Siyappa Queen-RagVeer/RagSan ~ Siyappao ki udham shurvat (Part-1)

The story open up in Mumbai,the whole city is crowded and people are busy in their daily lives.A big banglow is shown which is beautiful from outside and inside it looks like a old people houses where many big portraits of some legend is hanged and some silver vases which had old designs on it.A big sofa like Maharaja types is placed on center with a slightly designed wooden table and a big old style jhumar is placed on the centre,on other side of the hall there is some wooden chairs and a big old radio placed on the table in the centre of chair.

A boy wearing black cotton pant and red check shirt is shown running on stairs.

He stops infront of a big room in which one lady with a big ghungat is shown praying infront of an idol. The boy touch his spects ruffling his oily hairs. He silently goes and stands besides the lady joining his both hand without any noise.

The lady completes the pooja and turns with a smile on her face and reveals as sujata played by sonica handa. The boy keeps his eyes closed and its look like he is praying.

Sujata removes her ghungat and takes a simple pallu on her head.

“Babluuuu”,calls out sujata,hearing this the boy opens his chocolatey brown eyes filled with innocence. An annoy covered his face hearing the name.

“Maa Dont call me that”,the boy states making a cute pout.

“Aww mela lallu bacha”,says sujata caressing his face giving him the prasad. The boy makes an annoy face.

“Veeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr”,comes a voice of lady well more then calling it’s like shouting.

The boy jerked due to the sudden voice and looks up,his face is reveals he is veer played by varun kapoor.

Veer looks at sujata who makes an irritates face hearing the voice.

“Don’t know when will this buddhiya die”,sujata murmurs while veer roles his eyes at her.

“Now what are you seeing me go to your sugar free dadi”,glares sujata.

“Maaaa”,veer sighs.

“Veeeerrrrr”,again comes the voice.

“Cominggggggg”,shouted veer and runs outside.

“Hey bhagwan please keep my inocent son safe from evil”,prays sujata.

Scene shift

A lady wearing salwar suit is shown lying on her bed wearing handphones and moving her fingers along with the music she is listening.

Veer comes and saw the lady lost in the music,the lady is about to shout his name again but stops as she saw him infront of her. The lady removes her handphones and reveals as his dadi.

“Dadi u called??”,asked veer coming inside the room.

“Haan putttar itthe aa”,says her dadi who reveals as punjabi.

Veer smiles and come near her.

“Pass me that glasses puttar”,says dadi and veer passes her the glasses.

Dadi smiles.

“Jii dadi now tell why did you called me”,asked veer standing infront of her dadi smiling.

“For glasses only i called you puttar now you can go”,says her dadi smiling.Veer face fells.

“You called me for this glasses which is just besides your pillow”,says veer adjusting his glasses.

“Haan”,replied dadi casually to which veer fake smiles and turns to go.

“Stoppp puttar”,calls out dadi to which veer turns and nodded.

“Turn on the AC”,dadi smiles. Veer look at the remote who is next to her,He looks at her dadi and the remote.He sighs picking up the remote and turns on the AC.

“Anything else?”,asked veer to which dadi makes a thinking face.

“If you can OFF your mother tongue then i will be in your dept for years puttar”,says her dadi making a weird face with a puppy one’s.

“You never know how much long you will live maaji then don’t talk about years”,comes sujata with a tray of fruits.

“Lo here comes karam jalli bahu”,murmurs dadi to which veer shakes his head looking at due.

“Maaji you can give me compliment on my face only i Dont mind”,says sujata placing the fruits with fake smiles.

“Huh,compliment and you?…..My bad days haven’t started yet bahu rani that i will compliment you”,says dadi eating a piece of apple with a smirk.

“Yeah that will probably be your last day on earth when you do that naee sasu maa”,smirks sujata.

Dadi glares her to which she fake a smile.Veer shakes his head seeing “Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” serial on.

“Maa dadi can u both stop it”,finally veer speaks up to stop the serial mode.

