A small os for Jyoti di by Labdhi


Hello guys it’s ur Labdhi with a small gift for my one and only Jyoti di or jo jo. Guys today is her birthday so I thought to give her a small surprise. I love her very much. She is also dieheart Swasan fan just like me. She is an amazing writer but I won’t tell u about her ffs as my friend Kritika has already told u about this. So di here is ur surprise by ur friend cum sis Labdhi a small os by me. Plzz guys wish her

Jyoti di is celebrating her birthday wid Sam, Lucky, Kritika or her chotu, Nikki, Tooba , Aditi nd Labdhi
All:happy birthday Jyoti di
Jyoti:thank u all
Labdhi:here is ur gift. (It is a watch)
Jyoti:thank u I just loved it
Kritika:di take ur gift (it is a novel)
Jyoti:chotu thank u I just wanted this book
Others:di even we have brought ur gift (different gifts r given)
Jyoti:thank u guys for ur gifts
Sam:but di we also have another gift
Nikki:nd we hope u r gonna love that gift
Jyoti(excited):so plzz tell me that
Aditi:just wait for sometime…..di
Jyoti:plzz tell me fast……m really excited
Tooba:oho di…..calm down nd have patience
After 5 mins
Jyoti:oh god…….I can’t wait for more
Labdhi:ohkk di…….so here is ur surprise
4 people come from the gate
Jyoti (shocked, excited):omg!!omg!!! I can’t believe myself….is it true…..oh god somebody plzz pinch me
Labdhi pinches her
Jyoti:ouch…..oh god they r really here
The 4 people r none other than
None other than helly, Varun, Tejaswi nd namish(guys If u feel I exaggerated so sorry guys if u feel that)
Herun nd temish:happy birthday Jyoti
Jyoti:thank u but I can’t believe that u guys r really here
Namish:why aren’t u happy seeing us here
Jyoti:no it’s not like that but I did not expect to see u guys here right now
Vk:I will explain u……actually they came to our set….nd told us about ur ffs, then u being a die heart fan of Swasan nd today is ur birthday
Helly:so they requested us to come wid them nd wish u……nd make ur birthday memorable
Tejaswi:nd we said yes
Jyoti:really….u will celebrate my birthday wid me
Namish:yup dear
Labdhi:so di how was our surprise
Jyoti:I just loved it…..thank u thank u so much for such a wonderful gift….love u guys!!!!!
Kritika:our pleasure di
Tooba:guys come on let’s cut the cake nd celebrate yaar
Vk:ya Jyoti cut the cake
Jyoti cuts the cake nd they all have a lot of fun.
Helly:Jyoti I just loved ur story the rain the spring nd the Autumn. The way u showed Swara was just awesome
Vk:but I loved ur ff swarasanskar!a journey from reveng to love. It was just awesome as Sanskar marries Swara just for revenge…….but he falls for her unknowingly nd realises after Swara left her…..nd how he brought her back in her life……nd they had a baby……I just loved it…..
Namish:but I loved all ur ffs
Tejaswi:same here……the way u have describes everything……it was just superb
Jyoti:thank u….thank u so much guys but when did u read these ffs…….
Vk:actually when they came to our sets they told us about ur ffs…..so when we were coming here we read them
Jyoti:ohh!!! But m really happy that u loved them
Labdhi:guys stop all this…….because it’s…….
All:selfie time
They take many selfies nd have fun
Jyoti:thank u guys……u all made my birthday memorable
Tejaswi:before going I would like to tell u that…..
Namish:keep watching Swaragini
Helly:nd keep loving our pair Swasan nd raglak
Vk:coz that motivates us to do more hard work
Temis nd herun:love u guys!!!!
Others:love u too!!!!

___ The end_

Happy birthday Jyoti di…….may God complete all ur wishes nd give u all the happiness…..hope u loved my present……..wish u have a wonderful year ahead…….happy birthday once again
Guys plzz don’t bash or offend her today as it is her birthday…..bye guys will post my ff soon

Credit to: Labdhi

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  1. thamiazh magan

    happy bday

  2. Happy birthday JYOTI DI ??????
    My favourite ff of revenge is JYOTI di’s swarasanskar…..
    May God bless you?
    Party time ?????
    Gift for u????

  3. Happy birthday DEAR JYOTI …????

  4. Happy Birthday Jyoti di???
    Have a great party???

    Labdhi, can you tell which ff do u write? I would love to read it…

  5. Happy birthday???

  6. Ladooi!!???☺
    I love u!!!
    Thank u so much for this!!????
    I had never thought that u will write an OS for me as a gift!!
    Awwww!!! Thats so sweet of you!?????
    Seriously its awsm!
    I love it!
    Varun,Helly,Namish n Tejaswi!!!????
    This is d best year for me!!
    I got so many loving sisters!
    But sacchi mein I want that gift!
    Koi nahi sirf Varun!????

  7. Happy B’Day Dear 🙂

  8. happy birthday dear…………

  9. Wish you happy birthday jyothi????

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