saying nothing making her frown. He then smiles assuring her that he is ok to which Smile nods with same expression. After smile leans back Alex rolls back to the past.

A woman of 32 is running behind a boy of 7 with a shirt in her hand shouting his name continuously and telling him to change it.
W: Alex! Alex!! Stop right there. Alex… Alex stop right there I said. Jake! Please stop your son he can’t go in that dirty dress (The boy was Alex and Jake was his father of the same age)
Little Alex: No mom I’m not gonna wear that dress I’ll wear this pink one only. (The woman was his mother)
Jake: Amy! Chill darling I’ll talk to him. (To Alex) But baby this is your favorite shirt. See it’s blue. Isn’t it your favorite color? And why do you want to wear Pink when you don’t like it? See it’s so girly common you are a man and this dark pink is for girls.
Alex: Then why are you wearing it dad? Aren’t you a man? (Amy let out a chuckle and Jake was embarrassed)
Jake: It is because your mom likes it and she is my darling so I even like it.
Amy: (Glares Jake and covering him) Baby your dad likes this color so he is wearing it. So you also change into your favorite one.
Alex: No mom now I like it and I’ll only wear this one only as I like it now.
Amy: (Shocked with the change) how?? And when this happened?
Alex: (shyly) because like dad’s darling, it’s my darling’s favorite color too.
Amy stopped running abruptly and her jaw dropped in shock listening to her son whereas the room was now echoed with Jake’s roaring laughter who knew that his son is referring “darling” to his crush.

Jake: (Teasingly) Awwww my boy has become big now see DARLING he is taking care of his DARLING from now only. (He deliberately focused on the word darling to tease Amy). I am impressed son (Patting Alex’s back whereas Amy glares him). I’m really impressed you have proved that you are my son. (Alex blushes whereas Amy is beyond her shock watching father-son duo talking happily and teasing and blushing)
Amy: (Coming to her sense listening something and shouts) Jake! (Jake turns only to see his furious wife fuming) What the hell are you doing???
Jake: (Mischievously) nothing DARLINGGG I’m just giving him tips to propose his DAAAAARLING (Winks). (To Alex) By the way son what is your darling’s name?
Alex: (Innocently) her name is Mary, dad.

Listening this Amy flushed like a dark beetroot. She was pressing her lips so hard to stop her emotions that it made an impression over her lips. Jake saw this and was confused. He was thinking about her behavior when Amy composed herself and said.
Amy: (To Alex) Ok! Ok! Let’s talk about YOUR DARLING on the table dear. And don’t worry you want to wear pink right? (Alex nodded in affirmation) See this one (takes out another steel pink shirt) it’s exactly of same shade of YOUR DARLING’s dress. (Alex takes it excitingly and goes to change)

Jake: (Suspiciously) is all ok Darling? Why do I feel something fishy (raises his left eyebrow)? And lastly how do you know who is his darling??
Amy: (Extra sweet smile) of course Sweet heart everything is perfect. (Controlling her emotions) and you know what??? You are right Alex proved that he is actually your son. You two have exactly the same choice (leaves chuckling leaving Jake confused)
Scene shifts to the dining table where everyone is enjoying food. Enjoying means Alex is enjoying talking about Mary, Jake is enjoying teasing whereas Amy is mischievously smirking thinking something and enjoys thinking Jake’s reaction. Jake sees Amy smiling and thought to tease her so he asked Alex.

Jake: By the way son; when will you make us meet my daughter-in-law? (By this Amy who is drinking chokes and turns red but manages to excuses and move towards kitchen).
Jake who is highly confused follows her and is shocked to see his wife rolling on floor laughing like a maniac. She is all red with laughter. Her palm is covering her mouth to stop her laugh but it seems to be impossible. Jake was mesmerized to see her but was really confused but leaves when he saw her composing herself.
Back to the table
Alex: What happened mom? Why are you so red??
Amy: Oh just I’m excited to see YOUR FATHER’S DAUGHTER-IN-LAW baby (and pressed her lips against her teeth).

