Sizzling love story! Epi-5(Matsh)and naagin

Thnx guys keep commenting

The episode starts with Ishaani and khushi sees two girls beating a man.. And gets shocked.. Ishaani tries to beat them.. But fails.. They both runs.. Ishaani and khushi helps the man. Ranveer comes there and tell I will call dare u beat him? Ishaani tells we did not! Khushi also tells the same.. Ishaani tells u came here also? Khushi also asks the same! Shivanya comes there on time and stops their fight!

Shivanya tells they are my friends.. Don’t do anything! Ranveer agrees and takes man with him! Ishaani tells this.. She tells let us go! They both comes near car… Ishaani bids bye to khushi snd tells to tske care.. She stands in fear! Ishaani tells I will come with u today! Khushi agrees.. Ishaani calls falguni and tells her I won’t come today! She asks why?

Falguni taunts khushi.. Ishaani tells her not to speak about her anymore! She cuts the call.. They both goes back to house.. Shikhar walks on road.. And clashes with Shivanya! They both share an eyelock.. Ranveer comes near car and stops Ishaani from getting in.. He holds her hand against car door.. Khushi does not see this..



  1. Neelam

    Nice Naren but don’t u think it was a little short i think u didn’t have time that’s why any ways the episode was good 😊

  2. Jasmine rahul

    Finally khushi ishani met ranveer together. Ishani defending khushi against falguni.what a friendship. Ricanya were so romantic. Y did ranveer behave like that with ishani

    • Narendran



      Thnx Prince😜😜😜😜😜😜😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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