Sizzling love story! Epi-6(Matsh)and naagin


Sorry guys for late update..??????????

The episode starts with Ishaani and khushi comes to house.. Ishaani makes her sit and gives tea.. She drinks and sleeps.. Ishaani sleeps down.. Ranveer comes back to house and sits on sofa.. He think about Ishaani and smiles.. Khushi gets dream.. Of romancing with ranveer!! Allah warriyan plays..

Ranveer gets shocked.. After seeing amba dress.. She asks ranveer this is. Good? He tells all dress is suitable for u! He praises her.. Infront.. He excuses and comes to room and asks kailash about it? He laughs.. Both laughs loudly.. Amba overhears this and comes there and holds both of them ears and tells today u won’t have food!

Ranveer tells her it is superb!! He hifi kailash and tells let us go to haribhavan hotels! All good will be superb!! Amba turns her face! Ranveer and kailash cools her down!

Shivanya comes to her house and gets ready.. Next day.. Shivanya comes to office and waits for ranveer.. He comes there and checks time and asks her why she came early? Shivanya replies.. “Punctuality is the collection of good habits “.. He smiles and tells her to be seated still he calls her!!

She agrees.. He tells her not to send anyone.. Becoz I have imp work! He leaves.. Shivanya sits.. Shikhar comes there.. Dancing and singing.. He comes there and tries to go in.. But she stops him and tells him to stay out of it! He asks what? Me?

Khushi gets up and sees ishaani sleeping down! She gets home teary eyes.. Khushi prays for her friend happiness!! She wakes her and shoes time.. Both tries to rush inside one washroom.. But Ishaani runs in first! Khushi waits.. Ishaani comes. Out.. Khushi tells kitna fast?? Did u take bath?? ???? Ishaani tells u!!

Precap:Shikhar and shivanya knok jhok fight.????Ranveer drives car rashly! Ishaani walks that side…

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  1. Nandana

    nice episode bro i really liked it update the next soon

    1. Narendran

      Sure.. I will try my best nandana!!??????

  2. Nandana

    ok bro??

  3. Siddhi

    Good episode yaar loved it bro

  4. Julina

    Loved it bro….

  5. Wonderful episode

  6. Jasmine rahul

    Till now khushi was fighting with ranveer. But now she is dreaming of romancing ranveer. Naughty khushi. Ranveer cant get away from ishani. Nice ishani khushi scenes. Guess there is going to be an interesting fight scene of rivanya. Please update the next part today itself

    1. Narendran

      Today I will update next epi!!

  7. Nice epi bro

  8. Superb dear u r doing a fantastic job keep it up. ?

  9. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    super super super

  10. Nice episode bro . waiting for precap. Sorry for late comment.

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