Jake then again tried to tease her but before he could talk Amy did something shocking.
Amy: By the way baby! Did you propose your lady love??? (Jake was like WHHHAAAAATTT??? Of course he would be as Amy was the same person who was shouting at him 15 minutes back and was fuming for talking these with Alex)
Alex: Yes mom! I did (Excitedly) and you know what? (Amy gestures what) She told me she loves me too and even called me Sweetheart like you call dad (Blushes).
Jake feels like a déjà vu and Amy watches Jake with corner of her eyes; who is somewhere lost in deep thought. Watching him she smirks mischievously and cleared her throat to bring him back to his sense and deliberately asks Alex.
Amy: By the way what was her name???

Alex: Mom how can you forget so fast? Her name is Mary.
Amy: (suppressing her laugh) No baby full name dear. (Jake is now so confused that he decides to ignore everything now and have food and he starts to eat silently)
Alex: (With wide smile) Marina Lewis, mom.

Jake spits the food he had and watches his son wide eyed. Then he looks towards Amy who is having a teasing smile on her face. He now understood the reason of Amy’s laughter and the words “You two have exactly the same choice”. Now it was his turn to turn a beetroot. He was now highly embarrassed whereas on the other side Amy was in full of fun mood. Thanks to Jake’s stars, Alex’s bus arrived and he went making his parents promise to attend the function at school.

The moment Alex left Jake turns to go but falls down as his shoelace was tied together. He watched towards Amy who is moving forward and he crawlingly moves backwards shaking his head side by side (Imagine the scene in which heroine falls while running and villain approaches and she says LEAVE ME FOR THE SAKE OF GOD)
Amy: What happened sweetheart?? Don’t wanna bring your DIL what’s say??? (Jake is hell embarrassed)
Jake: You knew it, didn’t you?
Amy: Actually not but the moment he said the name it clicked me out. Awwww so bad. What did you say?? D-I-L right??? But as I remember you were planning to make her Alex’s mother 24 years back (LAUGHS loudly). Literally Jake! your son proposed first time and see she is the same girl whom you proposed for the first time.
Jake: Amy (embarrassed)

Amy: (Seriously) But I must say he is faster than you. (Jake watched her confused) What was your age when you proposed her?
Jake: (Subconsciously) 8 years
Amy: And Alex proposed her at the age of 7. So tell me isn’t he faster than you??? (Jake nods innocently which makes Amy go ROFL) (Soon Jake realizes and is hell embarrasses. He opens the knot of his shoes and stands and watches his beloved wife who is laughing like mad)
Jake: (Fake anger) Amy what is this? She was just a crush and you are making fun of me till now. (Pout)

Amy: (Trying to control her laugh) Yeah I know. She was a crush who was 30 years older than you and precisely she was your class teacher. And now see your son, he proposed the same woman after 24 years who is his class teacher too. (Burst out again)
Jake: (Pouts)
Back to present
Alex wipes his tears and mumbles I can’t lose Smile too. I’ll never let anyone take her away from me not even bro. Saying this he leaves.

Here Smile is inside the room and is remembering something.
A girl of 12 is getting badly beaten up and is pleading to leave her but her parents are showing no mercy at her.
Girl: No mom no please forgive me I won’t meet brother again I just went to give him food nothing else.
Man: How dare you talk to that boy? Don’t you have shame to roam with him???
Girl: But dad he is my brother (Cries)
Man: (Looking towards his wife) Let me warn you this should not repeat. We have finally got really good amount for her she should be inside. If she goes out we might lose the money we are getting so bind her.
Woman: Okay I’ll make sure she won’t meet that boy again. By the way when is king coming?
Man2: King won’t come we have come to take your daughter. A man enters with a smugly attitude and sat on the newly bought lounge. You have taken money from us hope you won’t cheat.

Man1: No sir, she is on the go so you can take her.
Man2: Good! (To boys) bring her guys King is waiting. (The boys go inside and find the girl dead. The girl committed suicide. This all was seen by a little girl of 5; Smile).

