siyappaa wali ishqbazi – part 3

Hii guys this is savera again with the new part of siyaapaa ishqbaazi ka thank u guys for commenting on my ff and silent reader u plz guys its an humble request plz comment……

Here the episode starts

Anika still unconscious
And outside the room every one is questioning shivaay about her and not even given him any chance to speak him and just continuously questioning him
Shivaay-let me speak u guys r not giving me chance to speak
Rudra-bhaiya u become that much praya dhan u get married and not even tell us start doing acting of crying
Shivaay-rudra shut up I didn’t do anything and about to speak just then his phone rings he says excuse me I need to attend the call so he leaves from there
Omru,dadi,pinky went to room in which anika is resting
Anika slightly opens her eyes
Rudra excitedly dadi bhabhi ko hosh aa gya
Pinky –o my mata rudra listen one thing she is not ur bhabhi
Rudra-choti maa we have to accept the truth that she is our bhabhi no one can change this truth
Om-choti maa rudra is right
Anika-who trying to gets up get confused what is happening here and where I m? she then widens her eyes and this khi I get married to that langur but why I m not able to recognize them ,she then closes her eyes to remember all the things and on her remind vedio and get to everything that after fainting I m here,and thinks why this phlwan saying bhabhi to me ,she was trying to understand the situation.
Just then rudra sees her and take up a glasss of juice to serve and says bhabhi u drink this u will feel better
Dadi-puttar tu billu ki biwi h so he is ur devar
Anika-now who is billu ,I ran away from marriage becoz I don’t want to get married to that langur and I got billlu baba ji what is happening with me
Anika-about to speak something
But pinky speaks sun ldki my billu has accepted u but I will never accept u ,o my mata from where this girl has come
Anika thinks o bête ki billu’s mummy is very much behaving like typical saas
But who is this 2rs billu and where is he who said in his house that I m his wife
He doesn’t know who I m aaloo puri ki kasam I will not leave him
Rudra-bhabhi plz tell us na what bhaiya told u about us
Anika-thinks how will I tell u I don’t know ur bhaiya baba ji why u always trouble me
Om-ya bhabhi tell us
Just then shivaay enters
She is not ur bhabhi and mom and dadi she is not ur bahu
Anika sees him and thinks oh so he is billu…. Ye billu kam kanji aakho wala bagadbilla lag rha h
Baba ji why I always get animals first I got langur and then this bagadbilla
Shivaay tells he even don’t know her name and explain every thing
Pinky –shivaay u r saying truth she is not my bahu
Anika-ya aunty ji I m also trying to say that I m not ur billu’s wife and pinky happily leaves room.
Omru cups their mouth on listening billu in shock
Shivaay- what did u say ?
Anika-billu ji said that no I said to ur mom that I m not I mean ur billu ji I m not ur wife
Rudra-om what will happen to this innocent girl now
Anika sees omru cupping their mouth and ask them why u both r in shock
Rudra-wo…wo becoz u said billu
Anika-oh ya I m also thinking I should not call him billu ji becoz billu ji didn’t suit on him his name must be kanji aakho wala bagad billa and she start laughing
Now all the person present over there r hell shocked
And shivaay anger on some other level
Shivaay-shouts what do u think of urself see who ever u r don’t u dare to speak like that again
Anika gets up from the bed and stands in front of him
Anika-first of all billu ji my self anika………
Shivaay-what is ur surname
Anika-why from my surname u will make aaloo puri
Shivaay –u don’t know who I m?
Anika-I know u .u r billu no no u r kanji aakhon wala bagad billa
Shivaay anger now some other level he twist her hand and says I m shivaay singh oberio don’t u dare dare to call me by that word
Anika is anika shivaay is twisting her hand but in pain she didn’t leave her swag and ask what should not I call u billu ji……
Rudra-om ,dadi this didi is rani jhasi ki
Om-jhasi ki raani
Rudra-then what matters rani jhasi ki or jhasi ki rani go on feelings not on words
Dadi-for the first tym I have seen a girl who is taking takkar to my billu
Omru-yaa dadi we r waiting what will happen next
Shivaay-I told u don’t call me by that word
Anika-I m not afraid of anyone becoz the girl who can run away from marriage can face dara singh then u r nothing in front of me u understand
Shivaay twisted her hand more tightly u don’t know about my anger
Anika-oh billu ji so this was a trailer of ur anger and movie is left yet
Billu ji u also don’t know one thing this was a trailer of my swag but picture abhi baki h
She takes her hand in front by force which is shivaay holding and bites his hand
Shivaay shout ouch…….. and leave her hand and about to see her but before he can see her she threw water on his face
Now omru ,dadi get double triple shocked
Rudra-ye didi toh gyi
Anika-if u r shivaay singh oberio then I m also anika bhatinda ki sherni………..
Anika about to leave but she said to rudra
Oye pehlwan may I get something to eat or not I m hungry from last night
Rudra – slightly said to om bhaiya shows his anger on bhookhi sherni that’s why all this happen to bhaiya
Anika-what happened pehlwan
Rudra-nothing didi and said to om u handle my sher and I will handle sherni and move from there.
And they both leave

Precap-not decided yet

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