siyappaa wali ishqbazi part 7

Part 6
Hii guys this is savera again with new episode, thank u guys for commenting and I also want to request to silent reader to comment plz becoz I need ur support also so plz comment more and more
So here the episode starts
So shivaay says yes to marry
Anika gets very much happy and excited so she hug shivaay,and omru exchange looks
Shivaay gets shocked by her action but unknowily a smile come over his face and he repricrote the hug
But when anika realized what she is doing she moves aparts and says wo…wo I get excited so…..
Rudra-didi we can understand no need to explaination but next tym go into the room
Shivika gets shocked and says shut up rudra
Shivaay-guys I m going to my room I have lots of work to do so he leaves to his room
Shivaay in his room and this what happened to me why I got scared when she was doing drama I mean I don’t care about her but why I m felt happiness when she hugged me what is happening to me,then he thinks shivaay don’t think of her she means nothing to me and I also said yes to marriage and after my marriage she will go from there …..
Just then omru comes and says shivaay bhaiya but shivaay lost in his own thinking so he didn’t respond so rudra go near to him and shouted bhaiya………
Shivaay get scared and says rudra what r u doing my ears are normal then why r u shouting
Rudra-bhaiya ur ear r not normal from 5 minutes we r calling u and u r not responding what r u thinking
Om-rudra shivaay is thinking about anika
Shivaay get shocked on listening this and says frequently how do u know it
Omru-that means u r thinking about anika
Shivaay-no no I was just thinking anika is becoming my wedding planner and I m definitely sure she will create problem
Om-really shivaay u r thinking this or about pool incident
Shivaay-no….never…I was just thinking about wedding planner
Rudra-but bhaiya wedding planner is anika di so directly say na u r thinking about anika didi
Om smiles and rudra does his logic wala sign
Shivaay-ok enough I have to do lots of work so go

Next day
Omru go to anika room and says today lady baba is coming
Anika-baba………u rich people r very old u advice from baba I mean lady baba
Rudra-no didi lady baba is girl from ehom bhaiya says yes to marry
Anika-so he is marrying sadhu sant bhramcharini….
Om-no her name is tia and u will understand everything when she come here…..
Om-anika don’t u want to kanishka,may be she is worried for u
Anika-by the way mr jattadari I want to talk to her ya u want to talk to her
Rudra is confused as he is not getting what they r talking about
Om-no anika its not like that I just thought that she may be worried for u….
Rudra-guys one sec let me know who is kanishka and with whom O is desperate to talk
Om-I m not desperate to talking with anyone
Rudra-ha who toh dhikh rha h
Anika-kanishka is my sister and om wants to talk to her,by the way om u just listened her voice u got that much mad what will happen when u see her ,om say na ,tell tell
Rudra-ha O say na is there any something something and give hifi to anika
Om-there is nothing and u guys r impossible he moves out of the room while blushing
Rudra-I will also go that lady baba must be arriving
Anika-oye pehlwan listen one thing is om single or…….
Rudra-he is single by the way u have any other sister
Anika-nhi yr but I will my parents to give one more sister in next birth
Rudra-nhi…………… I don’t want to be bachlour and while laughing moves out of the room
And anika go to shivaay room

Shivaay is getting ready to go office
Anika-billu ji where r u going ?
Shivaay-why ?
Anika-becoz ur dulhania is coming I mean billu ki dulhania is coming
Shivaay-whats billu ki dulhania
Anika-u didn’t understand like movie badri ki dulhania here we have billu ki dulhania…….
Shivaay-u r impossible
Anika-ya I can do anything
Shivaay-no u cant do everything
Anika- I can do everything don’t try to challenge becoz already u have lost one challenge
Shivaay-but this tym I will not loose and move closer to her
Anika get tensed and says what r u doing but he gets more closer and put his hand around her waist
Anika heartbeat increased shivaay moved closer to her ear u cant do this and he kissed her on cheeks
Oh jaana plays
Anika gets shocked by his this action,she widens her eyes don’t know how how to react so she slightly pused him and runs out of the room,
Shivaay thinks what happened to me why I kissed her just to win challenge oh god what is happening to me I m not in my senses
He goes to hall where every one is waiting but anika is not there
Rudra-where is anika didi?
Prinku –sees anika and says she comes
Rudra-anika didi why ur cheeks are that much red
Anika-get shockedon listening this and keep her hand on her cheeks where shivaay kissed her,and she says nothing and start rubbing her cheeks
Shivaay smiles seeing her in awkard situation
But suddenly a voice comes from the main door…………
Shivaay baby…………..all looked on the main door
There they saw tia….she is wearing a short dress and anika forget everything about kiss and all
Anika moves toward rudra and she slightly said to rudra she is not looking like baba from any angle but I m thinking she is very poor that’s why she is able to wear full clothes
Rudra-slightly says didi logic ha….but after two minute u get to know why we call her lady baba
Anika-ok let see
Tia –comes to shivaay she kissed him on his cheek and hugged her
Anika-haww…. What a beshram cheepde she started in front of every one
Tia-shivaay baby I missed u lot u ,u know I send u a lot of reiki from London ,universe wants me to do that
Shivaay-ya tia I also missed u
Anika to rudra slightly
Rudra ur bhaiya is adult I mean his age is of doing marriage but she is saying him baby I mean from every angle I m not able to see him as a baby …..
Rudra-ya didi I never think like this u r very smart
Tia –u know shivaay baby universe wants us to be together that why u said yes to marriage
Anika-why is she saying universe universe I think she must have read geography very well in her childhood that why she is not able to forget universe ,that means after marriage billu ji also say universe universein his every line
Rudra-didi this is just start that’why we call her lady baba
Tia moved to meet pinky,dadi ,and all in between anika go to shivaay and slightly said…
Billu ji u r going to marry this universe ki dukaan ,but I m advicing u to run away from the marriage else whole life become only of two words shivaay baby,and universe,I can give u training also how to run away from marriage
Shivaay-smiles and u don’t know anything rather than running and tia is very good girl she is very decent she has everything so I will run away from marriage
Anika-thinks ya I can see how much decent she is
And if u run away from marriage then what will u give
Shivaay-this will never happen and first u complete the challenge what I have given to u or say u cant do this
Anika-why will I say I cant do this I just a kiss……and she stoped
Shivaay-teasingly yaa it just a kiss…..
Anika-wo I have some work to om so I will just back she moves from there as hurry as she can
While shivaay smiles seeing her

Precap-shivika becomes friends

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