siyappaa wali ishqbazi part 8

Part 7

Hii guys this is savera back with a new episode and thank u all of u who have commented and sile reader u also comment yr plz…….its an humble request guys plz comment
Here the episode starts
Anika-run to the room while blushing and she closed the door and thinks why I m behaving like a typical girl I mean I never blush in my life so why I m blushing when billu ji asked me to kiss wait anika why r u thinking these nonsense things billu is going to marry that universe ki dukaan and I m going to become wedding planner so……..dont think stupid things or waise bhi u r sherni and sherni never blush she always roar only
She go to omru
Anika-om want to talk to di
Rudra-ya O I also want to talk to kanishka didi
Om-ok I m dialing the number
Anika-om today we will do vedio chat
Just then shivaay comes and anika thinks behave properly anika in front of him
Rudra-bhaiya we r going to vedio chat with kanishka didi
Shivaay-who is she?
Anika-my sister
Om is ready with vedio chat on laptop and kanishka come live on vedio chat
Anika-hlo di how r u?
Kanishka-is slightly shocked seeing shivomru

Here om hlo kanishka ji
Shivru and anika looked toward om and slightly says ji……..and exchange looks
Rudra-hlo didi how r u?,and shivaay says hey kanishka
Kanishka-hlo every one
Anika-di u recongnise them
Anika-ok tell me di who is om
Anika-I mean omkara
Kanishka-the long hair man is omkara
Shivomru and anika surprised how she recognize om correctly
Kaniska-what happen?
Om-how do u know that I m omkara
Kanishka-becoz u said kanishka ji to me
Anika-oh toh ji……..ka locha h,ok di he is rudra phlwan pointing toward rudra
Rudra-hlo diidi
Kanishka-hlo and asked anika who is he pointing toward shivaay
Anika-di wo he is he is my friend…..

Shivomru shocked listening this
Kanishka-only friend ya…
Anika-di he is my friend ok leave how is dara singh and langur
Kanishka-dara singh and daksh is searching for u every where anu this tym he will not leave u…..
Anika-I know di……but leave it u take care of urselfok and they cut the call
Omru leaves from there
Anika little bit tensed so shivaay comes to her and says so ……….i m ur friend
Anika-wo I was thinking to end up fight and lets just be friend
Shivaay-so tum challenge se darr gyi
Anika-its not like that I m not afraid to any one
Shivaay-so what about the challenge
Anika-u will not understand every girl has a dream to kiss first her prince charming so also like all girls I also have this dream ,I want to kiss the person for whom I have feeling chahe wo thodi si ku na ho I will kiss him and I don’t have any feeling for u so just for a challenge I cant break my dreams so I quit the challenge I loose but there is no one loose or win becoz it’s a tie between us becoz u loose one chanllenge and I loose one challenge so things r same
Shivaay get shocked listening all this becoz he never imagine like this that a tadibaaz girl can also talk like a typical girl
Anika about to go but she turns and says billu ji… I have one feeling for u can we become friends plz……..
Shivaay-but what will I get in return of friendship
Anika-sherni dost and I will teach u how to siyapaa in life so that u can enjoy ur life …..
Shivaay-ok then friends
They shake hands and hug each other
Shivaay-by the way why this sherni is getting senti today
Anika-no I m not senti I just to live my life fully with my friends ,di and all don’t know when dara singh will come here and kill me
On listening this shivaay covers her mouth by his hand and says don’t u dare to say like that again
Shivaay-becoz sherni never afraid of anyone or waise bhi madam dosti ki h nibhani toh pdegi
Anika-so the new KAWBB in front of me today
Shivaay-whats that KAWBB ?
Anika-kanji aakhon wala bagad billa
Shivaay –what but today I didn’t do anything
Anika-I mean thisKAWBB knows the filmy dialogue and all
Shivaay-ya I also watch movie
Just then tia comes and says shivaay baby
Anika thinks lo aa gyi kalmoohi universe ki dukaan
Shivaay-yes tia
Tia-baby I was searching for and u r here
Anika-billu ji u asked me what I will give u in return of friendship and I said siyapaa so gets ready to enjoy it she said slightly in shivaay’s ear
Anika-universe ki dukaan I mean tia u know ur shivaay baby is missing u a lot u know what he saying that tia is not like other girl she does not have that charm which every girl has ,I mean he is saying to me that u didn’t give him his first kiss yet
Shivaay was hell shocked and make expression like when did I say this,and stares anika I will not leave u for this
Tia-shivaay baby is that true…
Anika-teasingly bolo shivaay baby it is true
Anika-billu ji I m going as u need privacy right now…………and smiles winkly
Anika leave the room but she hide outside the room
Shivaay thinks that she is really a siyapaa queen I will not leave her
Tia comes closure to shivaay and shivaay gets nervous ……
Tia about to kiss him suddenly shivaay said tia I have a urgent meeting and I forget about that so I have to leave for that right now… sorry saying this he moves out of the room as hurry as he can
Tia-but shivaay baby……

Outside the room he sees anika laughing loudly seeing his situation and shivaay also laugh on himself
Anika just stared him becoz she sees him laughing for the first tym…and he looks really cute
As the tym passes shivika and omishka bonding grow stronger
Shivika has feelings for each other but named it as only friendship and omishka also started liking each other by talking vedio chats and phone calls
Here one day left for shitia marriage and dara singh got to know about anika…..

Precap-dara singh and langur daksh in oberio mansion and dara singh slap anika…….

Guys I know this part is boring but next part I will try to make it the good one part so sorry
For todays episode chemili,chandni,negative feedback all r allowed
Thank u

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    Superb,outstanding, amazing episode….
    I love it…thank you saver for updating soon
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  10. Not boring at all…Annika’s siyappas can never be boring…Bechari Tia…Annika and Shivaay are friends now…that’s great…..Oho Daara Singh ko bhi abhi aana tha that too with that Langur(Daksh)…But I think due to them Shitia’s marriage will stop..Let’s see.
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    Savera di , firstly chikni chamelI and all . U write so good , how can some one give you negative comments and we all love ur ff . I am sure every one will agree with me . u are an amazing writer in fact in this tu pg each and every writer is more than jhakkas so are you . Keep writing like this and post soon ha .

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    Loved it Savers di !! Not at all boring. We enjoy reading it☺

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