Siyappa Shaadi Ka(swasan and shivika) Few shots by Mars Shot 2

Hloo guys!!! This is mars back with next shot. Thank you so much for your Amazing response on previous part.
I had written this shot at jet speed so I initially only apologize for mistakes.
Let’s begin:

(Swasan and Shivika)Few Shots
Shivika’s house:
Shivaay looked at sanskar who is so much indulge with swara that he forgot that why he is here and bcoz of this shivaay is getting irritated.
Sanskar has wrapped his hands around swara’s waist and she is playing with his hairs.
Shivaay saw that anika is busy is setting clothes so taking a chance he took one pen from side table and hitted at Sanskar.
Sanskar: ouch
Swara: what happened??
Sanskar: nothing.
Sanskar looked at annoyed shivaaj. He raised his eyebrow at sanskar.
Now Sanskar realizes that he had to talk about party.He assures shivaaj through his eyes.
Sanskar (clearing his throat): swara I want to say that…
Swara: what ??
Sanskar: actually tonight there is important meeting of mine and bro so we will come little late.
Anika instantly looked at shivaay.
Anika: shivaay u didn’t told me about any meeting.
Shivaay: wo I also got to know in the evening only.
Anika: but suddenly??
Sanskar: yeah its decided all of sudden only. Swara may I go.
Swara: okay if it’s important then u can go(smiles).
Sanskar(peck her lips): awww thank you sweetheart.
Swara(blushes): have some Shame.
Shivaay and anika roll their eyes seeing their open romance.
Anika:why are u so much excited Sanskar and that too for a meeting.
Sanskar give pleading look to shivaay.
Shivaay:our company will get much profit so that’s why. Right Sanskar.
Sanskar:yes yes.Let’s go bro.
Anika: ohh hello when I gave permission to shivaay?
Sanskar:u will give only u r such a nice wife.
Shivaay went to anika and held her hand.
Shivaay(innocently): anika it’s really important so I m asking plzz don’t deny.
Swara: aww di, jiju is asking so sweetly now agree.
Anika:okay but you should be back before 12.
Shivaay:yeah sure Darling.
Shivaaj softly kiss anika’s cheeks.
Sanskar drag him and said
Sanskar:do your romance later.
Shivaay:and till now what u were doing. Now my turn comes then huh!!
Sanskar:let it be.

Sanskar and shivaay came in hall and sanskar jumped in happiness and started dancing
Sanskar(singing slowly): Party all night, party all night.
Shivaay:idiot now I think u will go after beaten up only.
They went to club.

Anika and swara are clearing the mess of clothes.
Anika: shona don’t u feel something fishy like how Sanskar and shivaay were buttering us and they were so happy also.
Swara: offo di don’t think much and I trust sanskar and jiju.
Anika:don’t trust so much on them shona. Men will always be men only.
Swara:just relax when they will come we will ask.
Anika:that I will ask only.
Swara: I think I should go now di.
Anika:what u will do alone at your house.
Swara: yeah.
Anika: firstly we will make some spicy dish then will watch movie.
Swara(excited): wow .
Swara and anika went to kitchen.

Night club:
Sanskar and shivaay entered inside the club. Dim lights, rocking music is the atmosphere of the club.Some people were dancing and some are drinking, smoking.
Sanskar: bro let’s go to our place.
Shivaay: yup.
After meeting their Friend’s, shivaay and Sanskar went to bar counter and ordered drinks.
After drinking few shots, it started effecting then.
Now both are standing with their one arm on counter and in other hand glass of wine. They are facing towards dance floor.Two girls are dancing wearing short dresses.
Sanskar saw them and asked to shivaay
Sanskar: Big Bro
Shivaay: yes little bro
Sanskar: out of these two girls (point to girls) which one u liked?
Shivaay put his palm on cheeks and act like thinking
Shivaay: hmm black dress, she is beautiful.
Sanskar: ohhh
Shivaay:but but not more than my anika bcoz anika is the most beautiful and pretty girl in the world for me.
Sanskar: asha
Shivaay: hmm and which one u liked?
Sanskar: red dress one, she is hot but my shona is THE CUTEST so I will not look at that girl. I will see only my shona.I love her soo much(extend his hands).
Shivaay: good boy.
Sanskar smile sheepishly at him.

Later shivaay remembered that they have to go back to home as the effect of wine decreases.He saw Sanskar who is still in wonderland only.
Shivaay took two lemonade one for himself and other for sanskar.
After about half an hour they came to senses.Shivaay looked at the time
Shivaay: ohh shit it’s 12 anika will kill me now.
Sanskar: don’t worry nothing will happen. Eat this chewing gum to avoid smell of alcohol.
Then they sprayed perfume on them self and left to their houses.

Shivika’s house:
Anika(angry): see shona its 12, still they didn’t came.
Swara: they must be coming only di.
Anika:may be
Swara:OK di I should go now.
Anika:hmm but try to find out from Sanskar where they had gone bcoz I m sure they don’t have any meeting.
Swara(smiles): okay I will ask. Good night.
Anika:good night.
Swara left to her flat.

Sanskar and shivaay came on their floor.
Sanskar: all the best bro to face danger bcoz u r late hihihi
Shivaay:i will see u later.
Shivaay went to his flat and Sanskar to his.

