Hey guys ,I am back hope all of u liked my first ff. ok here goes…
The next day in ayodhya
Dasharath had received a letter
He was grinning with happiness
He went to kaushalya s room
Dashrath- kaushalya, we have been invited for a grand festival
Kaushalya- oh wow where??
Kaushalya-mithila??? That is good news !!! all of us will leave for mithila tomorrow itself

Bharat and shatrughan overhear their conversation!
Bharat- shatrughan ,we r going to mithila tomorrow
Shatrughan-lets go tell this good news to ram and lakshman bhaiya
Both of them run and enter ram ‘s room
b-bhaiya guess what, we are going to mithila tomorrow?
Ram – really?? That Is amazing
s- yes bhaiya, now we will get to meet sita bhbhi
ram- hello, she is not your bhabhi!!
s- ok, my future to be bhabhi
ram hits shatrughan with a pillow
all of them have fun

the next day, the royal family leave to mithila
after some time, all of them reach mithila
lakshman-ram bhaiya! It is so pretty!!
They reach the palace of mithila
King janak welcomes them with open arms
He shows the royal family their respective rooms,etc
After some time
Ram- lakshman shall we explore mithila?
Lakshman-ok bhaiya

Ram and lakshman walk in the streets of mithila
There is a huge crowd midway
Ram and lakshman go next to the scenario and see a young girl fighting with goons
Behind her ,a boy of about 6 yrs Is standing and watching her fight
The young girl briskly holds the sword in one hand and a shield in the other…
She fights with the goons bravely
Ram is astonished by her beauty and skills
After some time, the young girl kills all the goons
The young girl carries the small boy and tries to pacify him
After that she hands back the small boy to his mother
Ram tries to talk to her but in vain
She rushes out of the scenario
Ram becomes desperate to meet her again….

Precap- janak introduces sita to the royal family.
Ram is astonished seeing her because she is the same girl whom he had seen fighting the goons in the morning
Ram and sita share a conversation

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    Nice ff

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    Oh wow sista this is just amazing !! Sita!! N future to b Bhabhi..gr8 one

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