“Radhu, what are you doing here at this hour? You act like my mom. She also had this habit of waking me up early in the morning for no reason whatsoever. It’s so annoying!’sam muttered still half asleep. Radhika was kicking her in an attempt to wake her up.

Radhika and sam were both students at ZZZ engineering college, MUMBAI.

The break up song from ae dil mushkil was playing on repeat on the stereo and sam slept without a care in the world. Radhika kept a duplicate key of her room with her precisely for situations like these. If it were up to sam, she would sleep all through the day.

‘you can never get up own your own, can you? You should throw away your alarm clock. It’s of no use,’radhika complained.

Radhika is a tomboy, completely extrovert in nature. She made friends with everyone easily unlike sam. She was a hardcore foodie at heart and loved to experiment with her taste buds. Her favourite hobby was teasing boys along with sam.

Sam was totally opposite to radhika. She was a shy girl. She mingles only with radhika well. She used enjoy very well with radhika only. She goes crazy when they both are spending time together. But this sam is not known to others.

‘how can you kick me in my own house?’sam looked annoyingly at radhika with her eyes half open.

They both met each other in the same college and they hit off instantly. ‘get up you kumbhkarani. Look at how late it is. I hope you remember we were supposed to go shopping today,’ radhika said and went to kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Sam woke up and followed radhika and asked kumbhkarani??

Radhika: haa….striling of kumbhkaran is khumbhkarani na..

sam sighed at her and went to take bath. By the time radhika entered the bedroom, sam had taken a bath and was getting ready. She wore a blue top and a black jeans.

Radhika: that’s so sweet of you. That’s why I call you my best friend,’and pulled her cheeks.

Sam: stop sugar coating me. I said I’ll come and I always live up to my promise. And it is you who don’t fulfil your promises …

Radhika: what promises?

Sam : yesterday you lost the bet…blue team won in football match. You supported red team and they didn’t even win one goal. Now you have to do what I say..

Radhika took up the promises she did seriously.

Radhika: ok tell me what should I do..

Sam mischievously smiled and said “its ok leave you don’t need to do it…anyway you cant..leave it..

Radhika: who said this…I will fulfil my promise …u just spit it out…

Sam : it’s simple you need to wear the old , tattered and torn dhoti and shirt of my uncle while shopping…it’s just simple but I know you can’t leave it…

Radhika: don’t you dare challenge me. If you lose, tonight’s drinks are on you.’

Saying so, radhika took the dress and went to wear it. She came out of the bathroom. Sam who saw her was laughing like a mad. She did really look like a beggar. Radhika then folded the lungi and took a sunglass and wore it. She then pulled Sam by the hand and took her downstairs. She refused to go via her car and ignited her scooty. Sam was completely embarrassed. She looked around to see if anyone was watching them. Radhika was enjoying Sam’s embarrassment and couldn’t control laughter. Whenever the scooty would halt due to heavy traffic, they would become the centre of attraction as all eyes would be fixed on them. All Sam could do was hide her face under the helmet.

‘Radhu, this is not done. Can’t we just go back to our room? ‘Sam pleaded. She mentally cursed her for giving such dares. Radhika was in no mood to listen and continued to drive until they reached XXX mall on MG. ROAD. Even the person who handled their parking ticket in the mall was staring at radhika.

‘It’s not over yet. We still have to go shopping inside the mall, ’radhu winked at sam.

Sam had no other option than to comply with her wishes. From the security guard to each and every persons in the mall were staring at radhika. Sam was in the verge of crying. Radhika was enjoying herself to the fullest. She was happy that she had won the bet and now Sam has to foot the bill.

They left the mall and rushed to Sam’s apartment. This was not the first time radhu had messed up with her. She could do so repeatedly because they shared such a strong bond with each other. Isn’t this what true friendship is all about? Doing all crazy things that you can’t do with anyone else? Once they entered her flat, they burst into laughter. They were completely crazy and loved being with each other. Radhika and Sam’s connection was above time and space.


‘Radhu, tell me something….didn’t you feel awkward this morning when you went out in that outfit? ‘Sam asked.

Radhika: I did feel awkward, but that’s fine after all I won the bet and now we are in the costly bar, sipping some costly drinks.

‘CHEERS! ‘Sam said raising a toast to their friendship.it was her fourth glass of the evening.

Radhika called the waiter.

Can I get you something ma’am? The waiter asked politely.

Radhika: ma’am my foot. Tell me, are you giving birth to the chicken? It’s been more than hour since we ordered the dish. Where is it?

The waiter immediately went to enquire about the delay and came back with the dish within a minute. After the waiter went, radhika insisted Sam to leave the lounge without paying the bill. Sam first refused at the beginning but then thought of trying it for the thrill. They tried to act casual so that waiters didn’t catch their attention.

‘I am going to quietly move out by pretending to be on a call. Once I leave, you can join me in a couple of minutes.’

Saying so, sam moved outside pretending that she was not getting network coverage in the room and slowly walked towards her scooty. When she saw no one was watching her, she sat on the scooty and ignited it so that they could run away as soon as radhu came out. She kept the ignition on just in case they had to make a quick escape.