Smile saw her brother being used as a labor and sister dying in front of her own eyes. That was when her hatred for her parents grew. She had always seen her sister being tortured. Most of the times she would hear her sister pleading and crying to leave her but it would never happen. Everyday her parents would bring someone new who would make her sister cry. She had heard her sister’s cries from the closed door and her parents never bothered about her in fact the house was run with the money that the men would give her parents after making her sister cry. This would happen four to five times a day. Little smile had no idea what would happen inside but she knew that her sister was tormented. That is the reason she tried to help her sister elope but they failed. Her parents sold their eldest daughter to a man named king.
Man2: (Furiously) What the hell. How dare your daughter commit suicide? She had to quench our king’s thirst and she died??? (To the man and woman) Couldn’t you take care of your own daughter??? I’ll kill you two now.
Both: (Scared) No sir sorry we have no idea why she did this and how did she get poison but I do have a solution.

Man2: Solution?? You think king will forgive you???
Man1: Sure sir he won’t forgive us but still we do have another daughter. She is she is still untouched and the best part is she is much younger than her sister. You can take her but please spare us.
Man2: Do you? (They nodded) Okay bring her.
That is when Smile was thrown inside the car her sister’s body. Both of her parents were brought too.

After driving for long 2 hours the car stopped and the men took all of them in. She was taken separately to a room from where she could see the Man2 and her so called parents talking to another man; King. After sometime her sister was brought and placed on the bed. She was then called and she left to see the why was she called.
The moment she reached there she saw King looking her lustfully. Smile was small but she was aware of that look as every man who would make her sister cry would have the same look and now she was scared. The man gave an approving nod and others signed in relief. Everyone was ordered to go out. Then King gave final look to her and tortured her like an animal. Smile was crying pleading but the ruthless had no mercy. She was crying out of pain but he paid no heed. Poor smile was raped on her 5th birthday.
After that day King would come whenever he wants and kill her soul. She would plead and cry but he would show no mercy.

After a year she was shifted to another place. There were many girls like her. There she met Clara a year elder than her who helped her to run away. Clara was scared of thunderstorms and Smile use to comfort her but when Smile was caught for the third time, the people found out about Clara’s help so they tied her hands and legs and threw her in the terrace. Here Smile was caught again but this time when she returned Clara was already dead. They told her how painfully she was crying for long but later on her voice stopped. CLARA DIED OUT OF FEAR. Her support was no more now. That was when Smile vowed to protect girls but she was weak now. The king would daily come to her and assault her, she was like his mistress. He used her to the extent. But one day there was a raid and all the girls were rescued. They were taken to their parents but Smile told them whatever happened and that is when she was taken to orphanage.
Back to present

Smile’s monologue
I’ll never let any other child suffer like I did.

Done! How is it??? Lemme know guys. Can you feel their emotions???
How am I doing?? And what are those that i need to improve please let me know…

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  1. Sweetie

    Sweetheart!!Firstly thank you for the super long chapter.. 😀 I loved Alex’s family a lot..Jake and Alex have crush on same lady that too their teacher..I was rofl while reading that part..OMG!!My jaws were paining like hell.. 😀 Next comes Smile’s past.. 🙁 How dare King use a kid for his pleasures..Uggh!! I know people like him exist but reading it made me realize in which society we are living.. 🙁 Smile lost every single person who were close to her,so sad.. 🙁 She used to comfort Clara,that’s how she is able to comfort Alex,right?Does Nature have a past too??Please post soon dear,my excitement is on peak now.. 😀

    And one more thing,you will get to see your boy friend very soon.. 😉 Was thinking hard what to write next,but got it only few days back,so have to start writing very soon.. 😀 I’m sorry for not appearing on FB again,was busy lately.. 🙁

    Waiting for next,love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Amore

      Yeah Everyone do have a past including Shinda. Yes She could comfort Alex because of Clara’s case. Actually i was thinking how to proceed next but now i’ll post nature’s past thank you for your suggestion dear.

      And and and thank you for the info. You know i miss it (pout) and u too 😛 so dear take your time and keep reading…. take care

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