Recap- urmila and lakshman were quarrelling among themselves. Urmila was astonished to know that she prepares teekhi bhojan.

Urmila- what !!! I prepare ‘teekhi’ bhojan ???

Lakshman- yeah. And do u know that I have given u a new name ?

Urmila- (blushes) and what is that ???

Lakshman- ‘teekhi’(smiles)

Urmila- what !!! (surprised) fine. From today I will not cook food and will not talk with u anymore (cries).

Lakshman- (hugs urmila) please forgive me for my words dear. I had no intention of making u cry. I was just joking with u. please don’t cry urmila. (tears started rolling down from lakshman’s eyes) If u cry then tears will also come in my eyes and it will seem to me as if this world is crying and my heart is breaking into a hundred pieces. If u don’t talk with me then I will be all alone in this entire world my dear.

Urmila gradually stops crying and smiles.

In the next scene, all the four sisters meet sita.

Urmila- a very happy birthday to u didi.

Mandvi- yeah didi. Many many happy returns to u.

Shrutkirti- happy birthday didi. Today we all want to decorate yours and jijashree’s room just like we used to do in mithila. Do u permit this ???

Sita- I am giving u permission but before u all start decorating the room, have a talk with raghunandan too. Ok ???

Urmila- its ok. We will surely do that.

They all leave for ram. Sita goes to the kitchen.

Urmila- (speaking to ram) jijashree, we all are here to seek permission from u.

Ram- what permission ???

Mandvi- today is sita didi’s birthday and we want to decorate yours and sita didi’d room.

Shrutkirti- yeah. Didi told correct. We want to deacorate the room nicely just as we used to do in mithila.

Ram- (in his mind) oooo!!!! So this is the secret bcoz of which sitae was looking so happy.

Urmila- do u have any problem ???

Ram- absolutely not. U all can surely do it.

They all left and started decorating siam’s room with flowers and such others. The door is closed form inside and at that point of time sita comes in front of their room.

Sita- raghunandan !!! are u inside ?????

Urmila plays a trick and making ram’s voice answers sita.

Urmila- yes dear sitae I am inside. I love u so much and I will never be able to forget u.

Sita- (astonished) raghunandan !!!! from when did your voice turned like a female voice ???

All the sisters laugh at this.

Urmila- what can I do ??? I have severe cough and cold and that is why my voice seems to u like that.

Sita- but why have u closed the door ????

Urmila- I have closed the door so that u can’t enter into the room. I want to stay alone for sometime.

Sita- fine. As u wish.

She leaves. All the four sisters can’t stop their laugh but they try to stop it and again started their work.

In the next scene, ram is preparing a gift for sita.

Ram- (in his mind) today u will get immense pleasure sitae, bcoz today I have prepared such a gift for u that u can’t stop yourself from being happy.

All the three queens, i.e. sumitra, kaikeyi and kaushalya are in the kitchen, cooking delicious dishes for sita.

Sita comes there.

Sita- mata, all of u are here !!! can I help u in cooking ????

Kaikeyi- no sita. Today we three will prepare food for all.

Sita- ok…….

Kaushalya and sumitra smile.

Sita becomes extremely sad bcoz no one wants her. Even her lovely husband also wants to stay alone. But she hasn’t forgotten about her three cute sisters and therefore she searches them. As she searches, she again comes in front of their room and gets startled.

We all are aware of siam’s immense love. They are like “don sharir ek pran”. So if sita is sad ram is always there for her to console her.

Here comes our ram ji…

Sita- (tensed and surprised) u…………are u alright ???

Ram- sitae, nothing happened to me.

Sita- but…………………..

Ram (holding siya)- (interrupts) happy birthday dear sitae. I always pray to god that u always remain happy , lovely , caring, kind and no sorrow can ever try to hurt u. i wish to god that every father and mother gets a kind and sweet daughter like u and every husband gets a beautiful, caring and lovely wife like u.

Sita (blushes and is full of immense happiness)- thank u so very much dear raghunandan. (surprised) but who told u that today is my birthday ???

She has forgotten that she had told her sisters to seek permission from him for decorating their room.

Ram- sitae, there exists some relations which had already been decided from heaven, just like our relationship. I love u from the core of my heart. You are my ‘ardhangini’. And the ones whom we love, we get to know all the secrets of them easily through love. Mandvi, urmila and shrutkirti told me about today. And now will u continue speaking, or will like to see my gift…

Sita (smiling)- of course, raghunandan !!!!!

Precap- ram closes sita’s eyes. He slowly opens the door of their room. He holds her carefully so that she does not fall and both of them enter the room with slow steps. Ram shows sita her gift , given by her beloved Raghunandan.

Pls pls pls pls cmnt dearies. Hope I did not waste ur time u spent in reading my ff. hope I did not bore u. criticism is also welcomed.

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