Both sujata and Dadi looks at him and turns their faces huffing while sujata goes outside and dadi curses her putting on her headphones.

Veer shakes his head while leaving the room.

He climbs up the stairs and goes to his room,he goes and takes out his diary which had many pics of xyz collage Bangkok its like his wish to study the best collage their. His phone rings and he picks up the call,after attending the call his face fells.

“Zain is going Bangkok his parents allowed and here i can’t even speak to them about my wish now he wants me to ask my parents about it but i know they will make up some excuse to deny cuz in their thinking keeping away their son will leads to destruction of their prestige like seriously huh my fate only what should i do now should i??? No no but i think atleast i should try once whats harm in it all the best veer lagja kam pa”,he speaks to himself and saw his face adjusting his glasses and breathe in and out and goes.

“Maaaa i need to talk to you”,says veer coming inside the kitchen nervously.

“Say na bablu”,says sujata.

“Maa Dont call me that and secondly i want to study”,says veer shrinking his brows.

“So who stops you from studying,you can study anywhere in mumbai”,replies sujata heating up the pan.

“Not here but in Bangkok”,replies veer gulping his saliva.

“What”,shrieked sujata and then glares veer.

“Maa please i want to go bangkok for study”,exclaimed veer looking at his mother who is giving him “u r murderer”look.

“No i will not allow you to go Veer,you don’t know beta their are many sharp girls who makes fool inocent people likes you,you are my adyakari beta na please listen to your mom”,says sujata with puppy eyes.

“Maa please i am not a child”,says veer pouting.

“You are my inocent child,if any churail makes you come in her sweet talks and you fall in ger trap and you marry some modern and open minded girl of this generation then hayeee ram no no no i can’t let any evil fall on my bablu i can’t take that risk stay here for your mother sake na”,says sujata making a worried face.

“You and your tricks”,veer shakes his head.

“Their are many great collages here as well veer u can study any collage here you want and morover your dad will also not allow you so study here only and now come let me put oil in your hairs see how dry it is become”,says sujata and about to hold him when he turns saying,”it’s okay i am fine with these”,says veer leaving the kitchen. Suajta shakes her head and takes her bag leaving somewhere.

Screen shift

Another big yet beautiful banglow is shown,which is beautiful from inside as well as outside.  The banglow is just like Today’s taste well designed well furnished simple yet elegant a perfect banglow.

Scene shift to a room where a girl in loose pajamas and sleeveless pink shirt in her night wears is shown climbing up her window.She looks down and saw a boy standing there.She passes him a death glare while climbing down the ladder.She jumps in her last step and falls on ground.
The boy laughs looking at her.The girl get up and punch on his stomach making a fist.

“Ouchh”,the boy winced holding his stomach and glaring the girl.

“Don’t stare me i know i am world most beautiful girl by your staring its not gonna change Wolf”,the girl sarcastically says and walks.

The boy makes an irritated faces and walks faster sitting on his bike which is outside the banglow.The girl looks at him for a minute,she cocks her brow revealing her beautiful big bright brown eyes which is filled with naughtiness.

“Move back”,the girl orders.

The boy looks at her as she asked his one kidney.

“Nooo way olaff,you are not gonna ride the bike”,the boy clears scaredly.

“Who asked you, move back its my order otherwiseeee”,the girl warns with a devilish smrik on her pulpy pink lips.

The boy nods and moves back.The girl smiles and pat his back sitting on bike and keeping her hands on the back. The boy closed his eyes and join his both hands praying.

“Please BJ save me abhi to mere chote chote bache bhi nai hai”,he prays with eyes closed while the girl kick and accelerated the bike shouting “Ready Steady Poooooooooo”,she shouted and drove it fast.The boy jerked and holds the girl shoulders still with closed eyes.

“Wohooooooooooooooooo”,the girl shouted excitedly riding while the boy open his one eye.

“Slowwww down you Olaff”,shouted the boy as she speeded up more.

