Ram and lakshman are strolling around the palace
A woman is walking around the wall
Suddenly she slips and falls
Lakshman-bhaiya a woman has fallen down
Ram-lets help her!
Ram goes and tries to help the woman but instead falls on top of her
Sita reaches the scene
She sees ram

Sita wonders to herself
Sita-ram??? Omg !! ram is such a characterless man and he acted like a respectable man.and I also fell trap to his plan
Sita feels ashamed and embarrassed and starts crying
She rushes out of the room straight to her sister ‘s room’
Urmilla sees her crying
Urmilla- didi why are u crying?
Sita-ram is never going to be your jija
Urmilla-why? What happened ?
Sita tells her everything
Mandavi-but I don’t think that yuvraj ram is capable of doing anything like this
Sita- even I thought the same thing but he proved me wrong.i never expected this from him
Shruthkirti-don’t worry didi!! Stop crying
Sita – I hate him so much!!!! 2 rupee cheapre
Sita runs to her mother

On the way ,she meets ram
Ram smiles at her
Sita looks at him with anger and rushes out of the scene
Ista goes to her mother
Sita runs and hugs her
Sunanda becomes astonished and happy
Sunanda- sita , today I will teach u a recipe
Sita- ok ma
Sunanda teaches sita a new recipe
Sunanda- wow sita u learned the recipe soo fast. I want you to make this recipe for the ayodhya family
Sita wonders to herself
Sita- that means I have to make food for raghunandan . I have to see his face again
Sita-ok ma ! I will make food
Sita prepares food

All the people have assembled for lunch
Sita and her sisters serve food to all the people
Sunanda- ram, do u like the food
Ram- yes , I love the food!! I am sure that sita must have made the food!!! I have heard that she cooks very well
Sunanda smiles
Sunanada- yes ram, sita cooked the food
Sita smiles
Sita speaks to urmilla
Sita- look urmilla, he is acting so elegant in front of my family but only I know the fact that he has a two-sided face.
Urmilla shushes sita
It is time for the royal family to sleep
Sita and her sisters are there in the room
Mandavi-sita , how is jija?
Sita- mandavi ,I have told u 100 times that he is not your jija . I will never accept that characterless man as my husband.
Sita- I am feeling sleepy. All of us will speak tomorrow morning.
All the sisters go to sleep.

Precap-sita wakes up early in the morning.she feels very weird.she bends down and looks at her body and notices CHEST HAIR ON HER CHEST. She screams
At the same ram gets up too .even he feels very weird. He notices that he is wearing a pink and blue dress. He screams out loud!!

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