A SMALL WORLD OF HAPPINESS..!!! By Arshi…(Episode 1)

Hey guyz…!!!This is Anshi back… I know I m late…But sorry guyzz…I have my semester exams going on and aso I can only write when I have time…my exams getting over by June 3rd…and after that I would give u regular updates….
And back to my update…

I guess I Have replied to all of ur comments..sorry if I have left anyone..thnkq u all for ur valuable comments.. I hope I satisfy ur needs in my FF….
Everyone were askng about the pairs….But sorry guys the pairs were already decided and so cant be changed.. I ve decided the pairs based on the ff characters…and so endure it….
And to my new little sis IQRA….
I m Anshi…From TamilNadu and I m currently dng ECE engn 2 nd yr in Chennai…and after that I Don’t know wat to say….so if u want to know abt anything u can ask me ..i would answer…wat say one to one….dr.. 
And most importantly I m know only English….and little bit Hindi….so no rona dhona in Hindi more…coz..if I strt speaking my hindi..then u will forget it..okie…. 
Now getting into my story…
Let start the journey…

There was an announcement going about a flight towards India taking off….and another announcement of two names that they are missing and should board the flight fast as its time to take off….
And at the same time….outside the airport we see 2 persons, a girl and a boy running fast as much as they could towards the entrance….at last they reached boarded the bus and panted heavily due to running fast…
Girl: Atlast see I said rite , we boarded the flight at Correct time.
Boy: Just shut up u half ticket, we were late just bcoz of u…Just bcoz of ur that stupid dappa cam,we were late orelse we would have reached half an hour before.
Girl: hey…don’t ever say anything about my cam….It was given to me by my Sanskar(She was cut off by an airhostess….)
AH:Ahem….Mam,Sir ….
AH:If u don’t mind can u plz sit in ur seats and continue ur discussions as its time to take off..
That is when they notices that they were still standing on the door way arguing with each other…
Girl,Boy: Sorry Mam and left glaring at each other…

They sat on their seats beside each other..and the flight took off.
It was going smooth…
Girl was continuosly talking and the boy was irritatingly hearing her ..with ears closed….
To avoid her ,,when he turned to other side ..he noticed two men staring at the girl..
He just turned to the girl shut her mouth,kept her head in his lap ,and glared at those men angrily…they two turned noticing his anger…
The girl tried to lift her head but he pressed it tightly sasying
Boy: If u ever open ur mouth again and that will be ur last time u speak…got it (he said in extreme anger)
Girl: (noticing his anger,kept quite) and bobbed her head like a small child
Seeing her doing that,he smiled at her to which she returned her soulful laugh,which made turned him to teasing mode..
Boy: Oh..u junglibilli, U know u r so cute….u half ticket u seriously look like a baby ….u mousy.. (and pinched her cheeks)
Girl: (on Hearing it) (shouted) oooiiiiiii,,u stupid how many times I said u not to call me with those weird names… u light house..u buffalo..dont u ever call me with those…
Boy: oh..oh…oh..u bullet train…bas bas…stop ur rhona dhona plz…cant hear ur voice…more…so now shut ur mouth..i m going to sleep…and most importantly DON’T DISTURB ME..(he said and closed his face with his cap)
Girl:(glared at him) and cursed him under her breath..
Boy Just smiled …
After some time, in mid air, the girl started to search something inside her bag.. since she couldn’t get from her bag… she started removing everything from her bag kept in the boys lap…..and again the boy asked not to disturb his sleep…she doesn’t give any response to it and started searching it again… Atlast she found out and took it out…It was her videocam…

She on it and started…
Girl: hey Guyz…I m back ….u know where I m now….in Flight..towards my Home town…..I m seriously very excited ….i m gonna meet my family….I m going to my home…I m going to see my di and especially my Sanskar….(while she was talking ,her head was hit by a strong pillow like substance)
When she turned …he saw the boy holding a pillow in her hand looking at her angrily…she showed her all teeth…
Boy: Hey…shona…. How many times I should say u girl…don’t u even have any concern about me….its all just bcoz of u and ur excitement I cant even sleep for 2 days….u love sicken puppy of my bhai …don’t u have any other work rather than talking with his dabba…atleast let me sleep u bullet train….and now I m serious, shut ur blo*dy mouth and sleep…and put that dabba case out or else…
Girl: u Lucky…don’t u ever talk lyk that about my cam….if u want u can say anything about me but not about my camera…okie u buffalo…I m warning u…
(ya….thats our Lucky and Swara)

And again the third world war started…which disturbed everyone sleep…everyone looked at them in disbelief……and shook their heads….then the AH again came to their rescue…They both glared at each other and turned to their side and slept…
Then the peaceful night passed without any fights….
Next Morning …..Then flight landed in India…..
Everyone from the flight came out and was in checking….it was swara who came out from the chcking first..Her eyes were searching for someone all the while …At that time she heard her Someone calling her name “SHONA”
She turned to see a tall person standing far away from her waving his hands at her..When she saw him…without noticing anything she ran towards him and jumped on him..shouting…
Swara: SANSKAAARRRR JIIIJJJUUUUUU…..I missed u so much……….

Uff atlast guyz…I did it…Sorry for the pairs…..But I decided this pair just bcoz of their characters…coz the younger char I potrayed must be well crazy to the extend which I want to show in SWARA…which I cant show in Ragini…as well I want to show a diff kind of affection in elder one…which I thought to express through RAGINI…..
So please Guyzz….Accept it …atleast for me….And for swasan fans…no worries bcoz u will see a diff plot of swasan relation in this story…I guarantee it…..
With love: Anshi

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    its ragsan and swalak…thats awesome..and the story line is so different and great..keep it up

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    superb epi dear. I am so happy hearing its swalak and ragsan my fav. Tq for that.

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    Oh wow it means ragsan???? superb update dr…waitng for ragsan part eagerly????? plz post nxt part soon..keep rockng n stay blessed???

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