“Oye gorilla zip up your mouth and enjoy the ride wohooo”,says the girl turning her face to the boy who widen his eyes.

“Ra…ra..gini”,the boy widen his eyes looking at the girl scaredly.

The girl reveals as Ragin Gupta played by tejasswi prakash.

“What happend wolf of the twilight”,asked ragini looking at the boy who revelas as manik played parth.

“Look forward you olaf of the frozen”,says manik stammering looking at ragini.

“Whatt if i not”,asked ragini smirking looking at worried face of manik still looking at him.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh”,manik screamed looking at front.


Both manik and ragini fell down along with the person whom they hit.

“Ouch”,the lady whom they hit winced holding her leg.

Ragini gets up,”you idiot can’t you tell me to look forward”,ragini says glaring manik who passed her death glares and then looks at his bike pouting.

“Meri jaan”,manik fake cries picking up his bike and looks at the scratches and look at ragini who looks away making faces and caresses her dress.

“Thank God i am alright”,exclaimed ragini looking at herself and smiles.

“Siyappa Queen kahiki how dare you to hurt my jaan”,shouted manik looking at ragini who huffs.

“Aahhhhhh”,both ragini and manik saw the lady whom they hit still on road holding her leg.Both realizes the fact and bites their tongue.

Ragini gulps her saliva taking steps towards the lady while manik follows her nervously.

“Are you okay aunty”,asked ragini to the lady whose face is covered with long ghungat.

“Itna bara ghungat dalegi tu khaak dikhega”,murmurs manik which is heard by the lady who looks up revealing herself as sujata glaring both ragnik.Ragini also glares manik to shut up and looks at the lady who is seeing them like she will kill them.

Sujata saw ragini from top to toe and makes a  face like she is some alien who came from another planet. Ragini sees her gaze and makes a weird face.

“Aunty are you alright”,asked ragini and tries to help sujata to get up but got jerked bu sujata who removes her hand and stands by herself.

“Don’t touch me”,says sujata loudly to which manik laughs
“Hahahha aunty she is not some boy who gonna attack you”,manik jokes to which sujata makes a disgusting face and so as ragini who replies “lame” to him n he shut ups.

“How shameless you both are don’t you have respect for elders and you don’t you know how to ride a bike then why you ride it”,shouted sujata to which manik instantly points towards ragini,”it’s her who drove it not me aunty i am inocent bacha”,he says to which sujata looks at ragini and ragini stamps his foot.

“Vo”,before ragini can say something sujata starts speaking.

“Chii chii chori you ride the bike don’t you have shame you are a girl not a boy,these thing don’t suits girl but look at you chiii and your clothes Thank God i Don’t have any daughter otherwise girl’s these days dont have values”,exclaimed sujata in disgusted. That’s it for Ragini she respects elder but that doesn’t mean she will listen to anyone tanuts.

“Ooo hello aunty”,shouted ragini while manik tries to stops her but she pushes him.

“Thanks for free ka gyaan but we are not interested listening to it,i know i Should not have hitted you but it’s your fault not mine first wear these big old types ghungat like anyone who sees you will fall in love with you,you are not that much pretty so remove this ghungat so that you can see next time otherwise you may hit yourself with several cars or bikes”,says ragini in one go standing face to face of sujata who looks on shocked and like her eyes can pop out any minute from its socket. Manik controls his laughs seeing sujata expression while ragini makes a annoy face and holds manik hand.

“Lets leave “,she holds manik hand and leaves,while sujata stood their shocked.

“Chii how ill mannered that chori is, don’t have respect for elders Thank God my bablu is not like her i hope i never saw that girl again otherwise she will b gone”,murmurs sujata to herself after getting out of the shock.

Scene shift

“Wohoo dude what was that”,asked manik looking at ragini who seems annoy.

“Pravachan wanna listen”,ragini mocked annoyingly while manik nods no.

“I am going”,says ragini and starts walking.

“Where”,asked manik following her.

“In hell wanna come”,she glares at him while manik gulps looking at her.

