Siyappa Shaadi Ka(swasan and shivika) Few shots by Mars Shot 3

Siyappa Shaadi Ka(Few shots)
Swasan and shivika
Shot 3
In corridor:
Sanskar and shivaay are wandering where to go. Shivaay looked at Sanskar angrily and said
Shivaay: its all bcoz of you sanskar. U were stubborn to go to club now see.
Sanskar(pout) : u also came with me and enjoyed now blaming me only.
Shivaay:uff leave all that think what to do?
Sanskar:let’s sleep here only.

Sanskar said pointing to floor. Shivaay glared at him and said
Shivaay:shut up. If anyone will see us here then be ready to see tomorrow’s headline
“Businessman Shivaay Singh Oberio and Sanskar Maheshwari thrown out from their house”.
Sanskar started laughing seeing his scared face.
Shivaay:no no I can’t imagine also what about my reputation.
Sanskar :okay u don’t want to be here.
Shivaay nodded.

Sanskar:then I have mindblowing idea.
Shivaay(hopefully): tell
Sanskar:we should go back to that club only and enjoy full night and now they already knew also then let’s have fun.
Shivaay(annoyed): can’t u be serious?

Sanskar; in my brain only this idea came now think yourself.
Shivaay and sanskar started moving here and there in corridor thinking where to go.
Shivaay: idea!!
Sanskar: what?
Shivaay: terrace we will sleep on terrace as no one will come there and in the morning we will pacify them.
Sanskar:perfect. let’s go to terrace.
Sanskar and shivaay left to terrace.

Swasan flat:
Swara is sitting and thinking how Sanskar lied to her. Tears formed in her eyes. She felt sad for him when he was pleading to open the door.
Swara: I should see him once.
Swara got up and went outside but didn’t find Sanskar.She got little scared that where he went. Swara locked her house and went to anika.

Shivika’s flat:
After listening to door bell anika opened the door and saw swara starting there fidgeting her fingers.
Anika: swara come inside.
Swara: di Sanskar is not outside.
Anika: don’t worry they must be roaming. Sharam naam ki tho cheez hi nahi hai(they don’t have shame at all)
Swara(tensed): they will be ok??
Anika: yes u leave them come u sleep with me.
Swara: okay.
Swara and anika went to room and after chitchatting for sometimes both slept.

Sanskar and shivaay are finding good place to sleep. Then Sanskar place his blanket in the centre and lie upon it.
Shivaay was still looking around with comforter and pillow in his hand.
Shivaay: see what days have come the great Shivaay Singh Oberio has to sleep on floor.
Sanskar (look at him): ohhh the great shivaay come and sleep.
Shivaay signed and put blanket beside Sanskar and lie on it.
Both are lying on floor and staring at get sky which is filled with stars.
Sanskar(dreamingly): now I would have been cuddling in my shona’s embrace and all this happen bcoz of anika bro.

Shivaay:what anika did?
Sanskar:ohhh as if u don’t know. Shona didn’t got single doubt also that I went for party and when we were about to sleep anika madam’s call came and she told her everything.(crying face)
Shivaay:then its good why I should be punished alone.
Sanskar:don’t u think bro out life have become boring after marriage.
Shivaay: before marriage we used to do late night parties no restrictions.
Sanskar: yeah these are all siyappe shaadi ke.Bachelor’s life is best

Shivaay; hmmm what we should do divorce our wives???
Sanskar(shouted at top): noooooo I can’t live without my shona.
Shivaay:even I love anika a lot.So nothing could be done better sleep.
Sanskar: hmm have to sleep without my shona baby so sad(wipe his imaginary tears)
Shivaay signed seeing his nautanki.
Soon both slept.

Shivika’s house:
Swara and anika is having tea. Swara is again and again looking at door. Anika signed and said
Anika: swara u are always caring for sanskar so much that’s why he take advantage of your innocence.
Swara:but now if they will ask sorry we should forgive them.
Anika:no not so soon let them realize.
Swara: but..

Anika:swara u know what they must be doing in club?
Swara shook her head in no.
Anika:they must be dancing drinking and more over looking at other girls
Swara: what???Really
Anika:yes now u only think they are married so all this suits them.
Swara:no I will not talk to sanskar how can he look at other girls.
Anika;good then only they will understand.

Shivaay and sanskar had got up and are all set to go and talk to their wives.
Sanskar: bro we should leave pillow and blanket here only.

Sanskar:if anyone will see then what we will say?
Shivaay: yeah right.
Adjusting their clothes they both went to their flats with full attitude.
Sanskar saw lock at his house.
Sanskar:again locked..? Means
Shivaay: at my house.
Instantly shivaay and sanskar are standing at shiviks’s flat door.
Shivaay: let me try first.
Sanskar: sure.
Shivaay(clear his throat):Anika Darling
Anika and swara listen him.
Swara was about to speak but anika gesture her to be quite.
Shivaay called for many times but no response.
Sanskar (laughs): over ??let me try now.

Shivaay make faces.
Sanskar: my swara baby is there?
Swara(unknowingly): yes
Anika hit her forehead that this girl can’t control. Swara give sorry look to her.
Outside, sanskar give victory smile to shivaay
Sanskar(teasing): see with one call my baby spoke.
Shivaay:OK ok but ask her to open the door.

Sanskar: swara plzz open the door I m very sorry.
Shivaay Chuckles.
Sanskar:but why?
Swara:bcoz u were looking at other girls. How can u do this sanskar very bad.
Sanskar: no no its nothing like that we didn’t saw anyone.plzz open it.
Then only a lady in mid fifties pass from corridor. She look at sanskar and shivaay with narrow eyes as they clinging to door.
Sanskar started jogging standing at a position.

Sanskar:today we did maximum jogging bro but its good for health.
Shivaay:ohh yes(to lady): good morning Mrs William how r u?(fake smile)
Lady:morning and I m good but what are u doing here?.
Sanskar: we came from jogging.
Shivaay:u should also do exercise daily.

Lady:okay then go inside.
Shivaay:yeah we are going only.
Lady: bye
Sanskar:good bye.
Shivaay;now its dangerous to stand here people started coming.
Sanskar:yup we have to do something fast.

To be continued….

Precap:Last Part.

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  1. NDSG


    |Registered Member

    My Shona doll is soo cute…😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😍😘
    But Anika di 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 don’t do this… I know punishment is necessary but they already spend whole night out….

    Chalo sanky k side se I’m sorry πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.
    Lovely story now coming to end but I’m happy u wrote new story… 😘😘😘😘😘 love u super girl

  2. Rosey


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    Sahi like this. Shaaadi siyaapa too funny…poor Sanskaar and shivaaye…hahaha seriously…and Shona is so innocent…post soon

  3. Neptune


    |Registered Member

    he he they should face this only..marsuuu aur ache se sabak sikhana inhe especially sanku..huh taking advantage of my innocent shona…

  4. hellyfan

    woww awesome part dii………. but why last nooo……

    chalo itsok i can understand u have soo many ffs na so its ok u can end it but no other okay

  5. Mica


    |Registered Member

    hahahahha huh! let’s the hubby suffer more !!! goooshhhh this Swara na ! maybe i will be this kind of anika when marry πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. Ankita27


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    Wonderful update… loved it… sanskar: ohh the great shivay come n sleep…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Achha sabak sikhaya boys ko… waiting for the next update…

  7. Gayathri.visu


    |Registered Member

    Oh god Marsuuu….can’t control my laughter! Nautanki Sanskaar….n innocent Swara!! Tadibaaz Anika…! The great Shivaay singh Oberoi….can’t imagine his state like this…!! Very funny yaar.

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