Smile by Amore (Chapter 11 and 12)


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Chappy 11
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Alex’s monologue
(Confusingly) Did I crack a joke??? HEY! (SHOCKED) Did she smile?? Yaa she did.
Smile’s monologue
How can this idiot say this??? I am amused to see Alex. I know he is innocent but his innocence amuses me every time. Let’s just hope he never loses his innocence.
Monologue ends

In captive room

Alex is happy to see Smile smiling where as Smile is emotionally happy that even after surviving in this cruel world and losing herself she is successful to protect Alex from losing his innocence.
Nature enters inside only to be welcomed by ready SMEX. SMILE – ready to seek revenge and ALEX ready to know what’s upcoming. Smile instantly turns her head seeing Nature and Nature smiles at her antics knowing the reason of her ignorance. The moment Smiles turns he takes a spongy – smiley ball and signs Alex to pass it to Smile. The moment Alex gives it to her she squeezed it and when it again becomes enact she tore it and gave it back to Alex. Nature smilingly took it and kept it inside his bag leaving his innocent buddy confused. Then Nature assured him by blinking his eyes. He had no idea what his Nature bro and HIS SMILE were doing??? (Poor inno. Bud ;))
Alex’s PoV
These guys are impossible. The cruel devillious Smile never see straight to the eyes of cunningly calm Nature. They never cut each other’s words. Without talking they stay beside each other in stone and mountain situation. The way they answers each other back is weird. She never retorts him back neither does he. They never converse in sentences; single word conversation yet perfect one. Smile – who never listen to others; but he makes her changes her own decision without any word. How he gets to know about her needs??? Even now she was furious on something and I got to know it when she tore the ball into pieces but HIS expression was normal and I felt he knew the reason of her annoyance. URGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! THESE TWO ARE SO DAMN IMPOSSIBLY CONFUSING URGHHHHH!!!! I better ask bro about it.
PoV ends

Chappy 12
Smile’s Pov
URGHH!!! I am just feeling to rip HIS clothes off. HOW DARE HE??? Here in this room we are present to punish this b*st*rd but this annoying fellow is provoking me. Seeing my reaction he handed me a spongy ball AND I RIPPED IT OFF. I am calmer than before but this guy’s calm face is fueling my annoyance. Let me finish this b*st*rd’s case and then I’ll tackle with HIS attitude too (cutely folds her hands and pouts).
No… I won’t melt. I won’t feel weak now. I’m a stone and I’ll remain so. This revenge is my solo goal and it’s about to finish now so I will not give a sight to anything or ANYONE who can melt me down…
PoV Ends
Nature was observing her expressions through the mirror and chuckling within himself. He was always glad to see her responses on him and this is the reason he deliberately troubled her so that she don’t kill her innocence completely.. It took him long 5 years to break her shell. A COMPLETE FIVE YEARS OF STRUGGLE TO ENTER HER SHELL. He didn’t bring her out and let her be but he was with her in the same shell to accompany her. His world crashed down when he had seen Smile in such a devastated state and his heart broke when he realized she pulled herself back in a shell NOW MUCH STRONGER THAN BEFORE. The more he tried the more he faced his failure. Then he changed his way. Instead of trying to bring her out he started joining her in her own shell; where only she was there with her motive and which was her world now. His efforts colored when she started accepting him in her world and slowly he was able to revive her innocence too. Even though her shell was strong as MT. EVEREST he was able to enter within and keep her jelly heart somewhat alive.
Alex moves towards Nature to clear his confusion when he sees him having satisfied smile on his face. He places his hands on his shoulder. Nature acknowledged his baby bro Alex and passed a warm smile. Alex tapered his eyes cutely like an innocent baby to which Nature chuckled making Alex groan. Nature then asked him.
N:- What happened bud?
A:- Will you feel troubled to tell me what the hell happened now?
Nature smiled wide at his sarcastic comment filled with curiosity yet kept quiet. Unable to handle the curiosity Alex finally asked “What happened to Smile? Why did she react like that? Why is she so furious???”
To which nature replied calmly “She is not furious Alex.”
A:- (Shocked) WHAT??? What do you mean? Didn’t you see her anger?
N:- That was not anger bud. (Continued watching Alex’s confused face) It was annoyance.
A:- Annoyance? Why? And how did you know?
N:- She is annoyed with me as I didn’t let her know about treasure hunt (chuckled).
A:- Treasure hunt? (HIGHLYYY CONFUSED)
N:- Yeah hunting program for Shinda’s treasure (and smiled).
A:- Ohh but…
(He abruptly stops himself speaking further thinking not to spill the beans about their robbery and managed to divert the topic saying)
A:- (Fumbling) W..hh..y is sss..hhe annn…oy…ed??
N:- Smiles and says Don’t worry bud nothing else she is annoyed as I involved the force and disclosed about his black property without letting her know AFTER “OUR” ROBBERY.
Screen freezes on nature’s calm face and Alex’s bewildered face.

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Sooo Nature knows about THEIR robbery 😉
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      By the way dear i’m unable to comment on your stories ;( It is not showing the comment section only you know today again i read “thats how we happend” all parts and was having my face like i’ve got my favourite ice-cream. My friend told me why are you behaving as if you are in love hahaha. She kept on teasing me saying that i’m chatting with my crush 😀 but seriously i am really having crush on your stories hahahaha.. Hope it dont make me addicted (which i’ve almost become). I’ve read it nearly 100 times yet i have same ear to ear smile and stupid grin on my face and my friends have got an opportunity to couple me with THWeH hehe as my boyfriend.

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