Smile by Amore (Chapter 13) (Frame – Up)


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So here we go
It is a story of a girl Smile who does not smile because of her dreadful past. It is a revenge story. The complete story is the incident taking place in a single day… the day which is named as punishment day.

Smile by Amore has Smile, Nature, Alex and Shinda as main characters. Smile is full of cruelty, vengeance. She is a true devil. Smile is a girl of different shades. She is full of mystery. Nature is calm guy and is Assistant Chief of police. Being junior to Smile in the police department he is the only person who knows Smile inside out. He is able to control Smile. He knows what should be done to protect Smile. He himself is different from what we see him to be.
Alex is the Right hand of Smile. Alex share really good bond with Smile and Nature but he is insecure towards Nature because of NILE’s bond. He is often jealous of Nature which Nature is aware of. Alex wants Smile to be with him and he is scared that Smile might leave him for Nature. Alex is not a negative character and respects Nature and that is the reason he is unable to ask him to stay away from Smile knowing that if he will ask Nature once he will leave Smile forever.

Now talking about Shinda he is a wicked fox. He is the Antagonist of the story. He is one of the important characters in everyone’s life as he is the reason for all the miseries ALL THE THREE went through.

We can see the emotional turmoil of the characters in the story. There are POVs of all four characters in the story. Whatever they went through can be seen in the story. There are some questions at the end of every chappy which are important and will be answered eventually.
Done with it…

Sammy dear I am extremely sorry that I couldn’t give summary because of my lappy. But here is the frame – up of the story. Hope it’ll help.

And my dear Sugar Syrup Thank You for THoWeH. It was like ….. I’m speechless as always. You know the way Aham said I’d run away and you have to give me shelter my stomach literally twitched with pain by laughing… hehehe and all shameless father’s expressions were worth to watch. You know what I wish I had someone like Goutham who would take me to my favorite place on my 1st data but damnn I have nobody. Please show some mercy on me dear. I can’t stop myself from reading it less than 30 times that is the reason I save the page yet I do react in a same way that is why my mom scolded me and told me to read on floor so that I don’t break the bed (pout).. 😀

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  1. Sammy

    Thank you so much amore …that is enough you tell ….now i will read the story ..thanks again dear ..and really you are awesome …will like to see on you mmz page again ????

    1. Amore

      Sure dear. Actually I have a story for another chapter-series of mine and now i’m confused whether to make it an ff or not lets see.. and thank you plus keep reading.

  2. Sweetie

    Amore,what was that?Your mom told me to read on floor,I’m rofl..Hahaha.. 😀 Thank you so much dear for the love..30 times!!!Now you should see my face,my jaw hit the floor.. 😀 Glad to know you loved Aham and Goutham..Our shameless fathers are no less.. 😉 Well,even I want a guy like Goutham,but didn’t meet yet.. 🙁 Will see you soon on FB dear.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Amore

      30 Is minimum dear hehehe i’m reading it even now in office as i’m free for half an hour 😀

      1. Amore

        Hehe date became Data lol…

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