“No u enjoy i am leaving home”,he says and within a second he vanished.

Ragini reached her home and saw the ladder is not in the place. She cursed her fate and peeps though the main door and sighs as she saw no one.

“BJ bachalena”,she prays closing her eyes and without noise starts taking steps as soon as she reached near the stairs she smiles at herself and about to climbed up when someone tap her shoulder.

“Ehm ehm”,someone fake coughs. Ragini pouts and turns with puppy eyes.

“Mom”,she poutly smiles.

The person infront of her reveals as janki gupta her mother.

“Where were you”,asked janki narrowing her eyes.

“Vo mo…”before ragini could complete she saw someoen and smiles. Janki who saw her expression understand and about to turn when someone back hugs her.

“Good morning my baby boo hitler mom”,whisper shehkar gupta father of ragini and husband of janki.

Janki blushes and removes his hand,” good morning to you too hopefully Mr.Super cool daddy”.

Shehkar smiles at her and looks at ragini who runs and cuddle in shehkar embrace.

“SCD missss youuu lot lots lotsssssssss”,says ragini hugging shehkar tightly who Pats her back while janki smiles.

“If baby boo’s and Mr.Supercool Daddy’s milap is finish can i ask Ms.troublemaker where were she”,asked janki interrupting ShehRag moment.

Shehkar looks at ragini who makes a puppy face seeing shehkar. Shehkar winks at her and looks at janki with a stern look.

“What’s this janki is this a sati savitri wife behaves with her husband,i just came back after a week and you did not ask me for water also”,shehkar fake angers while janki smirks.

“Sati savitri wives fashion is old now don’t you watch savitri devi and collage new show don’t you saw dr.veer mother how fashionable and smart women she is don’t you think i will be like her but in my way, now expecting something from your wife teach some household’s to your troublemaker baby girl also”,janki mocked smirking while ShekRag huffs seeing her.

“Dramaholic mommmy”,says ShekRag in union making janki smirks.

“Well don’t forget Mr.SCD and TM that drama is in our blood”,janki winks while Ragini face palms herself.

“SCD are you sure na she is my mom?”,asked Ragini with stern look. Before shehkar can reply janki replies.

“Yeah i am damn sure i am not a mother of a siyappa who trouble every single person she knows except her so called super cool daddy Mr.SCD who in no angle is Super Cool but a pampering father who pamper his one and only girl and make her a siyappa queen well its name given by people not me for me she is trouble maker who always does something wrong without a single day she does something perfect so if i concludes all of the symptoms then she is not on me but on her father who once upon a trouble king and now being his father baby boo she is following his path,so the conclusion is here and the case is adjourned!!!!”,says janki bowing infront of ShekRag who looks like in a trance.

Janki smirks looking at their condition and left the place.

“Now toh i should prove MMD(meri maa dramebaaz) wrong”,says ragini determinedly and picks up the knife nearby showing it to shehkar who scares while ragini glares.

After sometime

“Hey mr.super cool daddy,where is your troublemaker”,asked janki sitting besides shehkar.

Shehkar looks her for a min and exclaimed,”firstly she is my baby boo not any trouble maker and secondly for proving her nakchadi mom wrong she is making breakfast”.

“Whatt”,shouted janki.”my kitchen”,she rushes in the direction of kitchen and face palms herself seeing the scenario infront of her.

“Siyappa Queen ki jayyy”,says janki sarcastically bowing infront of ragini who makes the all kitchen mess and paint it with flour and oil.

“SCD”,shouted ragini.

Hearing her voice shehkar comes and laughs seeing his daughter covered with sauces and flour.

“SCD”,glares ragini and shehkar stops.

“Mr.Superb Cool daddy now what will u say to your baby boo for painting my kitchen”,says janki with  narrow brows.

“Its talent, which you can’t see”,says shehkar standing next to ragini who sees him for a min with confuse face realizing what he meant by his above line is it a compliment or taunt???

