Sky is not the limit devakshi ff (episode 3)

Haiee friends……. Firstly i would like to thank the reader for bearing me patiently. I will try my level best to give long updates and upload asap only when i get some response. Your feedback about the episode is very essential for me so that i will plan the further episodes according to the response. From past two updates you all did not witness any devakshi scenes but trust me i am going to write many scenes. Your feedback encourages me to write and think. So please do comment. Chappals rotten tomatoes eggs negativity bashing everything is accepted…… Enough of my bak bak lets start…….

Episode starts with sona thinking what her parents were talking.
Arhaan (sona’s assistant) : good morning ma’am….. Do u need something???
Sona : Mr. Bejoy bose…..
Arhaan : who is bejoy bose??
Sona : i dont know but i want to know.
Arhaan : no worries. Tell me where did u listen this name??
Sona : 3 months ago when my parents were talking about my marriage i listened this name from my mother.
Arhaan : done. I will bring bejoy bose.
Sona : r u Spiderman?
Arhaan : no
Sona : Batman?
Arhaan : no
Sona : iron man
Arhaan : no
Sona : barbie doll??
Arhaan : no
Sona : Superman?
Arhaan : some people say that i look like Superman
Sona : do u know Superman’s costume?
Arhaan : yaa… Blue with red….
Sona lifts her left eyebrow. Arhaan stops. They both started laughing.
Arhaan : i remember my didi when i talk to you
Sona : what do u mean by remembering didi? I am also ur di….
They both smile and resume their work
Dev’s office

He is thinking something
It is raining heavily. Weather is tooo cool.
Dev : prepared for test?
Bunty : no yaar….. Babli will help me.
Dev : who is babli?
Bunty shies
Dev : ooo i understood.
Bunty : come to football ground.
Dev : but it is raining
Bunty : thats why i am asking u to come.
Dev : fine. Lets go.
They both go to ground.
Dev : it is raining heavily….
Bunty : yaa lets go to canteen and have coffee
Dev : fine…
They both are walking towards canteen. Dev dashes with a girl. She falls in his arms. They have an eye lock. She is sona. They both stand properly and leave. Dev and bunty are sitting on a table. Vicky joins them. Sona is with elina.
Elina : sona bring coffee for us.
Sona :ok.
Sona goes and brings coffee. Dev goes to get something. Again clash. Coffee spills on dev’s shirt.
Dev : whats wrong with you?
Sona : whats wrong with u?
Dev : cant u see and walk?
Sona : cant u see and walk?
Dev : so do u imitate others or steal their words?? Cant u say anything of ur own?
Sona : who is narendra modi?
Dev : prime minister of India.
Sona : why do u say which everyone say? Cant u say anything on ur own?
Dev : u r mad….
Sona : same 2 u back 2 u no return mirror in the middle.
Dev : what do u want to say? U did not do any mistake? My shirt spoiled coz of u.
Sona : my mistake was only 40%…. No 50%….. Fine…. 55%…… Not more than that
Dev : omg….. She is really mad….
He leaves from there. Sona talks to elena
Sona : khadoos…..
Elena : leave it…..
Fb ends.

In sona’s cabin

Arhaan : mmaaaaaammmm
Sona : what happened?
Arhaan : i tried to find bejoy bose but there are sooo many peole with that name. How r we going to find out bejoy bose?
Sona : we need to find out bejoy bose who is directly or indirectly connected to maa papa and mom.
Arhaan : i confused…. Maa mom papa…..
Sona : Mr. Duffer khan i am talking about Mr. Jai Oberoi Mrs. Juhi Oberoi and Mrs. Ishwari Dixit. Got it???
Arhaan : yaa… I will try my level best.
Clock strikes 7 sona leaves to home. She cooks dinner and waits 4 dev. Dev comes, washes his hands and sits on the dining table waiting 4 sona to serve him.
Sona : r u alright???
Dev : yaa. Why
Sona : u did not argue till now..
Dev : we were arguing from the day we met each other. Lets take a break.
They both smile and finish their dinner.
Arhaan calls sona
Arhaan : hello ma’am i found a man called bejoy bose. He was rival of Mr. Oberoi and he was neighbor of Mrs. Dixit when they lived in kolkata. Approx 5 yrs ago. He is a very successful businessman.
Sona : does he live there even now?
Arhaan. : ni ma’am they left the house 5 yrs ago. I am tryi g my best to trace them.
Sona : good luk and thanks…..

Sona thinks about bejoy bose and is eager to know about him and his connection with oberois

Precap : not decided…..
Hey frndz i am going to kolkata for 2-3 days so i may not give the updates…. Kindly. Co operate and please comment…

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