After some time radhu came out and casually walked towards the scooty as if nothing had happened. As she came closer, she increased her pace.

‘fast…sit…sit…sit…’ Sam whispered.

She quickly sat on the bike and they sped away. She turned to see if the guard was running behind them with their bill in the hand. Sam raced her scooty at the bullet speed.

‘How did you get out without getting caught? “Sam asked

Radhika: I asked the directions to the restroom and slowly slipped out instead. The manager seemed to doubt me, but I maintained my cool and casually walked so that guard does not get doubt.

They high-fived at each other and screamed at their top of the voice.

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest. It is the one who came and never left your side even if you commit a crime. In this world when one thing is uncertain only radhika and Sam’s friendship seemed certain which was above the time and space.


They reached home laughing. On the way they made fun of boys who were standing on the roadside. As they reached their room both of them threw their tired body on the bed. They were still laughing.

Suddenly sam got an idea and turned to radhika.

Sam: why not we do prank calls….it is 3 am..And many will be sleeping…why not disturb them…

Radhika: wah! what an idea sar ji…take out you uncles old sim card…we will call from hat then we can throw it away …what say?

Sam nodded her head and inserted her uncle’s sim card.

They then took the telephone directory and dialled a random number. Someone picked the call from the other side[os]

Os: hello..[in a sleepy tone]

Radhika : hello is this Ramesh?

Os: no…wrong number

Radhika: then is this suresh?

Os: no…

Radhika: then it may be bejoy..right?

Os: oy! Madam ji…are you making fun…wait let me call the police…

Radhika suddenly cut the call. Then they both started to laugh. They again called a random number. This time it was a voice of a 25 year old man’s voice.

Os: hello…[in a sleepy tone]

Radhika: hello…actually i need a help …I need to know how to kiss a man on his lips…

Os: oh its very simple…first you need to look into his eyes and then on his lips…then slowly you need to come closer and then closer…..if you want then I will give you practice my darling…

Radhika suddenly cut the call…like this many things happened. Some took it lightly, some even counter attacked them., some screamed at them and threatened them to complain to police. But nothing could stop them from enjoying. Soon they fell asleep hugging each other, only to wake up again next day to experience many new funs and to show the world
their friendship …..thus a day ends for two beautiful besties for life….



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  1. Brin

    Awesome shot, love the bonding of friendship, well done. 🙂

    1. Starz

      Thanks brin

  2. Awesome!

  3. Jessie

    StarzZzzzzz……my lovely sweety cutie lil sis…..you have no idea how I enjoyed….this is freakingly awesome I tell you…hold on to such plots for OS…!!! Love u dear…that dhoti part…my god!!! I was giggling bad looking mobile….haha ppl1 thought I got mad at mrng itself….high light was sun glasses….u gave clear intro n got into the plot quickly…y did the day end??!!! Am like that…. they escaped without paying bill…Hehe super one…!! “Are u giving birth 2 chicken” lol….. prank calls….I love you for that…that’s wat me and my cousin bros do….we do while doing late nite studies…hehehe…you won’t feel sleepy you know..?????? ur words on friendship is true and absolutely fantastic….love u loads dear….muaaahhhh…TC

    1. Jessie

      And girl….break up song…oh..am crazy on that…now am gonna sing that for whole day….”subeh savere uth ke maine breakup kar liya…;”????thanks sweetie

      1. Starz

        Such a long cutie pie…thank u….in fact I read it twice…thanks….I just love break up song…love u

  4. arti viswanathan

    Awesome episode, it’s true friendship is one whenever u need ur friend who stands with u in any of ur problems. But if he or she needs we can also stand with them…. Friends is where u share all ur problems with them….

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  5. wow….what a os… seriously luv it.

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    Awesome… Enjoyed this a lot stars… Their friendship and their pranks everything, u wrote that very nicely… This os gave me lot of happiness… Thanku….

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    starz amazing attempt….Idk but it kinda is familiar….lol….probably, its just me going crazy……
    good to see you back 🙂

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  8. I thoroughly enjoyed it dear…laughing…. All the time a big smile plastered on my face…. So true…friendship ho to aisi…completely insane but enjoy in our own way…superb dear

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  9. wow…..satz. u rocked it dear. am a silent reader here nd like every fan fiction but today u made me do comment. i really their bont alot. it was fabalous.

  10. wow…..starz. u rocked it dear. am a silent reader here nd like every fan fiction but today u made me do comment. i really their bont alot. it was fabalous.

    1. Starz

      Hi Anjali … thanks dear…I happy that my os made u comment..

  11. Sathya

    Fantastic one shot Starz…. Sorry for late comment…. From starting till end I could enjoy each n every scene with them…. I was like watching them being a part of it. Amazing dear

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  12. S.v

    this is insaely beautiful god what a os how many pranks starz u rocked it today thoroughly enjoyed to the core….. he he he radhika and her costume and the bar and then random call lol super awesome

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  13. awesome…….

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  14. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, outstanding hilaaaaaaarious shot….starz….my sweeeeeetu sissy. …it was really very interesting. …rasam funny acts…n pulling each other legs…making jokes n bets …partner in crime. ..n happy with each other. …lol….I just loved it to the coreeeee. ….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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