“Yeah afterall no one can trouble like she does”,janki mocked while ragini pouts and starts fake crying.

“Ayeee bhagwan why did you make me come in this world,where my own mother can’t give me a single compliment also, i guess that will be world’s last day when i can here something good about me…..ayeee My BJ give some goof thoughts about me to my mother so that she can see my hardwork before the trouble”,ragini bites her realizing saying
the last word to which janki claps.

“Finally i saw some guon of mine in my daughter but still its not gonna change that you are trouble maker and i very well know why did you give this long not so emotional speech,clean my kitchen in 15 mins otherwise bye bye shopping”,exclaimed janki winking at ragini who pouts looking at messy kitchen and then at shehkar who shrugged his shoulders.

“All the best baby boo”,exclaimed shehkar with sad face and about to leave when ragini holds his shoulder.

“Be a good daddy SCD”,says ragini with puppy face. Shehkar pouts seeing her face while ragini pulls his cheeks.

“All the best baes”,says janki leaving tye kitchen.

To b continue…..

A/N: Look whose back hehehhe its me a lazy brat yayyyyyyyh finally got independence from exams officially today well i have 9 days now so will update my ffs *finger crossed hopefully sawwwyyyy seee again i came with a ghisa phitta concept and soon will come with more yeah yeah after completing one of my ff In shaa Allah

Hope you like this one and if u like a lill bit then dont forget to comment love u and had missed TU alot take care keep smiling


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    superb epi. I am waiting for next epi. Post soon….

  3. superb. update ur other ff also

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    OMG I was waiting g for someone to start ragveer ff..u did it thank u

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      Oyiii thats cool n no need of thnks yeh tu mera farz tha *giggles

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    Ohh my fizo back….Hw r u dear?…Hw was ur exam….missed u dear…
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  9. Fizzooo this was amazing I loved it
    It was so entertaining ??(siyyapa queen) anyways I hav missed my Siyyapa queen a lot got so much to share with u

    Can’t wait till the next part
    Till then
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      Take care
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      Stay blssed Dp queen ?

      P.s i m loving veer in the show he is rocking

      1. Suraj kab door gagan se
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        Yeh bandhan to pyaar ka bandhan hai
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        Yeh bandhan toh pyaar ka bandhan hai
        Janmon ka sangam hai

        Suraj kab door gagan se
        Chanda kab door kiran se

        Khushboo kab door pawan se
        Kab door bahaar chaman se

        Yeh bandhan toh pyaar ka bandhan hai
        Janmon ka sangam hai


        Bichre hue Karan Arjun female version mil Gaye ????

        Haw, agar Sharu DP ki Queen hai toh kya tu DP ki Daasi? ?

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        Wahhh!! ???? Kya tum sautane ek dusre

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      4. Vatsal bhi list mein phass gaya? May god bless him. . .
        DP ka toh teek tha but bechara Vatsal ?

        Doctor nai, Kunal ki zaroorat hai ? Saahil ko khada kardogi na toh I will feel better than ever ?

      5. Silent_writer

        Teko kunal and sahil nai dp ki zrort hai kunal or sahil hai mere lie fikr mat kr ? and vetsal hi hai shuru se teko galat fehmi hui th dp ki wo nai ha alwaya always and forever vetsu and yupsy wo acha hi hoga hamare sath ?? chinta not dayu tu apne or dp ka khayal rkh

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        Meri list mein few aur tapak gaye ☺️☺️

        Chu ?????

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  11. Love u love u soooo much fizz sis for such an amazing & cute ff.Lol first thing Suju is hilarious mai toh marr gayi hasste hasste & Veer aww he is cute :-*
    & Manik he is funny plus fattu 😛
    Rago my naughty cutie Siyappa queen is great :-*
    & Janki omg what a lady 😉
    Poor Shekhar 😀
    Loved each & every character of this ff.Now waiting for RagVeer meet <3

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      Awwww aniiii its mean alot to meee sisoooo love uuuuu sisoooo thanks alotttt

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