siyappaa wali ishqbazi – part 2

Part 1

Hii guys this is savera I know manyof u didn’t like it becoz I got very less comment but I will try my best to give the best ff and I m glad for that this tym silent readers have commented keep commenting guys it will give me energy to write plz guys comment……………

So here the episode starts
The day of marriage of anika
Kanishka-anu what r u doing u didn’t get ready,baraat is about to arrive
Anika-ya di I m just geetin ready and then thinks how will I tell u that how will I run in these heavy jewellery and lehena
Kanishka-where r u lost anu go just wear the lehenga the make up girl is about to arrive
Anika-hug kanishka and say di I will miss u a lot di
Kanishka-ya anu I will miss u to….
Anika-di….. tell me one thing do u always be with me in my every decision
Kanishka-ya I always be with u but u don’t try to do any ulta-fulta kaam I mean in ur language all the members r happy bs raita mat faila dena…….
Anika thinks ya di how will I tell u that raita failna wala h becoz I don’t want to marry that langur
Kanishka-ok enough of talks just be ready I m going outside to see all the arrangement
Anika-ya di… u go
Kanishka –start leaving but anika stops her by calling her kanishka turns back
Anika-di ……..i love u…..
Kanishka-love u too but save some words of I love u for ur langur also
Anika thinks di that day will never come when I have to say I love u to that langur
Anika get ready in the dulhan attire
Kanishka come to see her
Kanishka- anu u r looking world’s beautiful girl and hug her
Just then a girl come and says di baraat has arrived
Kanishka-ya I m coming u go and says to anika ,anu ur langur has come
Anika-ya di …
Kanishka-go out of the roomto welcome baraat
Daksh finally arrived and his eyes r searching for anika
Kanishka-dulhe raja just wait for some tym ur dulhan will come soon
Daksh-smiles and says yaa di…..

In anika room
Anika talking to her self anu u have only 5 minutes to from there else u have to marry that 2rs langur
She thinks every one busy on welcoming of barrat I will go backside gate there may be no onethere she just go backside the door and run away in her dulhan attire then she reaches to railway station and sit in the train of Mumbai
Here in her house
The welcome of barat all happened daal ji ask kanishka to take anika to themandap
Kanishka go to her room to take but but when she reaches she finds her no where and finds a letter near bed
In which anika has written
I m sorry di,daal ji but I cant marry daksh becoz I want to live my life on my own condition I know very well that daal ji will kill me but for the tym he didn’t find me atleast tb tk I want to live my life di u take care of ur self plz sorry and u told me that u always be with me…………don’t forget that I will safe di …..u don’t take tension bas last tym u handle everything
Kanishka- while crying anu what u have done how will I tell everyone daal ji will kill u .u don’t even think of his respect

In train anika is thinking may be by this tym di get to know I m not in room but what will I do I want to live my life baba ji I m sorry but from childhood I have a wish to run away from marriage like happened in movies I complete my wish yaah I m feeling very happy ………mumbai I m coming to u I want to live my life and train starts to depart
In her house
Kanishka went down tell everyone about her
Daal ji and every one get shocked about her daal ji sits down holding his heart kanishka shout daal ji r u ok…
Daal ji in anger and tell every one search about anika and kill her she didn’t even think of our family respect
Daksh also get angry u didn’t do right anika to run away from marriage u have to pay for it……
All search for anika but anika reaches to Mumbai
After reaching Mumbai anika thinks where will I go in this big city I don’t know anyone here and I have to change this dulhan attire becoz every one is staring me like this they have never seen a dulhan before
She takes a taxi…….
Driver ask her madam u r going to ur own marriage alone
Anika-bhaiya don’t act smart u just drive else I have my new chemeli
Driver-madam chemeli ?
Anika-meri chappal
Driver slightly frightened and drive the car

In oberio mansion
Pinky starts again to shivaay to get marry
Shivaay gets frustrated with these talks and says mom when will u stop saying this nonsense I don’t want to get marry
Pinky-shivaay sadi toh krni pdegi kuwara thodi na mrega tu
Rudra-bhaiya if u have seen a girl from whom u loved u can take her home love marriage is allowed in our house
Shivaay-shut up rudra I have a work I m leaving
Pinky-what work u have in late night
Shivaay-don’t know mom but I want to be away from this marriage discussion and leave from there angrily
Anika-ask driver to stop and she pay the money
Anika while walking on road where will I go in this late night baba ji plz jldi se subh kr do
She was walking on road suddenly a car harshly driven about to hit a puppy but anika rapidly come in between and save the puppy but anika fall on road she slightly hurt on her head and she fainted
Shivaay-who applied sudden break says what the wuck from where this girl come in between
Shivaay ask her to get up but she didn’t wake up so he pick her up in his arm and take her to oberio mansion becoz if he had taken her to hospital then next morning this thing will be on news headlines
Shivaay reaches to oberio mansion while anika is in his arm in dulhan attire
Rudra-bhaiya in shock u get married without telling us
Shivaay-om call the doctor
Rudra-now I get to know why r u not getting ready for marriage becoz u have already search a bride for u…..
Shivaay-rudra will u just shut up and take anika to his room
Pinky-shivaay first u tell me who is this girl
Rudra-choti maa u r not able to see she is ur bahu and hmari bhabhi…..
Shivaay-om u ask rudra to keep quite
Om-tell us shivaay who is she?
Shivaay-om tub hi start ho gya
Pinky-shivaay I tell u one thing this girl cant become my bahu
Shivaay –will u all just shut up
Just then doctor comes and treat her
Doctor says she is fine but slightly hurt on head she will be fine and doctor goes from there

Precap-hungama in oberio becoz of anika

Guys sorry for any mistake plz comment more and more plz guys plz silent reader u also comment
Thank u


  1. Siddhi

    This comment is deleted.

    Reason: Misusing other’s identity and using multiple identities.

  2. Siddhi

    This comment is deleted.

    Reason: Misusing other’s identity and using multiple identities.

  3. Tanz

    Nice part Savera,Annika running away and her thoughts were amusing and funny.This Rudra…he can’t keep his mouth shut…always thinks the wrong way..I liked this part.
    Waiting eagerly for the next

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