siyappaa wali ishqbazi part 5

Hlo guys how r u all,thank u guys for commenting but for those who didn’t comment plz u also comment and here I m going to start another episode of siyapaa wali ishqbazi………..
Here the episode start
Shivaay in anger went to his room and think all the incident which happened with anika and then he sees his hand which has bite mark which anika gave him in return of his tadi bazi just then his phone rings and in anger he throw his phone.
Anika ask rudra about prinku’s room so that she can change her dulhan attire
Rudra told her about room and she finally change her clothes
She then goes to her room

Anika thinks that she needs to find any job becoz I have asked dadi only for 2 days and after two days I have to go from there
She then thinks what may be happening at house may be dara singh is in full form in search of me .dont know how kanishka di may be handling all this she is already tensed ,may be di … must angry on me I should talk to her,but I don’t have phone from where I will call her I have to find a new way.
At evening
She comes downstairs
A servant come and ask mam do u need something
Anika thinks arey waah these oberio live like people in tv serial
Anika said I need tea
Servant says ok mam and she move toward kitchen just then shivaay comes in kitchen and ask servant to make Americano as his coffee machine is not working and and he has headache
After all this om ru ,shivika comes to the hall
Rudra-anika di di u r confortable here or not
Anika-pehlwan I can search my confort zone anywhere
Shivaay-don’t try to be more confortable here as u r forgetting that u have to leave after two days
Anika-oh hlo mr billu ji my memory is very sharp and I eat 21 almonds daily so stop giving me advice
Shivaay-don’t u have manners how to talk

Anika-no I don’t have becoz I have never learnt it na…
Just then servant come with tea or Americano rudra signals him to keep the tray on table and ask him to go as shivika were fighting
Shivaay-u know what I don’t want to talk to u
Anika-ha jaise I m dying for talking to u
She then sees the tray and pick up the cup of tea but accidently she picks up Americano
She take a sip of coffee and shivaay who was standing in front of her and spit on shivaay ‘s shirt and says eeww……… and make funny faces
Shivaay who was shocked by her action and omru asusual cups their mouth and fully shocked
Shivaay-what the wuck how dare u………..
Anika-billu ji its not my mistake I don’t know this cup has kaali coffee
Shivaay-its not kaali coffee its Americano
Shivaay-its no sair… its espresso
Anika-I don’t care if it is sairabano or satabdi express,how can someone that much bitter kaali coffee
Rudra-didi its my bhaiya’s favourite
Anika-o bête ki now I m getting the point why always billu ji remain chidchide becoz his mood get spoiled by this kaali coffee
Shivaay-u know what I don’t want to talk to u and about to go just just anika intrupted him
Anika-acha suniye
Omru looking each other and exchanging looks suniye…..
Shivaay-also get shocked that this girl can also speak like this…
Shivaay looking at her more curiously that what she is going to say with that much sweetness
Anika-wo can u plz give me ur phone I need to call
Rudra laughed on this and says didi my logic is saying that right now bhaiya don’t have phone becoz u have done so much from morning that bhaiya must have thrown his phone, looking at shivaay ku bhaiya am I right
Shivaay-ya.. he is right

Rudra-didi u take my phone he put his hand in his pocket to take out mobile but he said he has forgotten his mobile in room,he then take out om’s mobile and give to anika and says didi u can call from O mobile
Anika takes it and says thank u
Anika dials the number of kanishka ,the mobile start to ring but just then anika cuts the call and give back mobile to om
Rudra-what happened didi call didn’t connect
Anika-no.nothing like that I just don’t want to talk and she is having slightly tears in her eyes
Shivaay-u don’t want to talk or u don’t have the courage to talk to ur famiky
Anika didn’t say any word and go to her room shivaay looks on becoz he was expecting that she will fight with him but she didn’t say any word
Anika –in her room she sits on the bed and says to herself ya I don’t have courage to talk to my di
While shivaay on his way thinking about anika so he decided to check out anika for once
As he about to enter her room just then electricity gone
And anika has a fear of darkness she start taking breathing heavily she says di… di… where r u? u know na I have fear of darkness di light has gone di plz come
Shivaay go near to her in darkness and keep his one hand on her shoulder about to say something but anika hug him expecting her di has come
Oh jaana plays while hugging
Just then light come
She get shocked on seeing him and says u…. what r u doing here
Shivaay-didn’t tell her that he has come to chk her but he said to her that u r shouting in darkness so I come inside
Anika-wo..wo I m not shouting

Shivaay-so… bhatinda ki sherni has a fear of darkness
Anika-wo..ha toh what a big thing everyone has a fear of something,u also may have fear of something
Shivaay-shivaay singh oberio doesn’t have fear of anything
Anika-I know u r not accepting it becoz u r showing tadi but if I prove that u also fear of something then
Shivaay intruppted I challenge u I don’t have fear of anything
Anika-challenge accepted I will prove in 24 hours that u also have fear of something and tell me one thing what will u give me if I won
Shivaay-this will never happen becoz shivaay singh oberio doesn’t learn to loose
Anika-if this happens then u will do what I said
Shivaay-ok but this will never happen
Anika-let see waise billu ji darr sabko lgta h…. and does his signature step
Music plays

Precap-will anika win the challenge guys what do u want to say about it


And guys sorry for any mistake and plz comment more and more
Thank u

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  2. Superb.. Anika should win its so nice nd takkar

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  8. Ofcourse Annika should win the bet but its upto you to find Shivaay’s fear because as far as I know he’s only afraid of losing Annika…So let’s see what you bring up.Why do you want to bring Kanishka in OM? If you bring her ,please keep her away from Shivaay.
    Waiting for the next part.

    1. Savera

      Thank u tanz for commenting and kanishka is so she will not go to billu don’t worry about that keep commenting yr and supporting like this?

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    Saver di . Firstly a very big SORRY , as I was not able to comment on ur last epi . I read the epi some time B4 only . As really busy . So SORRY.
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    Loved it .???

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  12. Superb update dear. om and kanishka will be good match but want to know anika and kanishka are twins or? and anika calls kanishka di then why anika’s marriage was happening before than kanishka?????????????????
    loved your story….waiting for next
    Shivaay and anika like always superb se bhi upar. rudra, om and anika always awesome………
    rudra’s logic………….just love everything in your story.

    1. Thank u starlight for such a sweet comment and all ur confusion will clear in next episode thank u keep commenting keep supporting me like this

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