ram and lakshman reach the royal palace
both the royal families are having food
they are talking and enjoying
ram and lakshman see them enjoying..
sunanda- ram, u came !! where were u

ram-maharani , I was strolling around mithila.your state is amazing
sunanda- thank u. Appreciation means a lot to me
janak- I want you to meet my elder daughter,the apple of my eye SITA
sita enters the room
ram sees her and becomes astonished

sita greets everyone present there
kaushalya – wow sita I love your etiquette,sunanda u have raised sita well
sita and sunanda smile
sita greets ram
ram greets back sita

ram-sita can I pls talk with u in private?
Sita hesitates but then agrees
They go to the gareden
Ram- sita can I plz ask u something
Sita-yes yuvraj
Ram – call me by my name ,ram

Sita-yes yuv ,I mean ram
Ram- I saw u at the streets today
Sita becomes shocked
Sita- u were watching me??
Ram-yes, I love your skills, they are really good
Ram- who taught u weaponry??
Sita- my father maharaj janak
Sita- can I ask u something ram?

Sita- do u like mithila?
Ram-of course, mithila is a blessed land
Sita smiles
Sita- can I ask u one more thing?
Ram- yes
Sita- how many wives woul u have in your future
Ram-one because I never believed I polygamy
Sita smiles and goes

Ram smiles
Sita rushes to urmilla
Urmilla-how is jijashree?
Sita- again jijashree?? He is not your jija!!
Urmilla- i wish he was my jija!!!
Sita pokes urmilla

Mandvi and shruthkirti reach the scenario
Mandvi- sita didi and urmilla are fighting, yes go sita didi u r almost winning
Shruthkirti- no mandvi didi urmilla didi u can do it!!!
Sita and urmilla give mandvi and shruthkirti the stink eye
Mandavi- ok it was a joke
They all smile and hug each other

Precap-ram tries to help a women to get up but he falls on top of her . sita sees this and becomes shocked.sita wonders to her self that ram is very indecent . he is behaving like a two rupee cheapde.she becomes embarrased thinking like this and starts crying and rushes out of the room.

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