Smile by Amore (Chapter 1)


Hello guys… remember me? If not let me introduce myself.
Myself Amore n I am silent reader here. I am having an urge to give a chance to my creativity in the form of stories that is why I am troubling you all… hehehe 😀

Okay! This story will end within 15 chappys and I want you all to help me giving feedbacks…


We can see a girl in a balcony sitting without any expression sipping coffee. (How can any person stay without emotion?)… hnmm let’s see closely… she has something… an emotion… yes! She does have but; only deep pain can be seen in her emotionless face. Yes! Her eyes are emitting fire with pain.

She closes her eyes resting her head backwards when she opens her eyes wide when she sees calendar as if she remembered something. She searches something furiously and her search comes to the halt when she finds her cell. She dials a number and talks which we are unable to hear. During her entire convo we can see her expressionless face essaying many emotions; from pain to anger, anger to irritation, irritation to rage and finally rage to determined.

She was determined now. Her lips formed a curve giving her a devillious look… oh no not devillious STUNNING CRUEL DEVILLIOUS look, as if she finally got what she was waiting for very long.

Her cell buzzes again after a minute or two to which she receives smirking and wishes other side.

Girl: (emotionless but dangerously) Congrats! Alex you finally did it.
Alex: How did you know Smile? (Alex asked shocked)
Smile: Mail me the details Alex (she ordered ignoring his question) and inform Nature too. (She said plainly and cut the call without waiting for his reply)

Smile’s POV
Finally the day has come when that filthy bas***d jerk will taste his own medicine. Everything is going as it should go and now I’ll tear him too like his brothers. Today he will be completely ripped off. Just some more time and he will be destroyed fully. He has to be punished too. His deeds destroyed him and now IT’S HIS PUNISHMENT TIME…

So guys do you like it? And want me to continue it or not? Please lemme know your views.

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  1. Jessie

    Continue it Amore.. it makes me curious..

    1. 😀 sure

  2. Sweetie

    Amore..How are you??This story started off so nicely..Waiting to read the next chappies.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. I am really happy that you liked it sweetie 🙂

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