Shivika’s house:
Listening the sound of door bell, anika opened the door. Shivaay smiles at her.
Anika(cross her arms on chest): shivaay u r late.
Shivaay:yeah the meeting got little extended.
Anika:ohh really?
Shivaay: anika why are u always doubting me. Is this your love?
Anika: okay okay don’t do drama now.
Shivaay: I m going to fresh up.

Swasan house:
Sanskar entered inside as door was open and saw swara sitting on sofa reading some book.He went to her and side hugged.
Swara(smiles): u came?
Sanskar:yes. What are u going?
Swara: I was getting bore so was reading book.
Sanskar:then u could have slept.
Swara: I was waiting for you. But u took so much time.(pout)
Sanskar:I m sorry baby. Next time will not repeat.
Swara (smiles): okay and u had your dinner?
Sanskar:yes and u.
Swara: yeah, I and anika di cooked firstly then watched movie.
Then swara got busy in telling what all she did with her anika di and Sanskar was listening her.

Shivika’s house:
Shivaay is in washroom and anika came in room when her sight caught chewing gum wrapper.she picked it.
Anika:shivaay only eat chewing gum when he drinks. It means he was not in the meeting.
Shivaay came out and saw her taking to herself. He signed and back hugged her.
Shivaay:what are u blabbering??
Anika:honestly tell me shivaay where u were??
Shivaay:why what happened??
Anika inhale the smell
Anika: u had went to party.
Shivaay: ohh anika u should be in CID for investigation.
Anika:don’t change the topic.U went for party right.
Sivaay got annoyed and said in flow
Shivaay:yes I and Sanskar went to party in night club anything else.
Anika got astonished.
Shivaay: we also want to enjoy. Why u wives don’t understand our emotions.
Anika(shouted): get out from my house.
Shivaay:its mine also.
Anika:just go shivaay I don’t want you here now.
Shivaay (shocked): what but…
Anika held his hand and took him to door.
Anika:if u want to do party then why u lied. It means everyday u must be lying to me.
Shivaay:anika listen it was birthday…
Anika:I don’t want to listen anything.
Anika closed the door on his face while shivaay stood their with his hands on waist and staring at the closed door.

Swasan house:
Swara is setting the bed for sleeping when sanskar came. He smiled at her.
Sanskar sit on the bed.
Then only swara got call and she received it.
Swara: yes anika di.
Sanskar jerked and look at swara and thought that why she called at this time.
Anika:shona I told u that they had not gone for any meeting but they went to night club for party.
Swara: but how u know?
Anika:shivaay only said. I had thrown him out of the house how can they lie to us.Check Sanskar he must have also drunk.
Swara: okay di I will also do the same. They really deserve punishment.
Swara cut the call and look at Sanskar who was almost knowing that she get to know.
Sanskar:(try to act normal)what happened Swara??
Swara lean and held his collar and pull him closer. She smelled and there was little alcohol smell.
Swara: u went for party sanskar.
Sanskar:swara it was my friend’s birthday party so was not able to deny.
Swara(teary eyes): I trusted u soo much but u lied to me. U are very bad.
Sanskar(pull her closer)I m really sorry Swara.
Now he was little guilty seeing her tears.Swara jerked him.
Swara give pillow and comforter to sanskar and took him near door.
Sanskar was confused that what she is doing.
Swara: now stay out only.
She closed door.
Sanskar(shouts): arrey Swara listen.
But she is already gone.

In Corridor:
Sanskar looked around and saw shivaay who is pacing in corridor.
Sanskar started laughing. Shivaay saw him
Sanskar: wow u are already out hahaha
Shivaay:welcome to corridor, our new resident.
Sanskar: thank you hihihi
Shivaay:u got comforter also but meri vali ne tho wo b nahi diya(but my wife didn’t gave that also)
Sanskar: don’t worry we will share.
Then only anika opened the door and threw blanket and pillow which hitted shivaay’s face.
Anika:I m not that cruel like you.
She closed the door.
Sanskar (laughs): lo aa gaye(see came)
Shivaay signed heavily.
To be continued…

Precap: sanskar shivaay spend their night on terrace and they will try to pacify their wives.

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  1. NDSG


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    Aur bolo jhut… Pehle maja phir saza… But Shona is too cute in this ff. I’m loving her so so much. Flirty sanky and cute ShonaπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

    Now night on terrace…✌✌✌✌😌 all the best boys

  2. Neptune


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    awesome yaar mmarsuuuuu… and thanks for voting dear.. you see hellu won that poll am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy….

    coming to the part it was awesome and that last scene wher anika throws the pillow at his face was sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny.. i laughed sooooooooooooooooo much reading it….

    lovely dear..
    continue soon.. love you… take care

    • Mars



      Thank you so much nepu and hellu deserve to win I m also so happy for her I will post next part soon love u too

  3. Simi


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    Awesome dear.. Anikha n swara is right,, Shivay n sanskar should have told the truth.. But i like punishment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Gayathri.visu


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    Very funny dear…. Anika throws blanket n pillow on Shivaay’s face….lol! Awww….cute Swasan!! They deserves this punishment.

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