siyappaa wali ishqbazi part 6

Hii guys this is savera again with a new episode of siyaapaa wali ishqbazi thank u all for ur valuable comments and I have noticed one thing in all the comments thateveryone is supporting anika that she should win ,but no one on the side of billu ji very bad guys [just joking]
So here the episode starts

At anika house
Kanishka –chks her phone which has a miscall from om ‘s number ,she thinks whose number is this may be anu is calling me, so she calls back on the number
In oberio mansion
Om was working on his sculpture and his phone rings and he pick the call
Kanishka on call
Kanishka-hlo who’s this?
Om-I m sorry but u have called to me so I should ask this from u
Kanishka-but I have a missed call from this number that’s why I called
Om-but I didn’t call anyone
Kanishka-so I m sorry I thought kisi ki apne ka phone but I m really sorry
Om was about to say something but she cut the call
Kanishka-thinks anu where r u ? atleast u should tell me na about this I m really tensed about u
Here om thinks who’s that girl who called me but she has a nice voice ,then he thinks om u don’t know her then he thinks she said to me that I called her so she called back ,so he chks his call logs after seeing his call logs he reminds that anika called from my number to someone may be she is her sister or something else.

After thinking all this he called her back
Kanishka –mobile rings she sees the number and thinks the same number and thinks just now he was saying that he didn’t call me and he is calling me again
She picks up the call and says why r u calling me back when u said before see I don’t know u so don’t call again,I know boys like u very well but called and then denied to accept it and then keep calling she said all this in one breath
Om get shocked listening all becoz he think before some tym she was talking very sweetly and don’t know what happened to her now.
Om-u said just tym before sayed kisi apne ka call h
Kanishka-oh u noticed that line very nicely see listen to don’t try to be oversmart
Om-thinks these girls r impossible so he said do u know anika…….
On listening this she calmed down and say what did u say?
Om-anika…… do u know anika
Kanishka-on listening this she closes her room door ask him slightly tears in her eyes do u know where is she ,I want to talk to her is she fine and she start crying she asked him to say something tell me is she safe or not plz tell me where is my sister
Om-just relaxed don’t cry anika is with us and she is safe and u plz don’t cry
Kanishka-kya aap meri ek baar use baat krwa skte ho just for once plz…….
Om-ya I will ask her to call u
Kanishka-plz I want to talk her now
Om-ok just hold and can u plz tell me ur name so that I can tell her who is on the call
Om –ok and go to anika room,says anika kanishka wants to talk to u…..

Anika-gets shocked on listenining kanishka name and have tears in her eyes and says di… wants to talk to me…..
Anika take phone from his hand and says h…hl…hlo
Kanishka-anu what do u think of urself u know na what u have atleast u should tell me about this ,u know what I m thinking now u didn’t tell me becoz I m not ur real sister afterall I m ur cousin na….
Anika-start crying and says no di….its not like that for me u the most important person and I recognize u more than my real sister u know na u only 6 month elder than me but always called u di after my parents death u ,taya ji and tayi ji take care of me and u know di u always used to save me from dara singh
Kanishka-but this tym anu I cant save u from dara singh he is searching for u and he will kill u,u did wrong anu by running away from marriage
Anika-ya di I did wrong becoz what I did today u should do that thing a year ago u should ran away from marriage that day then nothing would happened with u the man with whom dara singh fixed ur marriage he was a cheater he never loved u but u never told us and after we get to know about this we helped in taking divorce from that man,and what ‘s the guarantee di that langur will not do all this to me u know after all that happened to u I don’t trust dara singh
Kanishka-anu why r we discussing about him and all and he was my past and the which happened to me will never happened to u becoz if some one try to do all this to u ,then u will eat him becoz u r forgetting that u r batinda ki sherni…
Anika-ya di wo toh h…..di u don’t worry about me I m gud here u just take care of ur self and u can call me on om’s mobile u know he is very decent ….
Om who was standing there listened all this and a smile come over his face
Kanishka-ok anu ok give mobile to that decent man
Anika-why di by the way his name is omkara
Kanishka-just give him becoz I want to say thank u
Anika give mobile to om

Kanishka to om wo omkara I m really sorry for that and thank u for what u did to anika actually I have bad experience with men so that’s why I said all this I m sorry
Om-its ok kanishka ji I can understand ,and we had lots of bad experience then just think the good one experience still in waiting line..
Kanishka-ya… ok bye and cuts the call
Anika to om
Thank u om for all this
Om-its ok but ur sister is very caring
Anika-I know she loves me a lot
Here in the hall
Shivaay is not at home
Pinky-mummy ji I have decided that my shivaay will marry mrs kapoor’s daughter
Dadi-but shivaay is not ready for marriage
Pinky-mummy ji u donts know boys once tia come here shivaay will automatically say yes to her,and I have finalise everything wedding planner and all my shivaay wedding will happen best weddings ever
Just then anika comes and says dadi if u r searching for wedding planner then u can give me this job actually I m also searching for job I will do decoration very much khidkitod
Pinky-ha the girl who runs away from her own marriage will become the wedding plannar of my shivaay wedding
Puttar I will give u the job but billu is not ready for marriage when he say yes u can start ur work
Anika-ok dadi and goes from there
Anika think on his way why this billu don’t want to get marry I have to do something so that he will say yes
Shivaay comes home
And anika go to her room ,

anika sees him and billu ji how r u?
Shivaay-just stare her what happened to her
Anika-billu u know I got the job I become the wedding planner of shivaay singh oberio
Shivaay gets shocked on listening this …..
And says the girl who run away from her own marriage will become the wedding planner
Anika gets angry on listening this and takes a glass of water and throw water on his face and says this tym I m only throwing water on ur face if u say a word more abouy me I will throw u in swimming pool
And she start leaving
Shivaay gets shocked by her warning so he moves and holds her and pick her up in his arm and throw her in swimming pool and he does his signature step……..and turns back to go
Just then he realized that anika didn’t come out of pool yet so he panicked about her he shout anika…….
And jumps into the pool and take out anika from the pool who is fainted
And he shouts anika get up… get up anika and chks her pulse but she is not getting up he is almost to cry he shouted om ,rudra
Omru comes sees anika and get tensed
Shivaay –om call the doctor…..
Rudra-didi get up
Shivaay –anika get up plz get up,see m daarr gya

Just then anika opens her eyes and and starts laughing loudly while sitting
Shivomru get shocked seeing her like this
Anika-look at ur face billu ji u also have a fear of going jail becoz if I died then u will go jail
Shivaay-I don’t have any fear
Anika-but just before u accepted it
Now I won the bet
Rudra-didi which bet
Anika-ur bhaiya said to me that he has no fear but he has fear of going jail
Om-anika I think he has no fear of going jail but he has a fear of loosing someone special
Shivaay looks on and ask ok tell me anika what do u want
Anika-saadi krlo
Anika-u r shocking like this as if I m saying u to marry me don’t worry I will not marry u
Shivaay-he says yes to marry tia…..

Precap-tia comes and shivaay baby………….. and hug him after a while anika said to shivaay slightly if u r going to marry her then I advice u to run away on the day of marriage I can give u training also shivaay looks at her sweetly

Sorry guys for any mistake and plz comment more and more
Thank u

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