Smile by Amore (Chapter 10)


This one is really short… Hope you like it 
Chappy 10
My 4th OS guys…
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Chapter 9
Monologue ends
With this he goes back to captivated room and Nature heads towards another room. He enters the room and takes a box out from the cupboard and stares it…

Nature’s PoV
I know Alex you want Smile to be the same as she use to be but it is not easy. She has been a through something which you can’t even ever imagine… This Rascal Shinda has made her like this. But I’ve promised myself to make her same Smile again. Today is his punishment day, she’ll pour her bitterness as well as disgust; and I’ll make sure she will pour her pain too.
Alex enters captivated room and asks Smile innocently:- Why did Nature tell his officers to search Shinda’s hidden treasure? We must tell him that we have robbed it??? We have hidden it and if he finds out we can be punished too. He is even behaving weird why did he ask them to search it? Is the treasure important?? And if the treasure was that important to search then why did he tell them to shut the case now only…I am so confused… (He asks confusingly)
Here Smile is seen sitting on a chair in another corner from Shinda. Smile slowly opens her eyes and then gave him a look asking what he means and Alex tells her whatever happened sometimes back…. Alex saw something really unexpected… Smile SMILED… For the first time in these 8 years; she smiled.
Smile’s monologue
How can this idiot say this???
Monologue ends

Alex’s monologue
(Confusingly) Did I crack a joke??? HEY! (SHOCKED) Did she smile?? Yaa she did.

Hehehe cliff hanger huh! 😀
Smile “Finally” SMILED… but… WHY???
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  1. Smile smiled!atlast she as confused as alex but you gave a short update..pls update asap dear..and im Hima .

    1. Amore

      Hima dear i missed u hehehe

  2. Sweetie

    SMILE smiled.. 😀 Okay I’m not able to find your page on FB dear,if you can, please provide link here.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 😀

    1. Sweetie

      Sorry sorry, got the page.. 😛 Bye.. 🙂

      1. Amore

        okay dear

  3. Umama

    Hey, r u?i’m so sorry for not reading & commenting this days..Actually i’m so busy,after my exam also..after exam I didn’t get any vacation,plus my classes started..& too many things..i’m extremely SORRY,dear..plz forgive me..
    And about ur story,it’s AMAZING..I really like this’s different..plz don’t end this soon..plz don’t hear those crap..i’m in confusion about NILE & SMLEX(sorry if I mention it wrong)..I adore d two..feeling sorry for their they r great..Update when u’ll get time..awaiting..& sorry again plzzz…lots of love to u..take care..see u.bye.. ??

    1. Amore

      its ok dear

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